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31 Reviews for Donic Appelgren Allplay

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I like it. I had to change my tehnique a little bit trying this new blade. I like that it forces me to do the right movement otherwise it goes in the net. Speed is very good if you re the one making it. However when you block the shots if you dont move it a little by yourself it goes into the net, but i guess thats the deal with allwood blades. Pushing is easy, topspin or any kind of spin is very controllable. Im still getting used to it and its speed, I only played like 10 sets with it. Im happy with it, but I hope i adapt to this gamestyle where i need to make more effort into the shot, especially close to the table. Those low shots are hard to do if ur not going for a push, im still getting used to it. Playing far from the table isnt hard
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This is the best choice for all beginners. Very low price, but I like it better than the butterfly primorac.
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It is a decent good blade .
I use it with Chinese rubbers .
Normaly I play with more expensive stuff but this one I use to play al little bit at my work place in the breaks.
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Along with the Stiga All Round Classic and Yasaka Sweden Classic, this is a solid and affordable all-round all-wood blade. It does everything well from loops, blocks, and pushes to chops and serves, and it is well balanced (tend to be around 80g, but can fin them lighter than that). It has good feeling, then, and it is more in the ALL+ category I would say (the Yasaka Sweden Classic is a little slower) and definitely has enough speed to end a point, especially if you pair it with Tensors. It has an abachi core and then layers of limba, so it's flexy and has quite a lot of vibration. Many people spend far too much money on equipment in search of the perfect combo, and many players below 1800 (US) and 1500 (UK) level would do well to just choose a do-it-all blade like this and enjoy the high consistency and forgiveness. If you want something slower and equally affordable, go for the Donic Defplay Senso and re-size it as the ayous wood in that makes it more forgiving and (even) more flexy. (Incidentally, I use long pips on one side of the Appelgren for chopping with either 1.3mm or 1.5mm sponge, and it can be quite lively, but the flexibility works well with the pips if you are primarily cutting the ball, in my opinion, and the ALL+ make up gives you more options on the inverted side than a DEF+ blade.)
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This is a good first blade. If you are starting to play then you should get an allround blade that has average speed. Avoid anything that is too fast or too slow because those blades make some strokes harder and some strokes easier. In the beginning you want to explore and learn all strokes. If you use high tension rubber on this blade then it will behave more like an offensive blade so I recommend avoiding high tension rubber in the beginning. High tension will make your shots faster, but they may come back just as fast and you may not be ready to make another good stroke. You should use DHS Hurricane 3, Yasaka Mark V or another high quality rubber without high tension. Such a setup is way better than most pre-made rackets for the same price. Once you master returning difficult services you can add high tension to your setup. If you are worried that you will be at a disadvantage by using such a setup then don't be. Most of the speed and spin comes from the player's ability, not their setup. You can generate high speed and spin using an allround blade with non-tensioned rubber. You just need to hit the ball harder and time your body, arm and wrist acceleration well.
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9.6/10 for ALL style. FH: Nittaku H2 Pro, 1.8mm, 45g (0.22g/cm^2), 42.5 degrees (Nittaku), 38 degrees (Shore A). BH: DHS H3, 1.8mm, 42g (0.207g/cm^2), 39 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Donic Appelgren Allplay, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 5.4mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Limba - Ayous - Limba - Limba.
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Great blade for beginners, huge sweet spot makes the game enjoyable and the control let you improve really fast :)
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Plies: 5 (Wood)
- 2 * Limba 0.5mm
- 2 * Limba 0.6mm
- Ayous 3.2mm
Width: 157mm
Height: 150mm
Thickness: 5.4mm
Weight: 85g
Speed: 7.9
Dwell/Spin: 9.5
Control: 9.5
Stiffness: 2.4
Hardness: 5.2
Value: 9.8
Overall: 9.4
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I have recently changed from using more attacking blades (Infinity VPS, Boll ALC) to this to try and improve my consistency and help to develop my touch and spin game. Changing to this blade has already made a huge difference after only using it for around 6 weeks. My opening loops are now more consistent than they have every been with considerably more spin. The speed on this blade is not excellent, but more than sufficient for loop kills and loop drives. Control is a dream, making more controlled blocking and driving excellent when under pressure. All in all and excellent blade that I would say is suitable for beginners and advanced players looking to develop technique and not just rely on their blade for speed. For the price I can't imagine anything better!
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Ratings for 86g. I got this blade for my parents who play in their basement. Rubber is Palio Extreme Spin. This combination is easy to use. Excellent value. I got it with anatomic handle, which my mom likes, although I'm personally more used to flared. The materials are Limba outer, Limba 2nd and Ayous core.
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Have it in cpen. This blade is a killer with control with Andro Rasant PowerGrip 1.7or1.9 on fh and Nittaku Hammond Pro Beta 1.8 on backhand. The ball just goes where I want it. Pair with these rubbers and it'll surely be a delight. Setup feels like a controllable offense blade. Not too heavy either which was one thing I was worried about. Worth the money. If you're looking for a great first paddle get it. I like the pair with fast rubbers, but I've read it works great with mark v as well for beginner set up.
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A favor:
- Buen control
- Juego mixto tanto atrs como pegado a la mesa
- Recomendado para principiantes

