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Yasaka Sweden Extra

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Sweden Extra the all new allround blade with a new design and extra control. This blade with a little more weight then traditional allround blades offers more power.

Made in Sweden

Speed: 82
Control: 71
Plies: 5
Weight: 88g

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Reviews Summary

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  • The Yasaka Sweden Extra table tennis blade is praised for its great balance and remarkable ball feeling. It has been noted to improve players' ability to keep the ball on the table and aid in the development of proper technique. The blade is also lauded for its versatility, particularly its ability to loop with massive spin. The blade's craftsmanship is also highly commended, with users noting its well-sealed finish and overall excellent quality.
  • The blade is highly recommended for intermediate and advanced players, with many users noting significant improvements in their game after switching to this blade. It is particularly praised for its great control and feel, making it an excellent choice for players looking to improve their technique. Users also appreciate its affordability, noting that it delivers performance comparable to more expensive blades.
  • Users have noted that the Yasaka Sweden Extra blade is an excellent all-round choice, offering good control and power. It is particularly praised for its performance in close to mid-distance games, with users noting that it delivers consistent and linear feedback. The blade's comfortable handle and high-quality finish are also frequently mentioned, with users noting that it offers great value for its price.


  • Some users have noted that the Yasaka Sweden Extra blade lacks power when playing from a very long distance. While it performs well in short and mid-distance games, it may struggle to deliver the necessary power for counterattacks or long-distance shots. This may limit its effectiveness for players who often find themselves playing from a distance.
  • Despite its many positive attributes, some users have noted that the Yasaka Sweden Extra blade can be too slow for their liking. This may make it less suitable for players who prefer a faster, more aggressive style of play. Additionally, some users have reported that the blade's sweet spot is medium, which can sometimes cause a bit of vibration during play.
  • A few users have reported that the blade lacks ball feeling, which can affect the overall playing experience. Additionally, some users have reported that the blade's handle is smaller due to thinner plys, which can affect the comfort and grip during play. Lastly, a user reported that the blade was not factory-sealed as described, leading to additional costs and effort to seal it.

Reviews of Yasaka Sweden Extra (52)

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I returned back to table tennis recently and have been amazed at how much blades and rubbers have changed. I started with a butterfly hadraw blade, which really suited my style (penhold-allround). However, I lost the bat and have been searching for a suitable replacement. After purchasing 8 different blades and suitable rubbers, I have finally found my match. I can't believe this blade only costs so little. I am still trying different rubbers for that elusive combination but I must admit, the rubbers I currently use (Rakza Z FH and Rakza 7 BH) work really well. I can't recommend this bat enough for people.
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Excellent blade for beginners!!
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It is like some1 said here: "Like a stiga classic allround but 2x better at everything." Except the ball feeling. Vibrations on Stiga are much more pronounced, but other than that this blade is better at everything. Feeling of the ball is very good, just not as in your face as it is in Stiga AC. It is stiffer, tad harder, larger sweet spot for sure, faster and more direct than Stiga AC while still having loads of control, also is more linear due to lesser flex and softness, still soft though with good dwell. My new favourite blade for sure. Handle is very comfortable(flared) it is almost the same as Stiga AC Legend Grip, but kinda better, even thought it is just a tiny bit slimer, like 1mm. It is cheaper than Stiga AC and Butterfly Grubba aswell. No brainer for me. Everyone should try this blade. To me its king of allround blades and Yasaka continues to impress me.
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Great blade. Provides power when needed, but on flicks and pushes is really controlled and precise. Great way to slow down your game, make yourself more confident, and learn better technique. Price to performance ratio is awsome. The only thing that wasnt quite right is the lens, it was a bit off the center, but thats just looks.
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