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This is the first rubber to feature Butterfly's new "Spring Sponge". Spring Sponge feels hard yet its new technology allows it to hold the ball on the racket longer. Tenergy 05 combines this new explosive sponge with a new tensioned top-sheet with maximum surface grip.

The result is a rubber that produces massive amounts of spin on serves and topspin drives. Tenergy is also the fastest most explosive rubber in our line all without the use of any speed-glues or tuning. Tenergy will keep its speed throughout the life of the rubber without need for any special treatments. Finally a rubber that will make you feel like you are playing in the days of the 38 mm ball again!

Speed: 130
Spin: 115
Density: 36

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Reviews of Butterfly Tenergy 05 (184)

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Review by blessingholyfamily (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Tenergy 05 on April 29, 2018
The best rubber for distance shoot but it is the most expensive rubber. Costing almost to a mid grade car tire. Unless you are paid professional table tennis like Xin Xu or Ma Long. If money is not the issue then go ahead and enjoy it. Less only 3 - 6 months!
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 External Review for Butterfly Tenergy 05 on April 24, 2018
One of the best rubbers out there! Has great combination of speed and spin, experienced players will be able to control it very well, has many gears and very high throw angle, either smashing the ball or frictioning with the rubber will produce high speeds and the later one lots of spin. Using two of it with a Timo Boll ALC will create a powerful combination, also works really well with a tamca5000 blade (super high speed) slower blades tend to not give a good feel on the ball so I would not recommend alongside. Overall it is for high level players, not for beginners, would totally recommend.
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Review by marszion (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Tenergy 05 on April 13, 2018
It is definitely rubber for pros only! Not because amateurs/club players/local tournament players cant handle it or play great with it, but because we cant afford it. Almost 80$ a sheet is seriously stupid. I rather buy a set of new tires for the same price I buy 4 tenergy rubbers. Despite how great rubber it is, it is simply not worth it. I was a customer of this rubber for many years, actually since its release - but what butterfly is doing with their prices is simply crazy. They definitely lost me as a customer.
Cant wait for the release of TENERGY 100!!!
It will cost 100$ lol
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 External Review for Butterfly Tenergy 05 on February 25, 2018
A few years ago I made the mistake of switching to Tenergy when I was still a beginner. It caused me a lot of trouble at first. I couldn't control, it was too fast, and overall I felt like I was wasting such a good rubber lol.
I did improve my technique and get used to it, however. After a few weeks, as an intermediate player who didn't have very good technique, almost all of my shots would land on the table no matter how I hit them. It's a superb rubber. Great spin, speed and control. A little too heavy too.
The durability was excellent too, as the rubber lasted me almost a year, (the rubber had actually mostly worn off, but I could still do everything with it).
Of course this rubber is best suited for players who know what they are doing, as there is nothing this rubber can't do, but don't make the same mistake I made if you're a beginner. :)
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 External Review for Butterfly Tenergy 05 on February 3, 2018
This rubber is very good for people who like to chop or have a lot of spin(topspin,backspin,underspin,sidespin) on their serves (pendulum,tomahawk,etc).It also produces good speed and great control.Personally,I think that the tenergy series is one of the best rubbers out there.I would highly recommend it to advanced players that are at pro stage to take it for tournaments and other events!
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 External Review for Butterfly Tenergy 05 on January 5, 2018
Amazing rubber. Good amount of spin and speed. Very hard to play against. Consistent and better for European style of play. Good for FH and BH. Tested on Stiga infinity VPS V blade.
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 External Review for Butterfly Tenergy 05 on January 1, 2018
Bouncy but very good amount of spin and control! Tested on timo boll alc
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 External Review for Butterfly Tenergy 05 on December 20, 2017
Great and already possible to say legendary rubber. High speed and awesome spin potential. What is quite surprising is that I have never feel that Tenergy rubbers would be highly sensitive for incoming spin. The true is that you have to play actively!
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 External Review for Butterfly Tenergy 05 on December 8, 2017
This is an awesome rubber if you like to lose. Used to beat people? No worries, the same guys will easily beat you 11-2, 11-3 and 11-1 every set. Used to getting the ball on the table? No problem, Tenergy 05 will make sure the ball flies way over the table, or occasionally straight into the net in no time, even when putting 0 force into incoming ball.
This rubber is also very price worthy for the previous champion, for only around 70$ you'll start racking up around zero trophies per season. Is usually recommended with the Timo Boll Spirit blade, which will almost certianly guarantee you to never win anything again. Tired of winning and want a challenge? Then this is the rubber for you.

(In all seriousness, this rubber is NOT for beginners or intermediate players, you gotta be really good to be able to do anything with it)
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 External Review for Butterfly Tenergy 05 on November 10, 2017
If you are very fit and train very often then this rubber can be fun. Otherwise it is better to play a more controlled rubber
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