Yasaka Rakza 7

by Yasaka
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Yasaka, using mainly natural rubber gum for the top sheet. This improves the level of grip and the power of spin drastically. The top sheet is combined with the new Power Sponge. The top sheet and Power Sponge work in perfect synergy, producing the Hybrid Energy rubber Rakza 7. When the player hits the ball hard, the rubber grips the ball and the stroke can be used to place the ball accurately, both in direction and length. The serve and short returns are very sharp and easy to handle. Due to the increased percentage of natural gum the durability is improved. A winning combination!

Speed: 94
Control: 67
Spin: 95
Hardness: 45-50

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Reviews of Yasaka Rakza 7 (80)

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Review by truemyths (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Rakza 7 on September 11, 2017
I didn't like it. Prefer the Xiom Vega series or the Andro Rasant Grip.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on May 30, 2017
Rakza 7 is the better combination between speed and spin. I`m penholder and used a RSM G Max plus Rakza 7 and this is a genuine fast-and-spinny offensive combination. Great for loops and aggressive play, very nice! After trying with various rubbers T64, T64fx, T80, Xiom Omega IV Pro and Europe, but after 3 month with Rakza i believe is better in everything from my point of view. I`m very happy with Rakza 7.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on February 25, 2017
At 2mm on an all wood blade, the ball contact is extremely pleasant, and extremely accurate at low and high speeds. You can get this for 4H at max thick or 2mm for BH and definetely teach any tenergist a few lessons. GREAT FEEL, Great rubber. Up there with Xiom Sigma IIPro, Ten 05/ 05fx, and all the greats, at great price too.
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Review by bramville (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Rakza 7 on February 9, 2017
Far impressive from all the ratings mentioned about this rubber.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on November 23, 2016
Top Sheet Thickness: Thick (1.76mm).
Surface Thickness: Average (0.85mm).
Pip Length: Average (0.91mm).
Pip Width: Wide (1.76mm).
Pip Spacing: Very Dense (0.55mm).
Sponge Hardness: Medium.
Top Sheet Hardness: Medium-Soft.
Weight (Max): Average (46g, 0.226g/cm^2).
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on October 6, 2016
Nice attack rubber, very fast and a lot of spin... i can make many variations of speed, actually i use it on my FH on a joola K5 blade
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on May 17, 2016
I don't know if this rubber is great doing something, but it's very good doing everything.

Mid throw, mid hard sponge. I'm using a black max sheet on my backhand.

Easy to play, a natural fit on BH, but can be used on both wings for controlled offensive players.

The speed is very good, the spin is very good, control is good, good looping, very good hitting, good blocking and serving. Just keep it dry or the ball will slip.

Back in the day I was a Mark V user, with Rakza 7 I just feel like I'm home. There are better rubbers doing one thing or another, but for it's price Rakza 7 is a safe choice and a very, very good rubber without major flaws.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on April 5, 2016
Fantastic rubber for my forehand. The speed is very similar to the Tenergy 64. Very fast and with plenty of control.
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 External Review for Yasaka Rakza 7 on March 10, 2016
I bought this rubber thinking on a replacement on Tenergy 05, Rakza 7 is a pretty good rubber, control is good, speed is slow then energy 05, but is fine, the top sheet is different from tenergy, and more tack, overall it is a good rubber but the feeling is a lot different then tenergy
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Review by guest_2et4hb0h (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Rakza 7 on January 6, 2016
Feels and plays very well. Best backhand rubber Ive used to date.
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