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Andro is a European based company that prides itself on "high quality" German craftsmanship for all of their products. An enthusiastic company based in Dortmund, Germany that takes table tennis to new levels of performance for over 25 years. Once known only in Europe, Andro has established a worldwide presence and their products are seen at all the international table tennis events today.

A recent remake of their corporate logo parallels their efforts to utilize the latest research and technologies for their manufacturing processes including an important focus to make sure no harmful substances are found in their products or damage the environment.

Player development is just as important to Andro as their equipment. From adults to juniors to kids Andro devotes significant attention to players moving up through the ranks. One special event is the annual Andro Kids Open. The event this year drew over 1200 boys and girls from 26 different countries.

Key products for Andro are the Ligna Series of blades and their latest introduction of the Ransanter rubber line. Ligna blades are crafted from the very same wood violins are made from and the craftsmanship that goes into the making of these blades is just as thorough as that of making a violin. Each blade is a fine instrument. The new Ransanter line introduces new rubber technological innovation with profile choices of maximum velocity or maximum spin. Combine this with small cell sponge technology, the new Ultramax sponge (Max/2.3 mm) and multiple levels of sponge density and you got a rubber to meet every serious players needs.

Andro, feel the passion!

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Andro Rubber

Andro Rasanter R47
Save 17%  Best Seller
Andro Rasanter R42
Save 17%  Best Seller
Andro Rasanter R37
Save 17%
Andro Rasanter V47
Save 17%
Andro Rasanter R50
Save 17%
Andro Hexer HD
Save 20%
Andro Rasanter V42
Save 17%
Andro Rasant Powersponge
Save 38%
Andro Roxon 500 Pro
Save 20%
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Andro Blades

Andro Wanokiwami AO OFF
Save 34%
Andro Super Core Cell Carbon OFF
Save 7%
Andro Temper Tech ALL+
Save 13%
Andro Tronum Carbotox OFF
Save 17%
Andro CSV (OFF-)
Save 22%
Andro Ligna FR OFF
Save 10%
Andro Ligna Off
Save 20%
Andro Temper Tech OFF-
Save 36%
Andro Super Core Cell OFF+
Save 11%
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Andro Accessories

Andro Balls

Andro Speedball 3S 3-Star ABS Balls - Pack of 3

Andro Cases

Andro Salta Double Racket Case
Save 15%  Best Seller
Andro Salta Double - Blue
Andro Salta Basic - Blue
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Andro Rackets

Andro Suss Advance A
Andro Christian Suess Vigo L

Andro Bags

Andro Lumen Sportbag
Save 21%
Andro Lumen Backpack
Save 17%

Andro Side Tape

Andro Skull Edge Tape - 12mm - 1 racket
Save 13%
Andro Edge Tape (Black/Yellow) - 1 racket
Andro Edge Tape - Rasant Green - 1 racket