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Racket Assembly FAQ

Will my racket come assembled?

All rackets purchased from our rackets section are assembled for you. Most of these rackets come assembled from the factory while some are assembled by us.

If you purchase a blade and pair of rubber sheets (one red, one black), and want us to assemble them, please see the next question.

Can you assemble my racket if I order a blade and 2 rubber sheets?

We offer free professional assembly for most blade and rubber combinations. We cut your rubber sheets to the chosen blade, glue them using our own water-based glue (typically Butterfly VOC-free glue) and apply side tape that matches your blade.

To request assembly:

  • Add the blade and the 2 rubber sheets to your shopping cart.
  • Add the assembly option from the shopping cart page. If you want us to assemble one side only, please select "None" for the other side. The assembly option will only appear on your cart after adding your blade and rubber sheets.

Here's how:

In some situations, the blade and rubber sheets are only in stock in different warehouses so we cannot assemble them. If this is the case, you will be notified on the shopping cart page.

To know which combinations are possible please click the link next to your blade or rubber sheets on your shopping cart.

How do you assemble penhold rackets? Should I buy a rubber sheet for each side?

It depends on your style of play. Most players assemble Chinese penhold blades with rubbers on both sides. For players who use one side only, a color sheet can be purchased for the non-hitting side.

For Japanese penhold blades, you only need to assemble a single rubber sheet on the forehand side. When specifying assembly instructions please select "None" for the non-hitting side.

What side tape do you use?

We add side tape of the same brand as your blade.

Do you seal blades with varnish?

We only do it if the blade sealing service is added to your order.

Do I need to buy glue and side tape if you assemble my racket?

No, we use our own glue and side tape.

What glue do you use?

We use VOC-free water glue.

How long do you take to assemble?

We assemble right away after you order and it does not affect delivery time. For Killerspin assemblies however, this takes an extra business day.

How can I assemble a racket myself?

We prepared a guide for that. See Racket Assembly Guide.

What else should I purchase with my racket?

Many players also order a case to protect their racket and a cleaner to maintain the spin peformance of their rubber sheets.

Further questions

If you have any query about assembly, please use our contact form.