Butterfly Viscaria

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Combines the Arylate features of lightness, flexibility, and shock absorption (less vibration) with the Carbon features of high elasticity (springiness) and minimal dissipation of energy (energy not wasted, more power). Koto outer plies, Balsa center ply. VISCARIA's compact head size makes it ideal for quick re-looping right off the bounce.

Speed 87
Control 72
Weight 90
Ply 5W, 2A/C

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Reviews of Butterfly Viscaria (33)

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Review by calwong on August 23, 2014
If you are considering a faster blade,

This blade is probably a better choice, unless you are a 2000+ US player.
Even 2000+ players like to use this.

After spending over $1000 on paddles, i'm happy to say that i have finally found my last.

This blade, although not VERY fast, makes up for lack of speed with not only great control but also spin.

Previously, i had thought faster blades were better. Never have i been more wrong. Previously, i was winning points just by smashing it too fast for the opponent. Now, i win by good placement and overwhelming spin.

My set up on forehand as a two wing shakehander is DHS Hurricane 3 NEO. This rubber, with the huge amount of gear, forces me to use proper technique. It has made me a better player. I tend to play very aggresive on forehand and make up for viscaria's lack of speed with technique and arm power. However, at the same time, i can step back and chop with this rubber: the blade and the gear of the DHS rubber generates both the good placement and great spin for a defensive chop. On other offensive rubbers, this usually isn't possible, as it just catapults off. As for backhand, i play a drive and rely on placement to win points. Here, TENERGY 64 helps me keep solid pace and viscaria helps keep it controlled and placed well. If i had used the 1.9mm thickness for the viscaria, i would be able to chop as well. Unfortunately, the T64 2.1mm does not chop well at all, catapulting the ball everywhere. Tenergy also has less gears.

Overall, this set up bests most of the fastest paddles out there, because of how it makes up for it in extreme control. It's like i can't miss!
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 External Review on September 6, 2014
It is not Necessary until you reach 2000+points because you won't get the full control .dont get confused because people write good control most of the players are armature players with pro equipment go for an all wood that is similar
Update 1.11.14
I know wet back to viscaria because my infinity vps v broke so I decided to pick a new viscaria up at the World Cup and I bought a 81 gramms one.I had one that was 90 gramms but it didn't have good control so I thought I should get a lighter one so for non international you should look for one under 85 gramms
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 External Review on June 6, 2014
I posted a review on this blade here:
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 External Review on April 14, 2015
pro: koto top plies allow for soft touch shots, inner plies allow for speeds > ALC
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 External Review on April 12, 2015
Compared Viscaria to my Timo Boll Spirit. Viscaria has slightly larger FL handle and was 3 gr. heavier. More direct feeling with a pinch more stiffness and power. Looping close to table sent the ball longer than TBS. so stroke adjustment is needed. Very suitable for mid distance looping and hitting. Good touch for the short game pushing and chopping. Blocking on BH was brilliant with Viscaria. I felt TBS was better for looping mid and close to table while Viscaria was better further away from table Counter hits where very fast with Viscaria. A bit head heavy with Tenergy rubbers. A great blade for mid and advanced players. These are getting easier to find now.
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