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Spin is the most important element of modern table tennis. Not only the strength of spin but also the stability and secure feel have been desired by many players. VEGA series is the realization of the dream. VEGA is the mixture of two new technologies - HYPER ELASTO and CARBO SPONGE. Both of them are based on TENSOR technology which gives rubber the effect of built-in tension. HYPER ELASTO provides extreme spin and stability, and black colored CARBO SPONGE provides innovative efficiency of energy. Further, the feel of VEGA is exciting but comfortable. Its ease of use will help players play “winning” table tennis. Now four variations are available. All of them provide exceptional spin capability. VEGA PRO is for extreme spin, softer VEGA ASIA is for more speed, VEGA EUROPE is softer with more control, and finally, the softest VEGA ELITE is for extreme control.

Strategy: Mix
Distance from table: Close to Mid
Speed: 80
Spin: 90
Control: 80

For more control, try Xiom Vega Europe.

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Reviews of XIOM Vega Pro (70)

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 External Review for XIOM Vega Pro on April 3, 2018
This is exceptional rubber. I play it for several years and just love it.
My only wish is that the sponge would be 1 degree softer. Because on flexible attackers blades you really need good skills.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Pro on January 13, 2018
A rubber that whenever you mention it anyone who played with it before smiles and wonders why they're not playing with it now.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Pro on January 5, 2018
One of the best backhand rubbers ever made!
It can last for a year+ on the backhand, fast, spinny, extremely stable and easy to play.
Safe, balls land good.. It is just one of the best rubbers for backhand.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Pro on December 29, 2017
It is very fast and control
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Pro on October 30, 2017
Compared to Vega Europe this rubber has a tic harder sponge and a bit more speed. More direct feel when smashing and countering. Medium arc for this lighter tuned tensor. With Vega Europe you get that "can't miss" feel when looping. With Vega Pro you get a slightly less dwell so a slight learning curve is required to feel comfortable with it. Both rubbers offer superb spin and very good control compared to the ultra powered tensors. Test sheet was labeled as 2..0mm but visual inspection told my brain it was 1.8mm or 1.9mm. High quality top sheet with black Carbo Sponge. Many players should give the Vega Series a try as the price to performance ratio is high. Big bang for the buck. Great rubber series for under 2000 rated players. Great speed, great spin, good control and great pricing. Players out in pong land below 2000 level stop wasting your money on expensive rubbers and give this stuff a will make your racket happy and the money saved will buy your girlfriend a date at McDonalds. I prefer Vega Europe for my looping game over Vega Pro. Pro has a touch more spin but less ball feel. Your not going to the Olympics peeps so find your Vega!
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Pro on October 5, 2017
I really like this rubber. It does just about everything well and is easy to use. It's the first tensor I used after transitioning from Mark V as a developing player. Good speed and spin with great control and consistency. Excellent for blocking, flat hits, serve return and pushes. Pretty good for looping and serves. The high throw angle makes lifting backspin fairly easy. Can be used effectively on either FH or BH. Not the fastest or spinniest but a good choice for an all around tensor that is highly consistent with good control.
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Pro on August 27, 2017
pro & contra spin, control, speed, durability, price no weakness, but possibly for some players in hd too little catapult

detailed report soon
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Pro on August 15, 2017
On a Xiom Offensive S, in 2mm black: Out the packet the topsheet is very slightly tacky. The sponge is hard, more porous (larger pores) than Tenergy and black. First couple of drives feel unspinny, but a spin stroke kills that sensation. This has a lot of spin potential, but it is essential to exert energy in brushing the ball to achieve this spin (unlike rubbers such as Vega Elite). I can but imagine of the spin achievable on a softer blade with more flex. On short pushes using the topsheet there is little bounciness. Mid-table pushing is a less secure. compressing the sponge much will make the push/chop catapult long, although the hardness does help. FH looping from close/middle distance is superb. the ball does indeed 'cannon' across to the other side, although this needs very good energy transfer from the legs and waist and more than a little brush in case youre thinking of using this lazily. Loops have loads of precision, and the confidence this instils is invaluable, especially close to the table. The throw angle is high, not low. On BH, power loops had to be extremely well timed. Maybe a max sponge would give a bit more dwell. BH open ups were unpredictable until I closed the racket angle, whence the rubber suddenly performed much better. Blocks on both sides are good but not as good as something like Rasant Power Sponge, especially if you dont like closing your BH racket angle. Serving is great, no complaints and plenty of spin when Im not lazy .-) Conclusion: A really good quality rubber for offensive players, with both a huge spin potential and a precise and predictable trajectory, even if this means sacrificing a little forgiveness found in softer rubbers. This could be good for the FH of improving loopers in 2.0mm or 1.8mm, who are trying to achieve a more consistent contact with the ball, because it gives a lot of looping control in the mid-low gears, yet retains a great catapult for further back. Enjoy your TT!
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 External Review for XIOM Vega Pro on April 27, 2017
Karet enak
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Review by nelsonjack867 for XIOM Vega Pro on January 27, 2017
this rubber is good in its aspects where speed & spin is concerned,but when it comes to control the rubber needs a perfect skill, I am using it on the backhand placement becomes difficult with this rubber, blocking is ok but on speed balls sometimes goes on the net or out.the ball while blocking suddenly becomes slow if a bit force is apllied the ball is out,it should have a bit thicker sponge,
throw angle is high it is somewhat like the the tenergy 05 in terms the minus point of this rubber is its not tacky,but still overall good rubber i am using it on xiom strato fl
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