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Founded in 1969 by renowned player and coach Tibor Harangozo, Tibhar Company has grown into a worldwide recognized name in the table tennis world. With roots in Slovenia where they make their blades today, Tibhar now distributes it products across the globe to over 100 countries.

In the early days of the company focus was placed on only making table tennis products for players the company sponsored. It was quickly recognized that a broader range of products would allow the company to grow. From this thinking Tibhar Company rapidly expanded their product line to accommodate a broad range of players from the professional to the youngest players that can hold a racket.

Tibhar Company utilizes a unique approach for the development of their products. They draw heavily from player experts and coaches to develop new ideas, then take these ideas to design and then utilize the latest manufacturing technology to complete the job. They’ve even developed a unique and highly efficient global delivery system just to make sure we all have their latest and freshest products in our hands as quickly as possible.


Tibhar Evolution MX-P
$47.95  $54.95
Tibhar Evolution MX-S
$49.95  $54.95
Tibhar Hybrid K3
$59.95  $69.95
Tibhar Grass D.TecS
Tibhar Evolution MX-P 50
Tibhar Evolution MX-D
Tibhar Evolution FX-P
$49.95  $54.95
Tibhar Evolution EL-P
$49.95  $54.95
Tibhar Grass D.TecS OX
Tibhar Evolution EL-S
$49.95  $54.95
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Tibhar/San-Ei SP Allstar
Tibhar/San-Ei SP 1000


Tibhar Net Gauge
Out of Stock


Tibhar Grip Rubber Cleaner
$9.95  $10.99
Tibhar Combi Sponge