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Sanwei Paramid

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• Para-aramid carbon fiber, ALC-like performance
• Provides softer feeling and more control
• State-of-the-art technology combined with traditional classic structure

Paramid is the best carbon fiber ping pong blade that is optimized from Sanwei's classic blade F3 Pro. The thickness of the core was reduced and carbon sheet adjusted to balance the weight, but not lose speed.

Para-aramid carbon fiber is used in Paramid, which is the best carbon fiber ping pong blade. Although it looks similar to the ALC, the Para-aramid fiber carbon can give you a more comfortable feeling. You can feel the blade as a part of your body while you hit the ball. It can also feel like you have total control. The Paramid was designed for high level players. It combines state-of-the-art technology with a classic, mature structure.

Speed: Off+
Structure: 5-ply wood and 2-carbon
Thickness: 5.9mm
Reaction: 120
Control: 120
Vibration: 95
Impact: Mid
Weight: 94g

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Reviews of Sanwei Paramid (5)

got more than enough for the budget...
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I am slowly moving from the Sanwei V5 Pro to this blade. I was never a big fan of carbon blades to begin with but even tho this is still faster than my V5 Pro I just like the feel this has. The blade feels very flexy, and I can tell there is a bigger sweet spot now. It seems to have a different throw angle from my V5 Pro as well probably because the V5 has the harder outer surface while this is a softer outter surface with the hardness coming from the carbon on the inside. I recommend this for more advance players but it is a very well made blade for a great price.
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Andro R47 FH/BH

Been playing a year and some months. Going from pre made Joola infinity overdrive to this set up.

Serves are more spiny and low over the net with this set up. Receiving serves I can push back more aggressively with more control.

Looping has become easier for me since I switched to this. Although this set up was very fast at first, I find that now that I’m getting used to it and understanding the blades reaction I have more control than with the Joola IO which has pretty good control in its own right.

Drives and smashes are a breeze / Backhand top spin are always potential winners.

Still a lot to learn as for as Table tennis goes, but I’ve never felt this comfortable and connected with a blade / set up like this since I’ve been playing.

I’ve also played with Ma Lin extra offensive with Mark V on BH and Rakza 7 on the FH. I loved this set up , but switched to the premade Joola because I liked the heavier feel and control.

By far this blade with andro R47 and both sides has been the best for me and is helping me perfect my technique.
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So far this is one of the best budget blades in the market that can go toe to toe with Viscaria or Innerforce type of blade. At a lower price, it can definitely do everything those high end blades can offer even at higher levels of play. This is the blade to watch out for this year. I would recommend it especially for technical players and loopers who rely mostly on heavy spin coupled with fast and powerful speed while not sacrificing control in every shots they make.
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Weight: 82 grams, Plies: 5 wood + 2 Carbon Aramid layers, Thickness: 5.66mm, Speed: Off+.

This is the blade that will replace the F3 Pro. This has a better feel, more comfortable handle and excellent ball feed back feel. It is the best Sanwei blade of 2020. Ayous outer plies with inner Carbon Aramid composite layers. It has the best characteristics for looping, loo-driving, smashing and blocking. This is the best bang for the buck blade.
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