Butterfly Viscaria

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Combines the Arylate features of lightness, flexibility, and shock absorption (less vibration) with the Carbon features of high elasticity (springiness) and minimal dissipation of energy (energy not wasted, more power). Koto outer plies, Balsa center ply. VISCARIA's compact head size makes it ideal for quick re-looping right off the bounce.

Speed 87
Control 72
Weight 90
Ply 5W, 2A/C

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Reviews of Butterfly Viscaria (37)

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 External Review on February 7, 2016
Fast and explosive power when needed, controlled and forgiving when needed... This is the best blade I have ever played. Arylate is good. I feel confident on the table, at the net, mid distance and long distance. All the beautiful review of this blade are true. It took me a week time adjusting to viscaria, but afterwards I am sure level up. Must try... Though expensive.
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 External Review on January 20, 2016
Comparing this to many blades too long to list, the Viscaria (mine 89g) feels more solid, refined, crisp, sharp than all of them. For an ALC blade it is very close to perfect (apart from players different opinions on various handle preferences, how else can you improve on this?). The rating for control that is 8.2 is completely misleading. It is one of the most precise blades for its speed I have used to date, control is really 9-9.2/10 at least. Awesome sounding blade on power shots too. Truly high quality blade.
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 External Review on January 11, 2016
I used Gergely (Old logo) and Schlager Carbon Off+ before. I really want to improve my skills because Gergely and Schlager are really passive blades which gave me less efforts in playing and more on winning the game by power drives. So decided to change my blade to Viscaria. the 1st month I used this blade, I really need to adjust my strokes and power because the speed and consistency of this blade depends on you. This blade is like an extension of your hand. This is not a blade for Tamca 5000 users because it feels different and it really needs huge effort for you to generate power. Take your time to study how to use this blade because for sure you will not look for any other blades after you get used to this blade. I'm not planning to change my blade anymore. It makes me a better player.
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 External Review on September 10, 2015 - just a small clip of my playing style. I played with the timo boll spirit for a few years and I just switched to the viscaria, I found the timo boll spirit stiffer, this allowed me to have a great smashing ability and hard penetrating shots but there were many points I wished it had a tad more control. When I missed it was always by the smallest of margins. Once I bought the viscaria to noticed immediately that the control was greater, I'm still getting use to it but I'm finding that it has a similar play to the tbs but with added control, to me it feels rather light and so I just added 2.1 tenergy on both sides and I like the weight. I personally like being able to actually feel the ball contact the racket. It generates great spin over the table or off the table and I'm currently still figuring out the backhand, I've considered sanding down the flared handle, since I've become so use to the flexibility of my wrist with the straight handle
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 External Review on May 29, 2015
The very best of all the alc blade out there. Simply no replacement for thislegendary blade. My blade is 85g. I prefer this over my tbs and tb alc. It's just better at everything by a small margin, just got that edge. Very crisp on all shots .has slight softer feel but still medium hard. definitely more precise feel of catching the ball on every loop. Hence high dwell. Throw is also medium to high similar to tbs may be better. Tb alc has slightly lower throw than viscaria and tbs with the same rubber test. Only advantage tb alc is it has better balance of weight. Viscaria for me is worth every penny.Must try blade , I have over 30 top end blade and this is simply the best along side with xiom vega pro blade, yes unknown but true (xiom)
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 External Review on April 14, 2015
pro: koto top plies allow for soft touch shots, inner plies allow for speeds > ALC
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 External Review on April 12, 2015
Compared Viscaria to my Timo Boll Spirit. Viscaria has slightly larger FL handle and was 3 gr. heavier. More direct feeling with a pinch more stiffness and power. Looping close to table sent the ball longer than TBS. so stroke adjustment is needed. Very suitable for mid distance looping and hitting. Good touch for the short game pushing and chopping. Blocking on BH was brilliant with Viscaria. I felt TBS was better for looping mid and close to table while Viscaria was better further away from table Counter hits where very fast with Viscaria. A bit head heavy with Tenergy rubbers. A great blade for mid and advanced players. These are getting easier to find now.
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Review by vincent92_160 on April 5, 2015
i have n currently using the TIMO BOLL SPIRIT n i can tell u that this blade is too fast for a player my level. around 1400. the TBS is like part of my arm i feel like i can place the ball anywhere and hit at anyspeed and spin. the Viscaria however has a higher throw and less dwell time so it feels like the ball is bouncing off the racket as soon as it touch, i felt that the backhand side was more controlable and solid where my strokes where more compact. however on my forehand loop the ball tends to go long if i dont apply enough spin.
i think this blade is unnecessary for players lower then 1600-1700.
my setup was DHS HG3 FH , xiom VEGA pro BH
so if i was to use faster rubber i think the reaction would have been worst
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 External Review on December 10, 2014
Viscaria is the best blade for attacker player
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 External Review on October 26, 2014
It took a bit of time to get adjusted to the handle because my previous blades had what seem to be rounder handles. After the adjustment was made I can tell you that it is the best blade I've used so far.
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