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Stiga table tennis manufacturing began in 1944 and they turned out blades for Swedish champions like Stellan Bengtsson, Kjell Johansson, Hans Alser and Ulf Carlsson. Numerous championships were won in the 60ís, 70ís and the 80ís that finally moved the Chinese players out of the spotlight. Today, Stiga works closely with the Chinese National Team to produce equipment for the likes of Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong. Stiga has truly become a worldwide supplier of table tennis products.

From blades, rubbers, tables and balls, Stiga is a full spectrum purveyor of table tennis equipment. With memorable names like Clipper, Allround, Offensive Classic, Carbonado and VPS, Stiga is always striving to produce the best equipment using the latest manufacturing techniques to make their brand stand out from the crowd. And donít forget about their rubber sheets like Calibra, Airoc and Mantra and Magna.


Stiga DNA Platinum M
Stiga DNA Platinum XH
$74.95  $76.95
Stiga DNA Dragon Grip
Stiga DNA Platinum H
Stiga DNA Pro H
$54.95  $59.95
Stiga DNA Hybrid XH
Stiga DNA Hybrid M
Stiga Mantra Pro H
Stiga DNA Platinum S
$74.95  $76.96
Stiga Mantra Pro M
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Stiga Cybershape Carbon
Stiga Rosewood NCT VII
$174.95  $199.95
Stiga Rosewood NCT V
$155.95  $169.95
Stiga Clipper Classic
Stiga Cybershape Wood
Stiga Cybershape Wood CWT
Stiga Intensity NCT
Stiga Cybershape Carbon CWT
Stiga Clipper CR WRB
Stiga Infinity VPS V Diamond Touch
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Stiga Premium Compact
$1,799  $1,995.00
Stiga Mini Table Black Edition
Stiga Optimum 30
Out of Stock
$1,419  $1,495.00
Stiga Expert Roller CSS (European version)
Out of Stock


Stiga Pro Carbon+ Cybershape
$79.95  $99.95
Best Seller
Stiga Cybershape Future
Stiga Pro WRB Blue Edition
Stiga Royal 5-Star Carbon
Stiga Royal 4-Star Crystal
$59.95  $69.95
Stiga Royal 3-Star WRB
Stiga Cybershape Carbon CWT w/DNA Platinum XH
$404.95  $449.95
Stiga Seasons Anywhere Paddle Set
Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition w/Butterfly Dignics 09C and DHS Hurricane 3 National Blue
$459.95  $512.85
Stiga Prestige
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