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Donic Appelgren Allplay

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Donic Appelgren Allplay is a highly sensitive Swedish Allround blade, suitable for all modern table tennis strategies where ball control is most important. It provides high acceleration reserves for a fast spin game.

Speed: 73
Control: 82
Weight: 81g
Ply: 5

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Reviews of Donic Appelgren Allplay (29)

This is the best choice for all beginners. Very low price, but I like it better than the butterfly primorac.
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It is a decent good blade .
I use it with Chinese rubbers .
Normaly I play with more expensive stuff but this one I use to play al little bit at my work place in the breaks.
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Along with the Stiga All Round Classic and Yasaka Sweden Classic, this is a solid and affordable all-round all-wood blade. It does everything well from loops, blocks, and pushes to chops and serves, and it is well balanced (tend to be around 80g, but can fin them lighter than that). It has good feeling, then, and it is more in the ALL+ category I would say (the Yasaka Sweden Classic is a little slower) and definitely has enough speed to end a point, especially if you pair it with Tensors. It has an abachi core and then layers of limba, so it's flexy and has quite a lot of vibration. Many people spend far too much money on equipment in search of the perfect combo, and many players below 1800 (US) and 1500 (UK) level would do well to just choose a do-it-all blade like this and enjoy the high consistency and forgiveness. If you want something slower and equally affordable, go for the Donic Defplay Senso and re-size it as the ayous wood in that makes it more forgiving and (even) more flexy. (Incidentally, I use long pips on one side of the Appelgren for chopping with either 1.3mm or 1.5mm sponge, and it can be quite lively, but the flexibility works well with the pips if you are primarily cutting the ball, in my opinion, and the ALL+ make up gives you more options on the inverted side than a DEF+ blade.)
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This is a good first blade. If you are starting to play then you should get an allround blade that has average speed. Avoid anything that is too fast or too slow because those blades make some strokes harder and some strokes easier. In the beginning you want to explore and learn all strokes. If you use high tension rubber on this blade then it will behave more like an offensive blade so I recommend avoiding high tension rubber in the beginning. High tension will make your shots faster, but they may come back just as fast and you may not be ready to make another good stroke. You should use DHS Hurricane 3, Yasaka Mark V or another high quality rubber without high tension. Such a setup is way better than most pre-made rackets for the same price. Once you master returning difficult services you can add high tension to your setup. If you are worried that you will be at a disadvantage by using such a setup then don't be. Most of the speed and spin comes from the player's ability, not their setup. You can generate high speed and spin using an allround blade with non-tensioned rubber. You just need to hit the ball harder and time your body, arm and wrist acceleration well.
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9.6/10 for ALL style. FH: Nittaku H2 Pro, 1.8mm, 45g (0.22g/cm^2), 42.5 degrees (Nittaku), 38 degrees (Shore A). BH: DHS H3, 1.8mm, 42g (0.207g/cm^2), 39 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Donic Appelgren Allplay, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 5.4mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Limba - Ayous - Limba - Limba.
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