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Sanwei Target National

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Our notes:
• Uncut weight is approximately 63 grams.
• Very tacky topsheet similar to both Hurricane 3 and Haifu Whale 2 rubbers. Topsheet is softer than Hurricane 3 on top of a hard and lively sponge.
• Faster than the commercial DHS Hurricane 3 with the same level of spin.
• For most Chinese rubbers, the black sheet is tackier and the red sheet is harder. In the case of the National Target rubber, the red one is tackier and slower. The red version can be a good chopping rubber and it is very spinny. The black version can be a modern attacking forehand rubber because it is faster and less tacky. It feels like a euro-chinese hybrid rubber. Both are factory-tuned, but the tackiness of the red version makes it slower and it grips the ball more, so it is ideal for chopping. The red version has a high arc while the black version has a medium arc.

As an upgraded version of the Target rubber, the Sanwei Target National is a better choice for the new 40+ plastic ball. Thanks to the advanced production technique of covering the textured topsheet with an ultra-thin sticky rubber film, this rubber demonstrates both highly elastic performance and good spin effect. Combining these attributes with the cake sponge, the Target National offers strong and sustained power. The Target National has already been selected by many professional players all over the world.

Pips-In, sticky
Sponge: Blue Cake Sponge
Style: Forehand, loop/attack
Hardness: 39-40 degrees
VOC: n/a
Control: 120
Speed: 160
Spin: 140

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Reviews of Sanwei Target National (40)

It is a very stable rubber! I have used it on Viscaria and Flextra. It fits both carbon and all wood blades well. Shots are easy to land, well-paced amid a bit less spinny than Hurricane 3 Neo (H3N). The only drawback is that it is heavy! It comes in at 53g after cut which limits the choice of my backhand rubber. Otherwise, I prefer this rubber over H3N because of its speed and stability.
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Red, Max on a Yinhe Mercury Y-13 blade. This is after one training session and match training for three hours. Very tacky rubber. The sponge feels very hard. STN is clearly heavier than DHS H3N and very much heavier than Big Dipper. Brush looping has not the same effect as with Yinhe Big Dipper or DHS Hurricane/Skyline NEO rubbers. Perhaps a bit nicer in the short play because of the harder sponge. I feel the throw is quite low as well, and the speed is not near the previous mentioned rubbers, so it makes playing away from the table quite difficult. Hopefully it'll break in in a couple of sessions. I'll be back with more info. Weight cut, Max: 56g
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9.4/10 for OFF style. FH: Sanwei Target National, 2.05mm, 52g (0.253g/cm^2), 39.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: Yasaka Rising Dragon, 2.2mm, 50g (0.245g/cm^2), 47 degrees (ESN), 37 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Offensive Classic WRB, 75g, 158mm x 151mm x 5.3mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Hollow handle. Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Spruce - Ayous - Spruce - Limba.
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I've used the Hurricane 3 Neo, Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial, Hurricane 8, Nittaku Hurricane 3 Pro 3 Orange and a Yasaka Shining Dragon over the past few years. The Sanwei Target National is the rubber I prefer now. It's faster than the other Chinese rubbers without the need to boost. Throw angle is lower than the Hurricanes.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I tried my friends Sanwei Target National. All I can say is that is has good spin and speed. when new it feels dead and not very bouncy but after break-in and reglue the rubber became lively and actually quite fast for a chinese tacky rubber it has a medium throw angle lower than that of the Hurricane 3 Neo. I would rate is spin as about at the level of the H3N. I think that sanwei used a lower strength glue to stivk the topsheet to the sponge because the topsheet is easy to separate from the sponge I dont know if it is because we used speed glue but nevertheless I recommend using water-based glue
Review helpful?    Yes | No

