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Yasaka Rakza PO

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Yasaka Rakza PO short pips-out, is one of several rubbers with the newly developed top sheet using mainly natural rubber gum. This improves the level of grip and the power of spin drastically. The top sheet is combined with the new “Power Sponge”. The top sheet and “Power Sponge” work in perfect synergy, producing the Hybrid Energy rubber. With Rakza PO Yasaka developed a short pimples-out rubber with increased spin capacity, due to the shape of the pimples geometry and the use of more natural gum in the top sheet.

Speed: 93
Spin: 70
Control: 78

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Yasaka rubbers are steeped in history dating back all the way to 1926. The flagship rubber for Yasaka has been the Mark V. Mark V burst onto the table tennis world stage in the 1970 and 1971 World Championships taking home victory in both competitions. The Mark V is still going strong today and other versions of the rubber have been produced through the following decades.

More recently Yasaka has developed Rakza rubbers which have taken innovation to another level. The shape of the pimples provides a strong balance between spin and speed. Rakza rubbers use Hybrid Energy to provide synergy between top sheet and sponge providing great elasticity for power and control.

Yasaka has many more rubbers in their product line as well. Yasaka rubbers are used by top professionals as well as players of all levels. Be like 2019 World Championship Silver Medalist Matias Falck and choose Yasaka rubbers.

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Reviews of Yasaka Rakza PO (10)

Rakza PO is my second gum with short pips, and including the Chinese long pips I used to play before, it was the third one. It is a rubber that plays quite similar to smooth rubber. To adapt to Rakza PO, it is enough to exercise for 10-15 hours, keep a different angle of the racket and remember to play more with your wrist and push the ball forward. I have her backhand on purpose - to force myself into an offensive game. First things first. Rakza works great in blocks - you have to block and push the racket a little forward - the opponent then gets the ball so fast that it is difficult for him to respond and is pushed to the defensive. The ball gets interesting vibrations during the flight - it flies in a zigzag and relatively low and flat. I do not recommend passive blocks, the ball then falls into the net quite often, there must always be minimal forward movement of the racket. Also, the Rakza PO is pretty good to serve, with a pretty good spin, maybe not like the Rakza 7, but enough to make the pickup difficult. You can also play this rubber topspin with a nice spin, also from the second zone !!! Attacks, flat, kills are very effective. The racket must then be open and the strike must come from the wrist. The speed of such an attack is enormous. As for the control ... it is quite a difficult assessment because a pip will never be as precise as a smooth rubber, but with each training session it gets better and better. Playing short at the table is easy, but also requires different angles and the ball needs to be pushed a little more.Rakza PO is quite sensitive to the upcoming serve spin, but as with other licks, the move cannot be passive. If you move forward you will cancel the rotation. Exercise and beat your opponents. There is no soft game! ?
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The best horizontal pips for attack!
I tried many pips: Japan, China, Europe ... but Rakza PO is the best! Victas VO 102 is also well controlled and fast, but I prefer the Rakza PO. I use 2 pips for both BH and FH. FH is usually Rakza PO or Victas 102, BH is Chinese pips (Example: Kokutaku 119, Dawei 388c-1, DHS Dragonow ...). I have a lot of racquets, mostly carbon or carbon fiber. Off, Off +;
Rakza PO has moderate spin but high speed and good control!
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Rakza Po.. good for blocks.. inpassive blocks the ball is slow.. but when you counter hit the ball specially if it is in top spin .. the ball is very fast .. Good in receiving services.. specially underspin serves.. also good in open up.. it is much like inverted rubber but slow in blocks.. but fast in counters.. not good for beginners.. Ive just tried this rubber because i want to improve my backhand strokes.. Im using viscaria St.. rakza Po on backhand.. and dhs hurricane neo 3 on forehand ..
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I tried different sp rubber for my BH but this Rakza PO has an extra spin when brushing the ball & my service adds difficulty to my opponent. My previous BH rubber is a Dr Nuebauer pistol 1 & 2 and I really like it. I used Pistol 1 rubber for 5 long years then switch to LP Friendship 755 mystery 3 but I did not like it becoz not my playing style. This Rakza PO is now with me for more than a weak now but I really started liking it.
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A great high-tension short pip with good spin and a nice low trajectory. I use it on a Butterfly Shamada C-pen. I often find that high-tension short pips have really high throw angles (compared to other pips-out rubbers), which makes certain shots unreliable (like counter smash and passive block close to the table), but Rakza PO solves this problem very well for me! Unfortunately, it is noticeably heavier than most other short pips I have tried. This is one rubber you don't need to buy in max thickness... try it in 1.8 or 2.0, unless you are Mattias Falck :)
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