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Butterfly Rozena

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High Performance Rubber Rozena Developed in the Pursuit of 'Tolerance'

• Rozena employs the rose-dyed Spring Sponge technology as its name suggests
• The newly developed top sheet utilizes High Tension technology
• With sufficient power, Rozena helps compensate for subtle racket angles and directional swing errors, creating a sense of stability
• A rubber of high tolerance!
• Rozena, improves your play through ‘forgiveness’ and is recommended for players aiming for the top

Class: High-Tension Pimples-in
Surface: Pips-In
Style: High Tension Pimples-in Rubber

Speed: 130
Spin: 108
Hardness: 35

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  • Rozena table tennis rubber is highly controllable and versatile, performing well in various aspects such as serving, flicking serves, topspinning pushes, and blocking. It's a great choice for intermediate players looking to improve their game.
  • The rubber is less sensitive to incoming spin, making it more forgiving and easier to use in short games. It provides a good balance of speed and spin, making it an excellent choice for players who utilize blocking, control, and placement.
  • Rozena rubber is lighter than most modern rubbers, making it comfortable to use. It's also reasonably priced, making it a great choice for players on a budget. It's particularly effective when used with medium-speed solid wood blades.


  • Some players found the rubber too fast and hard to control when used with a super fast carbon blade. It may not be suitable for casual players due to its speed.
  • The rubber's performance tends to decline quickly as it wears down, particularly in terms of spin. This may require frequent replacement, which could be a disadvantage for some players.
  • While Rozena rubber is good for developing players, it may not be the best choice for highly skilled players who rely heavily on spin. It's also noted to be less spin-sensitive and spin-producing compared to other rubbers, which could be a drawback for some players.

Reviews of Butterfly Rozena (69)

I love my new rubber. This is my 1st custom paddle.
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Detail: Use on both sides with a Clipper WRB FL.
Recommended for beginners and intermediates, it's very easy to spin the ball with it, I've been using it for two months and it hasn't lost any quality, despite it being fragile, so any knock can take out a little piece. It's a slow rubber of mine, it's not recommended for adventurers, I'm going to change the Clipper this week for a Fan Zhendong Alc, maybe now it will be more suitable, but with my current configuration it's very difficult to make even powerful shots, some semi-pros use it in back, but forehand is only for beginners, like me (I've been training for 11 months), I'll only change it when I feel safe.
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I used the Rozena on same blade I used both the Nitakku Fastarc G1 and the DHS hurricane 3 Neo.
even if they all where same price(rozena is more expensive than both, DHS super cheap at 25$) I would still place the rozena at the bottom.
The 2 other rubbers simply are better in all ways. better control. speed. spin. overall feel etc.
Even if your a beginner I still wouldn't use it as the control is still better on the other rubbers. Its as simple as that. There are better rubbers for all level players out there for this price.
For those interested I prefer the Nitakku over the DHS.
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I am an pretty good armature player. I used Xiom Omega 3 and 4 Euro for few years. I liked the soft gripy top sheet that let me generate spin easily. Can't say the same thing with Rozena. It's top sheet is harder. I need to impart more pressure to make the ball sink into the top sheet. Since it is tensor top sheet, the ball is repelled quickly hence the dwell time is less than what I would like. Control is also less than Xiom rubber. I would learn to use it and few months later change back to Omega VII Euro.
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Good speed and control.
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