En contra:
- Mango y agarre incmodos
- Falta feelin, cuesta un poco sentir el golpe
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Decent Blade. Here's a history of what I've used and how it compares.

Note the overlapping setups for blade/rubbers.

1. Donic Appelgren Allplay (Flared) with Butterfly Sriver and Yasaka Mark V
2. Donic Appelgren Allplay (Anatomic) with DHS Hurricane 2 and Flextra
3. Stiga Allaround Classic (Flared Master) with Butterfly Sriver and Yasaka Mark V
4. Donic Appelgren Allplay (Flared) with Yasaka Razkza 7 soft and Tibhar Nimbus Sound
5. Nittaku Latika (Flared) with Yasaka Rakza 7 soft and Tibhar Nimbus Sound

Donic Appelgren Allplay vs Stiga All Around Classic - I preferred the Stiga. My shots with the Stiga landed more on the table than the Donic. For control and looping, the Stiga was better. However, for flat hitting the Donic was definitely faster. The Donic also felt heavier despite it being rated as lighter than the Stiga. For feel of the handle, the Stiga was way better than the Donic and I think even better feel than the Nittaku (surprisingly)

Donic Appelgren Allplay vs Nittaku Latika. Sound of the rubber when paired with the Donic was better. The Nimbus Sound rubber makes a chirp when brushing and a click when flat hitting. This sound was more pronounced on the Donic. NOTE: I've only used the Latika for 2 weeks so far so I'm not sure if there's a breaking period needed.

The Latika seemed to 'respond' better than the Donic . Blocked shots would dwell a little longer on the Donic and shoot off the table. The Latika allowed me to direct the ball with a lower trajectory and more accurate aim. Loops with the Donic had better arc than the Latika.

Overall, I think the Donic Appelgren Allplay is a decent blade. When out of the box, the edges of the handle were still sharp so I had to sand it down a bit. For those learning to play, I would still recommend the Stiga All Around Classic because it has better control, better feeling handle, and forces you to use better mechanics.
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I'd have to place this blade on the ALL--- side. I found this blade to flex well, creating great spin and dwell, but it was just a little too slow for me. Loop drives became a high percentage shot for me while using this blade, but just required too much effort to achieve and rarely past my better opponents. I'm going to donate this blade to my 9 year old son and play with the Grubba for now.
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Huge surprise from Donic. I have come across it accidentaly. Everything is written earlier by these honourable gentlemen are confirmed totally. Extremely solid feeling, enough speed for attacking. Is is not as crazy fast as carbon blades but its speed is more than enough to kill the ball. The ballance is perfect, not head-heavy at all in spite of the fact that max rubbers are applied. The control is much more than you can imagine. New dimensions are risen on the horizon. Ridiculously low price because it is an old warrior and we are misled by the marketing gag. I bought it for ~20 bucks only. If Donic knew how great this blade is they would charge us much much much more. A bag of greenbacks if you ask me. I mean really. It is an excellent choice after Stiga Allround wood if you need more UMPH :-) I feel obliged to rethink my earlier comments and reviews :-/ I LUV it.
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Very good control blade. Yo can do all the strokes.
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Excellent all round blade but the Flared handle is fairly big so it wouldn't suit the missus. If one were looking for a more meaty blade than a Stiga All round this would suit. Works well with medium hard rubbers if you're looking for more performance.
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Blade with great control and not that slow as it looks like here...much depends on the rubbers, players abilities and preferences. It can be a beast if you know how to wake it up. Overall, one of the best blades on the market.
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I can only mirror what others have said about this blade. It is simply an all-time classic.

