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The Butterfly Company (Tamasu Company Ltd) was established over 50 years ago by one of table tennis history’s greats, Hikosuke Tamasu. The Butterfly brand is a major player in the table tennis industry if not the number one company today. The “Butterfly” concept was born from the idea that players were flowers and the company was like a butterfly. There to serve the players needs and help them blossom and grow to their fullest potential.

As players, most of us already know about Tenergy, with Tenergy 05 being the most popular rubber sheet on the market. Born eleven years after extensive research and testing, Tenergy employs the latest advances in rubber technology resulting in being the number one rubber sheet sold in the market. The end result of this research is a product line of rubbers that were designed specifically to create a high tension top sheet combined with a spring sponge and a new pimple design under the top sheet. The change in pimple design combined with two variations in sponge hardness yields a variety of Tenergy products to meet every player’s needs. All rubber sheets are made in Japan.

Butterfly has been making blades for over 60 years and have engineered the manufacturing process to a fine science. Just check out the new technology they incorporate into their blades like the ALC, ZLC and ZLF blade lines. Carbon options for every style and level of play. Butterfly, always choosing just the right combination of science and materials to create the ideal blade for you! All blades, with the exception of some entry-level models, are made in Japan.

And what about tables? The competition-grade Butterfly tables like Centrefold 25 are manufactured in Europe just to make sure that only true German craftsmanship is used for their tables. The end results are tables with greater bounce consistency; made of high quality materials; with greater durability and are designed to minimize storage requirements. Their other tables are made in Asia to high manufacturing standards. To back up their quality Butterfly tables have some of the longest table warranties on the market. Whether it’s for professional events; a training center; your local club or just for recreational use in your basement, Butterfly has that table for you.

Butterfly Rubber

Butterfly Tenergy 05
 Best Seller
Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard
Butterfly Rozena
Save 23%  Best Seller
Butterfly Tenergy 80
 Best Seller
Butterfly Tenergy 05-FX
 Best Seller
Butterfly Sriver
Save 19%
Butterfly Tenergy 64
 Best Seller
Butterfly Tenergy 80-FX
 Best Seller
Butterfly Spin Art
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Butterfly Blades

Butterfly Viscaria
 Best Seller
Butterfly Timo Boll ALC
Butterfly Amultart ZLC
Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit
 Best Seller
Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk
Butterfly Primorac
 Best Seller
Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC
 Best Seller
Butterfly Maze Performance
Butterfly Innerforce Layer ALC
 Best Seller
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Butterfly Tables

Butterfly Centrefold 25 - Blue
Save 14%  Best Seller
Butterfly Centrefold 25 w/Butterfly Prime Robot
Save 16%
Butterfly Club 25 Rollaway
Save 8%
Butterfly Europa 25 - Blue
Save 14%
Butterfly Octet 25 - Blue
Save 24%
Butterfly Easifold Deluxe 22
Butterfly Centrefold 25 - Green
Save 18%
Butterfly Octet 25 - Green
Save 24%
Butterfly Nippon 22 Rollaway
Save 28%
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Butterfly Robots

Butterfly Amicus Prime
 Best Seller
Butterfly Amicus Advance
Save 7%
Butterfly Amicus Expert
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Butterfly Accessories

Butterfly Adhesive Film III - Pack of 2
 Best Seller
Butterfly Soft Grip Tape
Butterfly Rubber Film III - Pack of 2
 Best Seller

Butterfly Balls

Butterfly G40+ Master Quality Poly Ball - Pack of 72
Save 13%  Best Seller
Butterfly ABS Balls 3-Star A40+ - Pack of 3
Butterfly 3-Star Ball G40+ - Pack of 12
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Butterfly Cases

Butterfly Logo Full Case
 Best Seller
Butterfly Melowa DX Case
 Best Seller
Butterfly Poltieh Hard Case
 Best Seller
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Butterfly Cleaners

Butterfly Racket Care Kit
 Best Seller
Butterfly Cure Water
Butterfly Spin Refresh
Save 5%  Best Seller
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Butterfly Clothing

Butterfly Chi Shorts - Black
Save 29%  Best Seller
Butterfly Taori Tracksuit - Blue
Butterfly Xero Tracksuit
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Butterfly Glue

Butterfly Free Chack II - 100 ml
 Best Seller
Butterfly Free Chack 37ml w/8 Sponges
Butterfly Free Chack II - 20ml
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Butterfly Nets

Butterfly Elite Clip Net Set
Butterfly Europa Net and Post
Save 8%
Butterfly National League Net and Post
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Butterfly Rackets

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Proline w/Tenergy 05
 Best Seller
Butterfly Viscaria Proline w/Tenergy 05
Butterfly Boll Allround FL Proline w/Rozena
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Butterfly Shoes

Butterfly Lezoline Rifones - Navy
Save 10%
Butterfly Lezoline Sal - White
Butterfly Lezoline Groovy - Blue
Save 6%
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Butterfly Bags

Butterfly Stanfly Rucksack Gold
Save 6%
Butterfly Ball Bag
Butterfly Black Line Maxi Bag
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Butterfly Side Tape

Butterfly Side Tape Cloth - 12mm x 10m - Black
 Best Seller
Butterfly Side Tape Cloth - 12mm x 10m - Blue/Silver
Butterfly Side Tape Cloth - 12mm x 1m - Black
 Best Seller
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