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Yasaka Rakza Series

The Rakza series of rubbers by Yasaka is one the most comprehensive and popular in the table tennis community due to their great price-performance ratio! The rubbers are made in Germany and are known to be top quality, long-lasting and to offer a good amount of stability compared to many of their counterparts.

The Rakza 7 was the first rubber of the series to be released and it remains a highly recommended staple due to its well-rounded combination of spin, speed and control. The Rakza 7 Soft is often recommended for beginners and intermediate players. The Rakza 9 is the fastest of the series. The Rakza X is similar to the Rakza 7 but tailored to advanced players. The Rakza X Soft is geared for the backhand. The Rakza PO is a long pips rubber used by Swedish professional Mattias Falck. The newest Rakza Z and Rakza Z Extra Hard are harder than the rest and follow in the latest trend of hybrid rubbers adopted by advanced players, with a tensor sponge and semi-tacky topsheet.

Yasaka Rakza 7
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Yasaka Rakza Z
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Yasaka Rakza 9
Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft
Yasaka Rakza X
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Yasaka Rakza Z Extra Hard
Yasaka Rakza X Soft