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Stiga Cybershape Carbon

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Stiga Cybershape Carbon – a completely new type of blade with a unique shape and larger hitting area! Cybershape is a table tennis blade that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Studies have shown that, for the majority of players, the optimal hitting area lies on the top half of the blade. That’s why Stiga optimized the hitting area to be 11% larger for the shakehand grip and 9% larger for the penhold grip compared to a traditional blade. One of the special features of Stiga Cybershape Carbon is that, during returns, the hitting area is as much as 6.5 cm closer to the table compared with 2.5 cm for a round blade.

Ply: 5W + 2C
Speed: 96
Control: 61
Weight: 83g

Stiga Blade Handle Naming

Stiga refers to Flared handle blades as "Master", Straight Handle blades as "Classic" and Anatomic blades as "Winner".

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Blade Weight Variations  - Actual blade weight may vary by up to 8g.

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Reviews of Stiga Cybershape Carbon (9)

Stiga Cybershape carbon is a high quality professional blade. Taking the shape out of the discussion, it is a very well balanced carbon blade. Now the shape - for me personally the shape is a big advantage as it helps me to visualise and have a more accurate feel of where the blade is in terms of angles and positioning. It helps me with the ball positioning in punch shots. Blocks are exceptionally good possibly due to the bigger sweet spot. Yes, I was skeptical too when I saw that being one of the Stiga marketing selling points, but it really feels like a bigger sweet spot and it was my first impression after the first few minutes using the blade - consistent and easy blocking. It is definitely headheavy which I like and helps to produce more powerful shots with a good rhythm. Rather than listing all areas I will just say that I think this blade overall is either very good or exceptional in all areas. I use it with Stiga DNA Platinum - H(2.3mm) which ended up as 194g set up. After trying it with Nittaku G-1, C1, Z2, Zakza Z, DHS H3 national, in comparison DNA platinum is the most stable and consistent set up. You can choose the rubber hardness based on your skill level. Cybershape with Z2 max was very good too, super fast, dynamic, good spin and exceptional on counter loops. Z2 fh & bh + blade (90g) = 185g. Z2 is much lighter than Platinums. I chose Platinum rubbers for consistency, but Z2 was definitely more fun. I would like to try it with Dignics 09 and 05 in the future as I think it might be a good combination for this blade too. I don't think I will ever go back to an oval blade. Definitely try Cybershape at least once if you see anyone in your clubs using it.
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Gagang keren yg memiliki kecepatan dan kontrol yg sangat baik, saya padukan dengan karet Tenergy 19 FH dan di BH Nittaku G1Max..
Sangat enak untuk spin dan Joss untuk block bloc tajam ??
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Innerforce carbon type blade that has enough flex to win points with all out spin. This is due to a second layer of wood before the carbon. Fast blade with good control. overpriced but it is a good blade non the less
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This is a boss carbon blade. The carbon is placed closer to the core for more touch and control. It looks cool too and always turns heads because of its unique shape. This is my goto blade at the moment and has speed and incredible touch and feel all around. Best carbon blade i've ever owned. Control is ridiculously good. One important thing to point out. The unique shape shifts the balance of the weight towards the top of the racquet giving you a sort of top heavy hammer effect. I think its great and gives me extra acceleration in my forehand swing but keep that in mind to match your preference.
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I play it with Rakza 9 1.8 fronthand, V11 extra 2.0 backhand. It's an inner carbon blade with kiri/koto layers. So the feeling is close to viscaria or Boll ALC, but less radical. The blade is not light and the head's weight gives the sensation of having a hammer if paired with heavy rubbers. Because of the V11 extra, the blade weight is 180gr witch is perfect to me. The blade is dynamic but with a very good control, it's not the best on service but it do the job in that part. The dwelltime is short so it's not a top spin machine. One thing a really appreciate : it's reallly good on block but your are not penalized for the opening topspin. Most of the time if the blade is good for blocking, it's not good for first top spin and vice versa. To conclude, a good head heavy controled offensive blade, very good on block, with no weakness, but not for spin oriented player.
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