STN is a Hurricane 3 Neo with lower throw and a more lively sponge. Like a boosted Hurricane 3 Provincial, blue sponge. It is tacky out of the pack but the tackiness goes away fast. It remains very grippy and spinny. Almost as spinny as Hurricane 3 Neo and Hurricane 8. The sponge feels hard in the short game but once activated produces higher speeds than the previous two rubbers without compromise on control. It has the most linear behaviour I have come across. The more power you put the higher the speed you get with very smooth transition between gears. The throw is a bit lower than H3N and H8 which makes it perfect for countering close and far away from the table. The last two features make STN a great rubber. My opponents think they hit a loop-kill winner and then they are surprised to see me attacking it instead of just blocking it. It is a physically demanding rubber for high level play based on power and footwork. It is for intermediate and advanced players who practice regularly, with solid technique, footwork and timing. On the other hand, H3N and H8 are slower, not bouncy at all, harder, easier to operate, all around rubbers. So, it comes down to your level and game style.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very good training rubber or if you like slower controlled looping. Really easy to pick up balls with heavy backspin. Good control and can get nice spin on topspin to topspin rallies. Serves feel good with the tacky surface. Not quite the level of dhs tacky but pretty good. After playing with it for a good few month I found it lack speed, the spin was there loop was there just not enough punch to get finishing shots. Found myself in longer rallies and favoring topspin to topspin. Everything was a touch soft for me to a point that it felt mushy at times. Blocking is nice with good control. It's market as tacky on hard cake sponge and most people say it's an alternative to h3 lightly boost. Eh kind of, Chinese rubbers are way harder and stn will give you a weird tacky not quite hard feel. It wont change your stroke that much if you're coming from tensor but its is much slower and needs to be brushed to get good use out of it. If you're going for a fun or rubber go for it. I had load of fun rallying and mid distance counter looping back and forth. But again it just lacks a bit more speed.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very nice rubber at an accessible price. The blue sponge is hard but not rock hard for an aggressive forehand loop. The loop is easier for me now with this rubber because of the hard yet surprisingly springy sponge! The topsheet is also suitable for forehand moves because it's thin and tacky. Very tacky! I can lift the ball from the table with this. This is the ideal Euro-Chinese blend rubber I've always wanted. It's important to wipe this often. I haven't used it enough to judge it's durability, but so far even with repeated cleanings, the rubber is as sticky as when I got it. The control in the close game and the power far away from the table, it's all very good! Overall, my pushes, loops, and blocks are all done with better confidence, speed, and spin than before. I will keep getting this one!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Using BLK Max, Quite heavy. Very spinny, has good control and works for offensive strategy mixed players and not all out power players (no Ma Longs with this rubber). Great service and receive capabilities. Easier to open up backspin over other chinese rubbers Ive used. Great looking blue sponge.
Negative things to say - topsheef started peeling away after 7 months but kept spinning and doing its job. Still works as a trainer rubber for newbies I teach or as a spare in case the world burns down. Works well for DEF to OFF - players best. Overall, a well balanced chinese runner that does more brush type style than power looping.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I am very happy with Sanwei target national. Finally find this rubber which is suitable for my style. I am fast Penhold attacker and play very aggressive closed to table and like to loop far from table. STN is very spinny rubber with good control. You can play where you want. Perfect for smashing and looping. Excellent for serving. You must see the spin of Opponent Otw could be disaster. No catapult thats why I would recommend only for forehand. It’s not the fastest rubber but faster than other classic Chinese rubber (for example dhs skyline 3 neo). You need your own force. You can generate a huge mount of spin if you hit the ball well. I play this rubber on my Stiga carbonado 245. must play on Carbon blade otw could be to slow on a wood blade. You must try it if you like Chinese rubber!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Best choice if you like chinese boosted rubber. Very happy that i finally find this rubber which is suitable for my style (penholder). You can generate a lot of spin. Easy to control. No catapult therefore good for FH. Perfect for smashing and looping far away from table. Dangerous seevice. It needs experience to read the spin of Opponents service otw could be a Disaster. Lets see how the durability is after few months. Overall my best rubber so far.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Are you searching for a boosted and a bit softer H3? Well look no more, because here is your lucky saviour the Sanwei Target National. Just to be clear I play with Euro/Jap attacking rubbers, so when judging speed I will compare it to euro rubbers. This is a slowish rubber, I could hit a loop with my full power and I was not able to do a longshot. It has a speed similar to a Bluefire M3. Which is not enough if you pair it with an OFF-/OFF blade. I noticed that my balls are not that spinny like with an M1 or a Palio AK47 RED or even an M3. Only fine brush loops gave huge spins, but there were not enough power in those shots. While playing with this rubber was very fun, it is very consistent, I was able to perform all my techniques I find it a bit lacking in aggressiveness. So if you are an all out cannon do not buy this. If you like to play with your spins and placements or if you are a hobby player I would recommend this. Very easy to use and also fun.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Ratings for 2.05mm. Very similar to hurricane 3, a bit faster.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

does its job
Review helpful?    Yes | No

The rubber is good for my FH and has good control and spin. It is pretty durable as well
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I have used both Sanwei Target National and Moon Pro for a few years. Both black forehand (medium sponge MP) and both max sponge. In my opinion MP has a slightly harder & better quality sponge and topsheet with slightly more speed and spin... STN has a little more control. MP comes factory boosted, STN is not. One nice feature of MP is the factory glue sheet that is already attached to the sponge, so you only need to apply glue the the blade not the sponge. MP boosts better than STN but the life of both can be extended by boosting. These rubbers give what you put in, so both speed and spin potential is brought out by the player. I have used both on double inverted attacking setup and long pips backhand defensive twiddling style setup. All stokes work well, forehand chop takes some work but can be highly effective. Both are excellent Chinese rubbers rubbers available for under $25usd.
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Great spin and power. The first real tenergy 05 substitute for me.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Sticky and fast but Hurricane feels better
Review helpful?    Yes | No

spinny rubber
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Hey everybody. I have read all the comments about Sanwai Target National, before buying this product and I have to admit that I was very glad when I heard that that rubber is very sticky. I waited impatiently but after 30 minutes I was completely disappointed. Sticky effect disappeared TOTALY. Pay attention to those who buy and hope they will have a sticky rubber.
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