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The Donic company opened its doors over 25 years ago and in that time has generated a brand name recognition known throughout the table tennis world. With combined efforts from renowned players like Jan-Ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson who have played with Donic equipment for years, the company has grown to be recognized as one of the top table tennis equipment makers in the world. Company success and recognition continues with Dima Ovtcharov currently one of the highest ranked non-Chinese players in the world.

This family owned business, located in Völklingen, Germany, was started by two brothers who played in the German Bundesliga. The company was founded on some very straight forward principles such as providing high quality products that use innovation in their design and manufacture. Success can be seen using technology and product designs resulting in concepts like “Formula Donic”, “Senso”, and “Dotec”. Part of this success is Donic’s drive to be first to bring new ideas and products to market.

Experience, innovation, quality and state of the art. Donic has just the right product for you!


Donic Bluefire M1
$49.95  $56.95
Donic Acuda S2
$48.95  $52.95
Donic Bluefire M3
$49.95  $56.95
Donic Acuda S1
$48.95  $52.95
Donic Acuda S3
$48.95  $52.95
Donic BlueStar A3
$61.95  $64.95
Donic Bluefire M2
$49.95  $56.95
Donic BlueStar A1
$61.95  $64.95
Donic BlueGrip C2
Donic Bluestorm Z1
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Donic Waldner Black Devil Carbon Balsa
$86.95  $89.95
Donic World Champion 89 - Waldner OFF
Donic Original Carbospeed
$74.95  $79.95
Donic Appelgren Allplay
$39.99  $42.99
Donic Burn OFF
$49.95  $59.95
Donic Defplay Senso V3
Donic Waldner Senso Carbon V1
Donic Original True Carbon
Donic Waldner Senso Carbon JO Shape Limited Edition
Donic Waldner JO Shape Limited Edition
$49.95  $69.95
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Donic Waldner Premium 30
Donic Waldner Classic 25
Best Seller
Donic Persson 25
Donic Delhi 25


Donic Formula Rubber Protection Film
$3.95  ($1.98/unit) $4.25


Donic Bioclean 125ml
Out of Stock


Donic Vario Clean Glue 500ml
$49.95  ($9.99/100ml)
Donic Glue Sheet
Donic Vario Clean Glue 37ml
Out of Stock
$11.95  ($32.30/100ml)
Donic Vario Clean Glue 90ml
Out of Stock
$18.95  ($21.06/100ml)

Side Tape

Donic Edge Tape - Small Roll - 12mm - 10 rackets