Yasaka Rakza 7

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Yasaka, uses mainly natural rubber for the top sheet. This improves the level of grip and the power of spin drastically. The top sheet is combined with the new Power Sponge. The top sheet and Power Sponge work in perfect synergy, producing the Hybrid Energy rubber Rakza 7. When the player hits the ball hard, the rubber grips the ball and the stroke can be used to place the ball accurately, both in direction and length. The serve and short returns are very sharp and easy to handle. Due to the increased percentage of natural gum the durability is improved. A winning combination!

Speed: 94
Control: 67
Spin: 95
Hardness: 45-50

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Additional Information

Yasaka rubbers are steeped in history dating back all the way to 1926. The flagship rubber for Yasaka has been the Mark V. Mark V burst onto the table tennis world stage in the 1970 and 1971 World Championships taking home victory in both competitions. The Mark V is still going strong today and other versions of the rubber have been produced through the following decades.

More recently Yasaka has developed Rakza rubbers which have taken innovation to another level. The shape of the pimples provides a strong balance between spin and speed. Rakza rubbers use Hybrid Energy to provide synergy between top sheet and sponge providing great elasticity for power and control.

Yasaka has many more rubbers in their product line as well. Yasaka rubbers are used by top professionals as well as players of all levels. Be like 2019 World Championship Silver Medalist Matias Falck and choose Yasaka rubbers.

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Reviews of Yasaka Rakza 7 (107)

Review by quinnesque1 (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Rakza 7 on September 28, 2019
A bit too fast for me, I will try the Rakza 7 soft.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on September 3, 2019
Fantastic rubber. Used on BH of Stiga all-round classic blade, red, middle thickness and its been brilliant, my BH is so much more stable thanks to this rubber, BH drives, flicks, loops, pushes all feel amazing. I've been using for 4 months, approx 8 hours per week, and the grip feels no different now to how it felt brand new. Would recommend for either FH or BH
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on August 9, 2019
My ratings are for 2.2mm version. It has a lot of speed and spin but less control. It is not suitable for close to the table play.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on July 30, 2019
Ratings for 2.2mm. Similar to tenergy, a bit easier to use. 47g.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on July 19, 2019
I just played for an HR with my new set up. Stiga Offensive Classic with Donic BlueFire M2 (FH) and Rakza 7 on BH. What can I say - I am already in love with this!!! Took literally zero time to adjust and gives me awesome control on the blocks and also some nice controlled power on backhand flips. Just took it out of the package and started playing with it like I had always been playing with it and I can see a clear improvement from my previous set up!
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on May 1, 2019
I have a Viscaria and I use the 1.8mm Rakza 7 on my backhand. I found that the other rubbers that I had tried, T05, MX-P were simply too fast and I couldn't control the shots consistently. I even tried the 1.8mm MX-P but even then I didn't enjoy a lot of success.

The Rakza7 has changed that for me. I would often check my shots a little bit with the other faster rubbers but now I strike the ball hard with confidence. If everything that people say about softer sponges is true, then I am engaging the sponge a lot more now and I definitely feel more control in my shots.

The biggest change for me was the throw angle. Both the MX-P and the T05 have a high throw angle so I'd have to close my bat a fair bit on the follow through after doing a backhand flip, and my backhand loops would also have a fairly closed angle, this made it harder for me to control. If my footwork wasn't good, then I'd be off balance and getting the right angle became difficult. With the Rakza7, it's a lot easier to play these strokes and I'm able to hit the ball harder as a result.

I've already purchased the Rakza7 on the max thickness and I'm looking forward to trying that eventually.

I've boosted the Rakza7 with Tempo long once and for the first week, it was just mental. I thought I was still playing with the T05 so that's a good option.

