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Sanwei Target National

by Sanwei · Part of Rubber Sale
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Our notes:
• Uncut weight is approx. 63 grams
• Very tacky topsheet similar to both Hurricane 3 and Haifu Whale 2 rubbers. Topsheet is softer than Hurricane 3 on top of a hard and lively sponge.
• Faster than the commercial DHS Hurricane 3 with the same level of spin.
• For most Chinese rubbers, the black one is the tackier one and the red is the harder one. In the case of the National Target rubber, the red one is tackier and slower. The red version can be a good chopping rubber and is a very spinny rubber. The black version can be a modern attacking forehand rubber because it is less tackier and faster. It feels like a euro-chinese rubber hybrid rubber. Both are factory-tuned but the tackiness of the red version makes it slower and grips the ball more so it is ideal for chopping. The red version has high arc while the black version has medium arc. Uncut weight is 63 grams.

As the upgraded version of model Target, the Target National is a better choice for 40+ new plastic ball. Thanks to the advanced production technique, covering the unsmooth topsheet with ultrathin sticky rubber film, which helps to keep both high elastic performance and good spin effect; combining with cake sponge, offering sustained and strong power. The Target National has already been selected by many professional players all over the world.

Pips-In, sticky
Sponge: Blue Cake Sponge
Style: Forehand, loop/attack
Hardness: 39-40 degrees
VOC: n/a
Control: 120
Speed: 160
Spin: 140

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Reviews of Sanwei Target National (21)

 External Review for Sanwei Target National on September 11, 2018
Hey everybody. I have read all the comments about Sanwai Target National, before buying this product and I have to admit that I was very glad when I heard that that rubber is very sticky. I waited impatiently but after 30 minutes I was completely disappointed. Sticky effect disappeared TOTALY. Pay attention to those who buy and hope they will have a sticky rubber.
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 External Review for Sanwei Target National on August 24, 2018
Solid modern Chinese off rubber for 40+ ball. Medium high throw angle, tacky and a bit on the heavy side. Soft rubber and medium hard sponge. Glued on a Sanwei A9 it's a looping machine. Easy to control. Normal sensitive for incoming spin. And at last you can produce heavy spin over and behind the table.
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Review by brandonburtner (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Target National on July 30, 2018
This is the ultimate Chinese rubber. Hard, super fast, super spinny, and bizarrely affordable. If you are an aggressive player looking for a fast spinny rubber, look no further. Very low throw angle.
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 External Review for Sanwei Target National on July 27, 2018
Very good well balanced modern Chinese rubber. Soft topsheet and medium hard rubber. In short to short and over the table easy to play. Good for first offensive strike. You can feel how the ball dips in the soft tacky rubbber and the speed of medium hard sponge. Good job Sanwei.
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 External Review for Sanwei Target National on July 5, 2018
The rubber is similar to H8 away from the table. In short to short, chops, flicks and service the National Target works better. Good rubber. Keeps what advertising promises. Well done Sanwei.
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 External Review for Sanwei Target National on February 13, 2018
I used this for about 6 months and love it. I can smash very good with control and the spin and the consistent feel it has when returning my opponent shots make me laugh when there expression changes on there face. For me this rubber is great. I've read all the reviews of the users on here and I think they maybe selling this rubber a little short. I love this rubber!
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Review by zanelightning (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Target National on February 9, 2018
Very spinny. Serves can make people push balls of the long side of the table. Pushes can be extremely short at command, good touch. Very good at picking up backspin/chops. Can do extremely short backspin serves, forcing opponent to push. Great pick up for 3rd ball attacks. Extremely tacky, can lose tackiness during play but after cleaned, topsheet becomes tacky again. Topsheet is extremely durable, caught the rubber on a forehand loop on edge of table, did not tear or lose tackiness after cleaning. Mid to close reccomened, extra effort to punch ball,but it works, can do long distance looping as need.
Setup; Blade- Andro Treiber Q FH - Sanwei Target National Pro black 2.1 BH-BTY Rozena Rating - 1650 +-
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 External Review for Sanwei Target National on January 2, 2018
*Disclaimer* not a pro and do not possess overwhelming experience. I have been using the Target National for about six months on a Andro CSV+ (this is the blade I started out with and after almost two years I am upgrading to an Offensive blade). I feel like I can do anything I want with these rubbers. loop, flick, push, block, drive, and smash and well done too. Only problem I have is sometimes going over the table sightly (that is the frustrating part) however, that may be operator error. Although the surface marrs easily it does not seem to affect the performance. These rubbers are very durable and lasts forever it seems. I think I am going to buy a new pair to go with my new offensive blade.
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 External Review for Sanwei Target National on December 23, 2017
As a low level club player who prefers traditional chinese forehand rubber, i have been challenged by the classics like H3, always finding some variant like the Skyline series, or, when I am am playing smart, the Tinarcs. But that was before the plastic ball. STN is the best allround modern chinese classic. it has a tacky topsheet and a hard sponge, but is fast enough and dynamic with the plastic balls. it still does all of the things that a classic chinese sheet will do (block, chop, push, attack over the table) but adds a bit more punch on direct hitting and looping. occaisonal ball slips with a funny sound, but rare enough to be not a problem. topsheet will scuff easily and appear worn, but it plays well. this is the first non-boosted chinese forehand rubber i can use on my Yasaka Gatien Extra, and still feel like I have enough speed to end points.
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Review by icontek (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Target National on September 18, 2017
After it breaks in, it is pretty remarkable. Feels like a chinese rubber for short game, and then has a fast low arc when attacking. Probably lacks some of the devastating spin of a boosted H3; but it is VERY good. Even turns a 5 ply limba ALL+ blade into something that you can end points with speed over the table.
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 External Review for Sanwei Target National on August 19, 2017
I wanted to find a rubber that does not wear out in few months. I was playing with desto F3. And this rubber is by far more durable.

