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Sanwei Target National

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Our notes:
• Uncut weight is approximately 63 grams.
• Very tacky topsheet similar to both Hurricane 3 and Haifu Whale 2 rubbers. Topsheet is softer than Hurricane 3 on top of a hard and lively sponge.
• Faster than the commercial DHS Hurricane 3 with the same level of spin.
• For most Chinese rubbers, the black sheet is tackier and the red sheet is harder. In the case of the National Target rubber, the red one is tackier and slower. The red version can be a good chopping rubber and it is very spinny. The black version can be a modern attacking forehand rubber because it is faster and less tacky. It feels like a euro-chinese hybrid rubber. Both are factory-tuned, but the tackiness of the red version makes it slower and it grips the ball more, so it is ideal for chopping. The red version has a high arc while the black version has a medium arc.

As an upgraded version of the Target rubber, the Sanwei Target National is a better choice for the new 40+ plastic ball. Thanks to the advanced production technique of covering the textured topsheet with an ultra-thin sticky rubber film, this rubber demonstrates both highly elastic performance and good spin effect. Combining these attributes with the cake sponge, the Target National offers strong and sustained power. The Target National has already been selected by many professional players all over the world.

Pips-In, sticky
Sponge: Blue Cake Sponge
Style: Forehand, loop/attack
Hardness: 39-40 degrees
VOC: n/a
Control: 120
Speed: 160
Spin: 140

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Reviews of Sanwei Target National (44)

Borracha muito boa para quem gosta de colocar muito Spin na mesa. Mas um Spin lento.
Primeira vez no gostei da borracha porque era muito lenta, mas aps um treino a borracha muda completamente para melhor.
Gostei dessa borracha, caso no me adaptei com battle 2 provincial vou voltar a esta
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Much better than I expected. Great spin and control. I like it on my forhand side.
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Hi, I am not writing a full review for STN. This rubber has already gained a lots of complements from many players, positive reviews are plenty available in the Internet. I just wanted to add some information for people who is thinking of giving this rubber a try.
Re-gluing. This rubber does not like re-gluing. Please be advised that only H40 sponge can be confidently re-glued. When cleaning old glue from H40 sponge, the sponge may remain intact. Re-gluing H39 and especially 1.8mm is bad idea. Sponge is too soft, as the most of cake sponges. So, once you glue let it sit there for 90 hours then you decide what to do. If you are going to re-glue, then again be advised that this rubber curls inwards, so gluing it back is a pain in the bum.
Part 1:

Please be careful when choosing thickness and hardness. STN comes with a choice of three thickness - 1.8, 2.1 and MAX which is probably 2.2mm. On top of that the hardness can be 40 or 39. For some weird reason only a few shops accurately advertise specs. Over years I've seen no spec given or they sell MAX but it's no clear what hardness. Due to the heavy sponge, MAX with H40 will be very heavy... when cut to viscaria size shake hand grip the weight of the sheet will be 56 - 54g. This is very heavy. The most pleasant and predictable sheet of STN is 2.1mm H39 black. In this specification expect 50g when cut. This will be the sweet spot spec. Not too heavy, not too bouncy. My personal trick is that I glue STN leaving 3-4mm gap between rubber and handle. This allows to lower the weight (I like head heavy racket as everything is easier with it).

Many reviews claim that STN is tacky but for a short time. All you need to do is to wash your sweat after every training using one drop of liquid soap. The tack will come back, maybe even too much for some people.

Durability of top sheet. Over the years I have never been able to get more than 100 quality play hours from this rubber. 92 - 100 hours is a sweet spot. Then change.
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The first impressions of my first day with Target National are that it is a very good rubber, with good speed, awesome spin on topspin and serves. The short game is somewhat worse than Hurricane. And topspin versus backspin isn't as easy as hurricane. i each that target provincial blue is better for topspin vs backspin, i am not sure.
But the truth is that when you hit hard the ball picks up more speed and a beastly rotation. It's more tackyness than hurricane. We will have to wait for the tacky to disappear a bit, possibly it will play better. Nice rubber.
I dont know about the throw angle.
Ohh, drives perfect, control, speed and spin.
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It is a very stable rubber! I have used it on Viscaria and Flextra. It fits both carbon and all wood blades well. Shots are easy to land, well-paced amid a bit less spinny than Hurricane 3 Neo (H3N). The only drawback is that it is heavy! It comes in at 53g after cut which limits the choice of my backhand rubber. Otherwise, I prefer this rubber over H3N because of its speed and stability.
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