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RITC Friendship Super 729 FX

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FRIENDSHIP "SUPER 729 FX" is one of the oldest Chinese rubber sheets. Super sticky rubber surface. Capable of generating strong spin. Excellent for consistent power players requiring more control. Orange sponge and better quality!

Speed: 90
Spin: 90
Control: 90

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Reviews of RITC Friendship Super 729 FX (68)

My overall rating is 8.5 because I think this deserves to be used as a training rubber. For this purpose, I can't think of a better option for the money.

Training rubbers should be cheap, consistent, durable, but with enough spin and control to develop good technique.

Case in point, when my work got a table over 2 years ago, I immediately organised 4 rackets for everyone to use, instead of the $5 jobs that came with the net.
I went with ALLround blades to keep it slow (I would otherwise recommend Off+ blades, no matter what, for Super FX), however, those who haven't played are still somehow surprised by the rebound.

The mildly tacky surface disappeared within months of office abuse and zero cleaning, which made virtually no difference given that we don't bother to brush loop that much in the office. However, there's more than enough mechanical grip to get the job done, even after 2 years, if you want...

With the slower blade, I have many people in my office enjoying the game, gaining in consistency, and even becoming decent players; there are even a few who have never played before enjoying themselves.

Yet, those of us who play regularly can still have lots of fun putting on a decent show for everyone (and there are no equipment-based excuses afterwards, either)!

Thus, I highly recommend this rubber as just about the best trainer for new players or kids, because it's virtually disposable at this price, yet has the playability necessary to build a strong foundation.

Final thoughts: firstly, don't underestimate the Super FX. Secondly, pair it with the fastest blade within your budget. Then, you can upgrade with better rubbers once your game develops (or your kids grow up and stop scraping the table).
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Excellent all around rubber. My only disappointment is its overall durability. However, at its price point, that is an easy issue to get over.
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Cheap, semi tacky rubber. Not a bad pick on bh, The tack accually dies after a year or two. Not even slight tack after that.
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Cheap. Worth the money, sort of like Hurricane 3 but slower and slightly less spin but with better control and slightly lower throw angle.
Costs 10 bucks at most, try it if you like harder tacky rubbers.
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A terrible rubber for attackers. It's super dead and completely non-tacky from the red sheet I got the black sheet may be different but I only used a red sheet. The throw angle is very low I like low throw rubbers but this particular rubber throwing effect is quite weak and the arc is quite flat. I recommend this rubber for choppers because the control is quite good, its not very sensitive to spin and the sponge is quite soft with no catapult effect. I don't recommend this rubber for any other playing style!
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