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6 Reviews for Stiga Cybershape Carbon

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This is a boss carbon blade. The carbon is placed closer to the core for more touch and control. It looks cool too and always turns heads because of its unique shape. This is my goto blade at the moment and has speed and incredible touch and feel all around. Best carbon blade i've ever owned. Control is ridiculously good. One important thing to point out. The unique shape shifts the balance of the weight towards the top of the racquet giving you a sort of top heavy hammer effect. I think its great and gives me extra acceleration in my forehand swing but keep that in mind to match your preference.
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I play it with Rakza 9 1.8 fronthand, V11 extra 2.0 backhand. It's an inner carbon blade with kiri/koto layers. So the feeling is close to viscaria or Boll ALC, but less radical. The blade is not light and the head's weight gives the sensation of having a hammer if paired with heavy rubbers. Because of the V11 extra, the blade weight is 180gr witch is perfect to me. The blade is dynamic but with a very good control, it's not the best on service but it do the job in that part. The dwelltime is short so it's not a top spin machine. One thing a really appreciate : it's reallly good on block but your are not penalized for the opening topspin. Most of the time if the blade is good for blocking, it's not good for first top spin and vice versa. To conclude, a good head heavy controled offensive blade, very good on block, with no weakness, but not for spin oriented player.
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When I saw this blade for the first time, I smiled, that really good advertising ploy. But I was given the opportunity to try the wood, because I was given one to test. And I have to say ... that when you are comfortable, the shape is addictive.

I had a long talk about this wood with an expert, and he said that whoever designed, created something amazing. For an offensive player, there is a big advantage when the center of gravity is directed as far into the head as possible, but that can only be achieved by increasing the size and surface area of the head.

But I had the Cybershape measured, and to my surprise the surface area is about 236cm2 ( a normal 157x150mm blade has a surface area of about 234cm2 !!! ( for example Vicraria or Inspira CCF). So with the same weight of cover, the Cybershape was able to move the centre of gravity where it could only go with a head size of 159mm or more which for an offensive player is unsuitable. I have a Cybershape blade and an Inspira CCF, same weight 88g, with the same rubbers the difference in weight is minimal (less than 2g)

The first training sessions were strange, but then those shapes really have an advantage. Over the table I can play the chop much more than with the regular shape, even though I'm not a professional player I hit most of my shots in the ideal spot in the middle of the blade. When serving by edge placement, I can more easily determine what rotation I'm playing, and what to expect from my opponent.

Cybershape is incredible good table tennis offensive blade, with excellent features, ideal for an offensive player. You need to allow a little time because of the shape, but then playing with this shape is completely normal.
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It's totally different if you compare with all the blades i used. Before this blade i play with TBS, TB ALC and in the last two years Viscaria and ZJ ZLC.
Cybershape is more faster, maybe because the weight of the head is more than others, for example the other ones total weight with same rubber is 183gr to 187gr, but Cybershape weight around 192gr.
Forehand is similar like other fast blades, no vibrations, similar than ZJ ZLC, but backhand is the most incredible i never see, i don't know why, but my backhand change a lot with this blade, much more faster and precise, is much more easy to start with backhand. And also block is very comfortable in both sides.
Maybe my only bad experience is the service, i try to do same services like regular blades but i'm not feel very good and i'm not comfortable. the blade looks so cool and the handle also is comfortable. If you are looking a faster blade with stronger backhand and very good blocks, this is your blade, if you are looking good service and better forehand, i prefer Viscaria or zj zlc.
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I am an amateur player located in Germany. Coming from 10 years use of donic Carbo system off- i just changed to Joola Nobilis. Now i got this wonderful blade directly from Stiga. The first tests were amazing. More control AND speed compared to Joola Nobilis. The blade feels like a normal oval blade at once. Normal speed and great control in short play an blocks. When you go to topspin and half distance it develops to a rocket butbwith outstanding control. I imediatley ordered a second blade (classic means straight grip) and will try it for half a season. The only negative point is the feeling of the grip. May be you need a powergrip (the Stiga package includes two sets of
yellow/neon stiga powergrips and a lens for rubber thickness measure). Well done, Stiga!
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As the (amateurish) creator of the page of this product: Stiga has invented a new shape to optimize the shots of the player. The increased sweet spot and larger area on the top half of the bat allows more stability and alllows the player to angle their bat more accordingly. The frame is smaller towards the handle as shots closer to the handle are less efficient anyway. The bat comes at a high price, but it is to be expected as Stiga is the first to come up with idea of making a frame not round anymore (it's a hepta-/octagon instead). This frame is obviously approved by the ITTF rules
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