If you are learning the game or coming back from a long break, this is the perfect blade to develop all the strokes.

It is nice and flexy and feels absolutely solid and reliable, no matter whether you mainly chop, block, push, drive or loop.

I currently use mine as my back-up blade. It has Baracuda (2.0mm) on one side and Xiom Omega IV Elite (Max) on the other. This setup is completely versatile and reliable. I know that if the ball does not do what I want it to do, it is my fault and not the blade's!
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Definitely speed isn't best parameter of this blade but conrol and feel is.
Practically you can play it everything.
Good for beginers and all-around players.
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I have had this blade since i started playing in 1995! I have tried numerous other blades but this is the only one that has stayed with me. It is perfect for my style of play which is a modern allrounder with aggressive backhand and slow forehand loops. I honestly would not change this blade for anything.
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If you want an allround blade that can do it all, look no further, this is the one. Combined with Butterfly 64 it will be fast and the spin is just incredible! Easy to block and push with. What you put into it will come out, so it's up to your own technique. Highly recommended!
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Wow! Best blade I have so far. Great and i mean great control. Speed is more than adequate if you have the correct stroke and don't just rely on the blade for power. You can put a lot of spin, power and precision with this blade. It also helps that this blade has very good feel and feedback. The amount of vibrations is just right. This blade has put a lot of confidence in my strokes. I have a OSP vituoso off- that many players rave about in many TT forums but I think this blade is even better by a mile in every aspect than the vituoso off-. I think I have found the blade that is right for me.
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Excellent allround blade. Probably the best in that speed range I've ever tried. It offers an unique combination of speed, control and feel.

It is very a very good stepping stone for developing players and and a keeper for allrounders. A true classic. Taking into account its intended strategies, there are no real drawbacks.

The only thing that may upset someone is that the FL handle tends to be thinner and wider than most FLs, but this seems to be a Donic thing.

Although it is not the best fit for my aggressive style of play, I keep it with TG3/Sriver as one of my favorite spare blades.
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Very good AR blade - the ST handle is too chunky for me. but the FL is fine.
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I play Chinese pen style and I started out with a Hurricane Hao that was given to me pre-assembled with Hurricane 2 and Skyline 2. That was way too heavy (in absolute terms and in terms of weight distribution with the weight all on the head) and powerful for me but there aren't that many blades available in C Pen style that are light and all-wood and emphasize control over speed. This is one of them, and so far I haven't been disappointed. I use Yasaka New Era on forehand and Donic Vario Big Slam on backhand. This setup seems to have liberated me: I can hit pretty hard on the forehand without going off the table, and I can get heavy spin on the backhand with out too much speed, again helping me to keep the ball on the table. No doubt if I used something a bit less aggressive than New Era (which Yasaka have stopped making) I'd have even better control on the forehand.

I'm just an advanced beginner, and don't know lots of different blades, so I don't suggest that anyone put too much weight on my opinion. But for what it's worth, I agree with gtlug that it's difficult to go wrong with this one. And if you're starting with C Pen style this ticks all the boxes: light, and enough control to help you master RPB.

Note that the C Pen version is claimed to weigh 74g at Jasupo website.
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This blade is one of the best you can find, if you want to be able to do everything with a blade. You can play very offensive with it, also very defensive, all strokes are very controllable with it. Blocking makes fun with it, you can exactly decide how fast the ball should be.

my recommendation:
not only for beginners but also for the typical allrounders andmodern defenders. For attackers this could be too slow though
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Excellent blade for developing players. Great control and feel. There are better blades for more advances players, but this is a good one for developing technique and consistency. Developing players can start off with this blade and slow rubber, then just change rubber as they develop rather than changing the entire racket.
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Good blade for beginners.
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Exceptionnal Allround blade, this one is a can't go wrong. