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17 Reviews for Butterfly Timo Boll CAF

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Im amazed how different the same blade and rubbers can feel on a good day vs. bad day. Im also amazed how easy it is to blame the equipment on some of our own flaws in the game. This makes it SO hard to actually give an accurate review unless you played for over 15 years and really know your self. There are too many beginners in here giving conflicting feedback on otherwise good equipment.
This blade is great if your amateur level. Pro's wouldnt use this. Its too slow. Not aggressive enough. Amateurs is NOT beginners. They can play hard and fast rallies. This blade can easily do this. Even against carbon blades. Some of my best match wins was with this blade. It can do it all and I feel in control. I can feel the ball. My opponent use this blade too and I often dont see the ball coming. Its that fast. Will I keep the blade? sure.... but I am also using the Donic original carbon blade. Same price. Its faster. And I think my technique has evolved enough for me to feel I can control it just as well as this blade.... somewhat. Im still using this against certain opponents and get better results with it than with the carbon blade as it sometimes go way too fast for me. still.
now I am thinking that its price is the weakest point. There are a LOT of good blades out there for this price. I havent tried any of them but I spend a lot of time reading these reviews and it seems to me the chances of finding an all wood blade similar or better than this is a high probability. I bought this not knowing the market very well long ago. I tried my friends blades for short periods of time over the years and im convinced your money can go a LONG way for a 100$ blade.
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Very nice blade.
It has great control, especially forhand loops are very consistent. Great control also in the passive game, very easy to block with. Speed is alright, definitely not a slow blade by any means, but not the fastest either. It has very good spin. It feels a bit hard on the short touches but has a awesome dwell time when looping.
I started training 3 times a week a year ago, so I'm not that advanced now but looking to improve as fast as I can. I think for that purpose its the right blade, thats why my coach said I should buy it. Fun fact : first training session I won against a player a league above me that I've never won against before. So all in all, great blade for intermediate offensive players.
Joola rhyzen cmd on both sides by the way.
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This blade is special. And excellent when paired with rubbers with sufficient dwell time.

Its construction is 3W+2C (that is, not a typical 5W+2C) and the central ply is thicker compared to other blades of the same overall thickness. It means the blade is relatively stiff with higher catapult, shorter dwell time and low throw angle. The overall speed is similar to other Butterfly ALC blades but CAF differs in these other features. That's why people either love it or hate it. I use it with Tenergy 80FX on BH and Rakza Z on FH and I like it a lot. I was unable to play with it when paired with Dignics 05 and even Tenergy 80 as the dwell time was too short. The blade has great touch and no vibration when playing over the table, and enough gears (and admittedly, some vibrations) when looping hard. It is great for hard spinny FH loops down the line as the blade combined with a hybrid rubber make these shots fast and low. It has nice control and is fast enough for close to the table attacking. It requires rather compact strokes and not hitting late so it is not for those who play from mid-distance or far from the table.
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This one has the worst of both worlds carbon and all wood. Vibration, lack of speed and not great feeling of spin. If you can afford it, get a good inner fibre ALC blade instead.
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The blade must be very inconsistent in characteristics. I bought the blade after reading the glowing reviews here and noting some negative ones which I thought were suspicious but it turns out they were probably truthful as well. My impression of the blade is it is quite unforgiving for something that is supposed to be "may the best control in the market" according to Boll. My TB CAF blade has very little dwell, does not have the large sweet spot of composite fibre blades or as much vibration damping. It is as people say, sort of a hybrid between all wood and composite blades but in my opinion combines their worse characteristics instead of their best. It is Butterfly attempt at producing a blade that cost less than your regular ALC type blades to manufacture but still charge over $100 for it. The Garaydia ZLC which I bought at the same time, albeit at little over 2X the price has so much better control, is so much easier to play with and is such an excellent blade that I would consider it worth the money even though it is a BTY blade which normally means they are too expensive for what you get relative to the market.
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This is fantastic blade. Awesome control, strong spin and decent speed. Very lightweight. Very comfortable play on all distances and aspects of the game. Paired it with dignics 09c on both sides. Previous setup was japan primorac and rakza z on both sides. Timo Boll CAF gives me more control, more speed/spin and quality/accuracy of shots from first training session with my coach. Blocking is effortless. Considering price and quality of this blade ill give it 10 of 10. Perfect way for transition from all-wood to more modern style. Its kinda weird that this beauty has such low rating at revspin.