I have a quite strong forehand already and I was interested in trying a chinese style rubber to force my technique to evolve. It has the attribute of a chinese rubber in that the sheet is tacky and hard. At first, you really need to adapt a bit as top spins will only be consistent if your hip moves forward while your arm/leg/wrist gives spin. But then, the top spins get an incredible power, super low bounce and spin. I noticed also that the very first time of use the rubber is extremely hard and that tends to soften after 2-3 weeks playing it while your technique adapts in the meantime, which makes a bit more comfortable to play overall.

Blocking is generally easier as the rubber hardness and tackiness will absorb much of the speed. Actually, it gives the impression the rubber is quite slow. In the short game, the ball will not bounce off your paddle and you need to push a bit to be sure the ball does not land in the net. This rubber has actually lot of gears. If you attack or slap the ball, it'll go fast. After been used to my new set, I played with other players paddle using Tenergy 05 and I frankly do not see a difference in speed, but comparing with tensor(-like) rubbers: block is easier, attacks are somewhat spinnier, in fact, less efficient if you play with light top spin

I also tried a Hurricane 3 Neo in comparison. To me, it feels like you would get the same amount of spin as a H3Neo, but with more gears. So, it probably is closer to the H3 Provincial (which I briefly tried once), but that rubber has a much softer feeling.
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 External Review for Sanwei Target National on July 7, 2017
Typical Chinese sticky/tacky rubber with lots of spin and speed. But rubber is very very heavy. More heavier than H3Neo or H3-50. Almost similar weight as G888! For Chinese rubber it is pretty fast. Topsheet is very fragile. Gets marking even from shirt or towel. Medium throw angle maybe a little bit high. So speed and throw-angle makes very difficult to block effectively, block return too easy to punish. High quality spin on serve, push, chop, flick, loop, drive and even smashing is easy.
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 External Review for Sanwei Target National on July 5, 2017
Otima Borracha ! puxa muito ! ta puxando mas q uma tenergy 5 que um amigo tem ! otima para BH !

