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Beijing Sanwei Sporting Goods, LTD, also known as “Sanwei”, opened their doors in China back in 1993. It has just been in the last twenty years they adopted an approach of continuous development and innovation for their table tennis equipment.

Their primary products are blades, rubbers and balls. They have become renowned for their “Carbon Blade” expertise and utilize the latest CNC manufacturing equipment to turn out high quality blades as well as produce blades with a very high degree of consistency. They also employ the latest research and development for their rubber products specifically targeted at the new plastic ball the ITTF recently approved.

To nicely round out the blade and rubber product line they have also applied their expertise to ball manufacturing using the latest ball material called ABS. ABS balls are more round than many other plastic balls, have greater durability, have a bounce that is nearly equivalent to the original cellulose balls and are less expensive to make.

Take a look at our Sanwei products. Great equipment at a great price!


Sanwei Target National
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Sanwei Gear Hyper
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Sanwei Target 90
Sanwei Target Pro Blue
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Sanwei Ultraspin T88
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Sanwei Pro V5
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Sanwei Fextra
Sanwei Pro F3
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Sanwei Multilayer W
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Sanwei TS7
Sanwei Feather Carbon
Sanwei HC Speed Light
Sanwei V1
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Sanwei LD Light
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Sanwei ABS 1-Star Training balls - Pack of 100
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Sanwei ABS 1-Star Training balls - Pack of 500
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Sanwei ABS PRO 3-Star balls - Pack of 6
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Sanwei TS7 Racket
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