Update(22/may/2019): I've been playing with my current setup for a little over a month, Rakza 7 (1.8mm) on my backhand. The backhand flick attack off the serve is out of this world. I'm finding that as long as the service is slightly bouncy or slightly longish, this thing will let you flick the ball over and immediately go on the attack. Depending on how much you throw your elbow forward, you can generate a really spinny flick or a fast flick. Keep your bat open and the rubber will do the rest. I'm loving how aggressive I can play.
I've changed the control rating from 9 to 9.5
I've changed the gears to from above average to many
Overall 9 to 9.5
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on April 20, 2019
Muy buen caucho de control, pero poca velocidad. Recomendado para nivel medio.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on March 10, 2019
Very controllable and yet very fast rubber. Plays like a speed-glued Mark V, so for those old enough, you will remember the feeling when you play. Does not have the bouncy effect of Tensor rubbers, neither the sensitiveness to spin of Tenergy and similar artificially grip enhanced rubbers. Lots of spin on serves which can be made short and spinny due to lack of bounciness and natural rubber grip. Same applies to short game. I play japanese penhold and these characteristics favor the penhold game style combined with power drives and hits. By the numbers of reviews I see that I am late trying this rubber, but I see why it is so popular. A rubber that mimics a speed-glued Mark V feeling can only be a success.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on January 30, 2019
I have used this for 2 years and it is the best rubber I have played with. I use it on my BH (1.8mm) and FH (2.0mm). It has the best control, good speed and good spin. It is great for serves, loops, blocking, pushing, basically everything. I am a close to the table player so I have not used this from a far distance. Tenergy 05 is ok compared to this but I feel that it is too bouncy and a little harder to control. Rakza 7 is also much better at smashing than Tenergy. Not to mention how expensive Tenergy is. I have also tried Rakza 7 soft but that rubber is a little too soft and slow for me. It also doesn't last as long as the edge chips away much quicker than regular Rakza 7.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on January 12, 2019
Back in 1988 (when you had a 38mm ball and 2 choices in rubber -Sriver EL or Mark V) I used Jonyer H paired with Mark V rubbers (2.0 black BH and max red FH). Mark V was a terror with the 38mm ball. With that combo, I would topspin on both flanks anything and everything on either side. I was also 25 years younger and won a bunch of local competitions. Fast forward to 2016, and I decided to play table tennis again. My old combination was lacking power for the 40mm ball. Younger players were overpowering me. I decided to upgrade. Bought a new butterfly Liu Shiwen& newer rubbers. Decent blade but affected my looping, topspin game. Then I read an article from a famous chinese coach about how to keep the older OFF blades but simply change the rubber to newer tensors. I decided to go find the correct combination of newer rubbers for my Jonyer H FL(with the compact head). After some research and testing, I found the Mizuno Q3 2.1mm for my FH and Rakza7 2mm for my BH. Paired with the newer rubbers, I am beating players half my ageplaying tenergy05. Rakza7 feels like a tensored Mark V. It has that clicking sound, has good speed and amazing spin. But is quite insensitive to incoming spin (even better than Mark V). It has a distinct advantage in this dept. Hence my BH has Rakza7. All my opponents ask me about what equipment I use, and I show them my Jonyer H with Rakza7 and it still works. Looping machine, fast and light with amazing control. I move my opponents all around the table, and it can do everything - attack, loop, smash, block, chop and drop shots. And yes, it loops like a tensored Mark V for the 40mm ball. I could even use it on my forehand. And the price is 1/2 of tenergy05, which I found to be too sensitive to incoming spin. If you play with a player using tenergy05, use Rakza7 and generate a lot of spin, they have a lot of problems controlling the ball, hitting haywire shots everywhere. Tenergy05 is only for professional players (not club level players).
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on December 15, 2018
Good spin and grip
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on December 7, 2018
Excelent backhand rubbers. Top spin, flick, smash, even chop. You can do almost any stroke wtih this rubber. It's a keeper for me...
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on September 30, 2018
Speed: 9.4
Spin (European Style): 9.1
Control: 8.7
Weight: 47g in 2.2 (0.233g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 37.3
Gears: 2.7
Throw: 5.9
Fast Loop: 9.3
Slow Loop: 9
Counter Loop: 8.9
Touch: 8.5
Block: 8.5
Smash: 9.3
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 9.3
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.8/2.0/2.2
Durability: 5
Value: 7.6
Overall: 9.1
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on September 17, 2018
This is a fantastic rubber, i use 2.0mm on german korbel. The rubber is fast, short pushes , short game, mid distance loop is super.i would not recommend on very hard or very stiff blades as the rubber is medium hard.
The bouncy short game issue with tensors and tenergy is not here. This is not a tensor rubber
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on September 17, 2018
High speed and spin with great control. I'm an allround player I liked it's control but it's too fast for me. My first 2 hours playing so far and I hit a lot too long shots. Because of it's speed, I'm not very happy with blocking. Very good to open the game after backspin shots due to it's high spin, very good on spiny offensive hits. Excellent rubber for aggressive players!!!
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on August 10, 2018
Mutlaka denemelisiniz
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on July 8, 2018
Hard medium, medium angle, high spin, little reactive to incoming spin, good construction quality, consistent, good in blocks, I like more in FH than BH, grabs the ball, high control, is not very fast, really light compared to other rubbers, good feeling, very good
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on April 17, 2018
Great allround rouber with enough potential for attack. I am playing razka 7 in 2,0 mm on BH. I was looking for a substitute for my addidas p7. Interimswise I played shinning dragon 2,0 mm on my BH. Shinning dragon is good, but razka 7 is even better. I do have good control in block, conter, chop although the razka 7 is quite fast. Topspin against backspin is good. I think I found my preferred BH rubber.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on April 2, 2018
No speed! 729 Focus III equal. Not worth with its price!!!
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on January 3, 2018
I'm using Rakza7 2.0mm on my FH on a Nittaku Acoustic blade.
This rubber is very fast and veeeery spinny, especially on serves. The rubber is still pretty controlable.
The sound is amazing too.
Tried many offensive rubbers and I can not find anything better for the price.
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