Great rubber! It pulls a lot It's tiring but a tenergy 5 that a friend has! Great for BH!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for Sanwei Target National on June 17, 2017
the rubber does everything it says. spins like my h3 neo provincial and commercial. speed is a bit faster than my h3 provincial, only cons i found on this rubber is its very heavy 56 grams cut. will try to play more and will update this thread.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by kelsgotdab1iky for Sanwei Target National on February 24, 2017
Blade: Donic Ovcharov Carbospeed
This rubber is very fast, no questioning that here. Although I noticed that the throw angle of the ball when I hit the ball. It is hard to hit a looping shot without forcing the contact and motion. Plus touch play is a bit more difficult as compared to playing with the Rasant Turbo and Powergrip rubbers on my old Andro build. Definitely this is for the more offense, "I'm going to win the point as fast as I can" players.
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Review by gld_king (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Target National on December 3, 2016
I put this on a Stiga Offensive Classic WRB, the result is just what I wanted. A spin monster with amazing level of control. I had played for 9 months with Tenergy 25 bh, tenergy 64 fh, on an Adidas Hypertouch after returning to the game after 45 yrs, and although a good combination did not fit with my older body (70 yrs). Your Spin can get better with age, so I decided try this. I really recommend this if you want spin with control on a good offensive wooden racket.
Peace and Be Well
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 External Review for Sanwei Target National on May 30, 2016
Played rubber 5 months. Blade: rosewood 5 nct.
Very sticky, slow and hard. This was the first 3 training. Then tack decreased, but increased speed and control. Now the tackiness was the same as DHS N3 NEO. National version is not a typical Chinese rubber like target provincial. It fast and sponge springy. Top sheet thick and hard. Softer and more elastic than DHS H3. This is not a tensor. Without booster rubber hard. A lot of speed and at the same time difficult to brush the ball. I use booster after month. It became easier to play.
I think that this rubber mostly for power loops then brushing vs block, vs loops. Not so good against underspin. This is closer to the traditional Chinese rubber then tensors and have a good speed. Also it is better to play with plastic ball.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by tholon7970 (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Target National on May 19, 2016
Tacky, mid throw.Medium hardness. Good for control. Spinny serves but have to brush well on strokes to lift chops or push if you are trying to topspin.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for Sanwei Target National on April 23, 2016
I wanted to rewrite a review on this rubber. I have played MANY rubbers in an attempt to find a solid Chinese brush loop rubber. Many like H3 or H2, but they were not for me. I ended up finally trying T05 because I found a barely used sheet cheap! After a few games, I could see what all the fuss was about. Spinniest on serves and loops, but control is some what an issue. However, it did not lift backspin balls as easy as I thought it would. Please don't think I'm knocking T05, im not. Hang in there... I noticed many of my balls going long, so I stopped and put this back on to get an immediate comparison... It's not coming back off! It's just soooooo good! The National sponge is EPIC. So much control over whatever shot I want to take. Blocks slightly better with T05 due to hardness, but not a problem at all. Short game easy to control. The rubber gives you what you tell it to do. Lifting loops is EASIER with this rubber. My vertical brush loop on 3rd ball was many times unreturnable. I am using it on a Jun Mitsutani clone blade, and it's perfect. Smashes are easy, fast, and controlled. Hitting is so easy. But this rubber is a loop drive monster, and spin attack machine. Serves are loaded. Maybe 10% less than T05.... Maayyyyybe? All in all, I'm blown away by this rubber, and many of my opponents were too :-). If you have, or wish to have a Chinese loop rubber, you're an idiot if you don't try this. I bought a sheet of H8, and it's good, slightly better control, but not NEAR as many gears as this rubber, and nowhere close to the spin. Impressive to say the least.
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Review by guest_2gs22cxt (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Target National on April 13, 2016
this is a new rubber for me,Very controllable and spinning power, when you need it. technique is the most important thing about table tennis,to bad it only comes in black? I WILL BE PURCHASING A SECOND BLADE and start taking lessons as soon as i recover from Neck Surgery. MEGASPIN YOUR THE BEST! THANK YOU CANNON GAVIN JR (A SUPER TABLE TENNIS FAN FOREVER)
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