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3 Reviews for Andro Timber 5 OFF

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Power: Good
Spin: Excellent
Control: Excellent
Blocking: Excellent
Swing: Excellent
Sound: Good
Flat Hit: Good
Weight: Excellent!!!
Feel: Excellent!!!

This is my BEST 5 plywood weapon!!! Paired with Yinhe Mercury II Hard (Black FH) and Nittaku Fastarc S-1 (Red BH), i feel very confident. I've been trying some All Wood blade by Yinhe, such as N7, N8, N8s, N9, N9s, N10s, N11s. Also using DHS PG9 for around 7 months. So, Here my results:

Andro Timber 5 Off

Before trying Timber 5 OFF, i thought that All the All wood 5 ply is Just the same even with the different price and Brand. I doubt that Timber 5 OFF could be different, compared to the blades that i mention before. But, my curiousity is END! Timber 5 OFF is far better than all the all wood blades i've tried! No regret at all, cost more money but i found my True 5 plywood Weapon! If you guys love All Wood blade, i really recommend this UNDERRATED blade. No more words,
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5 ply, allwood, I think this blade is off- and off, medium vibration, good dwelling time and has good control. The weight is also not too heavy. Good when combined with tensor rubber like R48 Ultramax in FH and R45 / R47 2.0 in BH.
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Nice allround blade with off- speed. In spite of the soft feel there is too little vibration. That is because top ply is soft but core is stiff. Good accuracy with lots of control. Blocks are a bit slow compared to composite blades.
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