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Sanwei Target National

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Sanwei Target National Detailed Review

As an upgraded version of the Target rubber, the Sanwei Target National is a better choice for the new 40+ plastic ball. Thanks to the advanced production technique of covering the textured topsheet with an ultra-thin sticky rubber film, this rubber demonstrates both highly elastic performance and good spin effect. Combining these attributes with the cake sponge, the Target National offers strong and sustained power. The Target National has already been selected by many professional players all over the world.

Pips-In, sticky
Sponge: Blue Cake Sponge
Style: Forehand, loop/attack
Hardness: 39-40 degrees
VOC: n/a
Control: 120
Speed: 160
Spin: 140

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Reviews of Sanwei Target National (49)

Fast and Spinny, but not quite as tacky as some other Chinese rubbers. Can't talk about how long it lasts but will update down the road. For now I will be keeping this on my FH and maybe look for another rubber for my BH. Used with a Sanwei Pro V5.
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Lots of spin, control, speed, and gears! I love it!
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Extremely difficult to use. It has a very low trajectory which makes it very hard to loop underspin.

Its very very tacky, and i think that makes it hard to control.

Its fairly bouncy for Chinese rubber, and its somewhat tensor like. But it has almost no arc. Also its not very hard, maybe 47 esn.

Very disappointed with this.
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This is the typical Chinese rubber. I use it to improve my technique. I recommend it one hundred percent.
A lot of spin and fun moments try it!!!!!
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Very tacky rubber, and very hard sponge. Topsheet is soft, and grabs the ball really well in all types of shots. The tackyness of the rubber fades in the first session of training, but the rubber keeps very grippy, and the ball does not slip off at all dispite the lack of tackyness. After the session, if you clean the rubber using only water and a sponge, the tackyness will come back (that's the way I did it and it worked). This rubber is very controled in short game, I would say slow. In passive shots, it is very slow, but when you start to activate the ball, it starts to show its speed. This rubber is very fast if you use the correct tecnique on your full stroke, and the amount of spin it generates is just insane. I woutdn't say it is a hard rubber to play with, because it is very controlable and slow on low force strokes. But, in order to use the full potential of this rubber, you need to have a good tecnique, and good footwork to always be in a good position to make active strokes. Overall, it is a very linear rubber, you will have to do the work. The throw angle is lower than nittaku fastarc g1, but not by much. Serves are very VERY spinny, and blocking fast attacks is easy.
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