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Forget it. Don't waste ur money. No power, no spin. If you just start playing table tennis may be it is suitable for you. But there are lots of better blade out there with cheaper price
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I bought this blade by accident because the shop where I'm living do not have the blade that I supposed to buy :) Firstly, I'd so disappointed: It's soft, speed is so slow, like no sound when hitting the ball...i lost many points....However, after 2 weeks, I have found the strength of this blade and change my style of play. This blade is for looping, spin play with and controlling is so so good. This blade for short game. Last week, I won the game with the guy I used to loose. Paired it with FH RakzaZ, BH Rakza7 is the best for me. Cheap but good!
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Paired the blade with Tenergy 25-FX (2.1). The weight of the blade when combining the rubber and side tape is 189 grams. Gives you the speed as needed with good control and the blocking is exceptional. Ball placement comes easy with nice touch and feel. When hitting hard the wood fiber kicks in. Very nice blade with it's own character (kinda special) and fun to play with. Handle fits very nice in hand. Very nice looking blade and would highly recommend.
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THE WORST BUTTERFLY BLADE. Ive tried the viscaria and recently the lin gao yuan alc, both of which are high quality blades possesing speed and control, the timo boll CAF has vibrations and has a grain wood like feel on the handle, furthermore the blade has little to no feeling when brushing the ball. STAY AWAY
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This is honestly the worst blade I have ever touched in my life. It vibrates so much therefore making it annoying to play with. It is extremely light and the head as well as wings are extremely small allowing a small sweetspot. I highly recommend buying the Butterfly Viscaria blade or the Lin Gaoyuan ALC even though the are a bit more expensive the Timo Boll CAF is nothing compared to these two blades.
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I changed from Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5. New Timo Boll CAF feels great. Very good speed, awesome spin and much better control.
With Rasanter R42 in FH was fast, but with Yasaka Rakza 9 is faster, with great spin and control.
BH with Rozena is very good, but with Tibhar MX-S is superb. A lethal weapon. MX-S is a bit heavier, but it worthwhile.
In one word, terrific blade. You should try it. You'll love it, and with a fair price.
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Absolute best blade. Super control and feeling due to the CAF fibre but with speed of a fast carbon blade. Amazing looping backspin and countering low balls. Works best with hard rubbers I use Andro Rasanter R47 and the arc is nice perfect height to cause problems for an opponent. Good price as well, especially for butterfly. Worth every penny!!
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For me, the CAF has better control at the same speed as the Timo Boll ALC. PS: The straight handle of the CAF is a dream (for people with slightly smaller hands :-) I love it
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Recommend it to players who wants more controll: and also cheap price for butterfly blade its worth the money
blocking is effortless. Good in spin and loop. Fast in flat balls. Not to crisp on sound because its a combination of Carbon and all wood blade.
For me harder sponge is best on this
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Initially it has a more muted feel - mix between all wood and carbon. Its like a mix between Mizutani Jun ZLC, Stiga Nostalgic Allround and a Timo Boll ALC. Awesome feel when looping. Very crisp and with awesome dwell time. When hitting slow, the blade feels more woody, when looping faster, it feels more like a carbon blade but with more feel than a carbon blade).
This blade has so many gears. Speed on fast loops is awesome and more than fast enough to loop winners and over power opponents.
Control is excellent. Very easy to loop with. Lifting back spin is a breeze and looping medium and low height balls is so easy. You can absolutely return everything. It is not very spin sensitive which adds greatly to its control. Blocking is almost effortless. Short game is just so good, you can really do what you want with this blade!!
Looping is awesome. A dream looping blade. Fast loops are very fast and powerful. Lots of touch. Great Spin variation in looping. Lifting backspin is so easy with this blade.
Not very spin sensitive at all. You can generate lots of spin to use against your opponents but their spin doesn't really affect you.
Blocking is effortless on this blade. Arc is very good (but this is based on using T05 of course).
Has excellent deep hold, one of it's strongest features. Really helps when looping, especially when top spinning low balls (and backspin balls).
Sweet spot is really really good. Feels very large almost like an ALC blade.
Incredible short game considering the speed of the blade.
This blade I feel is a mid-way blade between an allwood blade and a full on carbon blade (such as the Timo Boll ALC and Viscaria). It has looping and attacking strengths of a carbon blade (higher speed, power, spin, large sweet spot) but has some of the strengths of an all wood blade (more control, touch, more feel, low spin sensitivity, better short game). I think this blade could be perfect for medium to advanced amateur players who are not pro level).
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Overall, best racket I've used so far. You may think it's a big risk to buy this without many reviews however, if you do decide to take the risk this blade will definitely make you satisfied. But if you play table tennis and you want good sound don't buy this racket. But overall I strongly believe that this blade is most definitely worth the money.
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