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Reviews for Butterfly Maze Performance (10)

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Excelente feel blade. Great control and nice speed. Probably you will need fast rubbers to less effort in Long distance. Out of that, short and mdium distance game is excelent. I use it with RAKZA 7 FH and RAKZA 9 BH ... Nice combination.
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Not a professional at critiquing blades, but this blade is a little bit more on the lighter side, providing speed and control to your games.
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It is nice and light. Really good close to the table but lacks abit of pace away from the table.
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Quite fast and difficult to control. It may seem like it has control once you start using it because of the soft feel but does not. A want-to-be Stiga Clipper Wood without the control or feel. If someone wants an thicker all wood blade with control then look toward the CW. If they want one with more power and control then look toward the Primorac Carbon.
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81g. Good quality japan made. Soft wood surface. Feel soft on slow hit. Nice click sound when smash. Good wood feeling. For me best close to table attack.
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I quite agree with BlackDog in his review of this blade.

It really is a superb medium+ fast blade with great control.
It is not hinoki-soft, but soft with very good feedback like most BTY-blades. Medium stiffness and a perfect ST handle for my average sized hands. The wood on the handle tends to get a bit sticky after a while I think - and I don't have sweaty hands - but it can be cleaned easily.
The overall finish of the blade is clearly Made in Japan - HQ!
Good touch in the short game and looping, but it really excels blocking, driving and hitting. I play an allround game - offensive with the occasional chop - and it really is a blade that offers super control in all strokes.
Like BlackDog mentioned - the balance of this blade is incredible!
I have played Grubba ALL+, Andro TT ALL+ and BTY Kiso Hinoki before this, and the are all head heavy compared to the Maze Performance.
I play with Hexer 1.9 and T05FX 1.7 and it works great, but I might go for a medium backhand next time. Medium to hard rubbers is recommended I think.
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Very flexible blade and to be honest my very first blade.
I love this blade. I heard it's light but I had no idea it was this light.
it's very soft. Very good for Allround offensive players.
I combined it with Donic Acuda S2 on FH and Baracuda on BH
and it plays effortlessly

Try it! You won't regret it.
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I got to play with a friend's Maze for a period, and I thought I would review it. My friend had Tenergy 64 on both sides:

Overall, 9/10 for me. This is a great blade, especially for the price.

SOFTNESS--I am not the kind of player that notices hardness/softness of blades often, but I could really feel it on this one. This blade has a velvety feeling to it. It is quite soft.

HANDLE--I played with the ST version, have not tried the FL. The ST handle on this one is AWESOME, ties with the Timo Boll ALC as the best ST handle for me. I have big hands; I change my grip a bit between FH and BH (exactly like Timo Boll); and I like to have a thick handle I can maneuver. The Maze addresses all these issues. It has a thick, square handle with rounded edges.

SPEED--This blade is medium-fast, but it's more fast than medium, if you know what I mean, particularly wearing Tenergy 64. This baby has some power. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well I could power loop from mid- and even long-distance with the Maze. The speed reminds me very much of the TB ALC.

CONTROL--This blade is all wood, so it doesn't hae the added girth of the sweet spot of, say, an ALC blade. But even without that, it has a big sweet spot. It controls really well, I would say better than my Waldner. I noticed it particularly in the short game and service return. My topspin strokes were vicious with the Maze. I could hit a silver dollar.

WEIGHT--Don't know why, but this blade feels light. I believe it must be the balance, because it weighs 82 grams, and that's not unusually light. Balance is another one of those characteristics that I don't often pay a lot of attention to, but I noticed it in this blade. Even with two sheets of Tenergy 64 max on both sides, it felt like it floated in my hand.

All in all, this is a special blade. I have something I love, and I don't feel like changing; but if I didn't I would consider this for my blade. And I will be suggesting it to students, intermediate in particular. This blade has the potential to take someone in the lower intermediate range and stay with them well into expert land. It is the kind of blade you hope students will get when they want something faster than their ALL+ beginner blade.
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I've been playing with this for years, having bought it in Japan. It's stiffer than most 5-plies, making it ideal for countering and blocking. Very think core layer. Topspinning is also good, but it's not as flexible as other blades, therefore there's less dwell time. It's excellent with short pips. Very low vibration.
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very nice blade - excellent control - i play it with T64 max & Stiga boost tc 1.9 - works gr8 - Rubber with a harder sponge probably work nice also - if you look for a midium fast - softer blade with gr8 feel - try this one
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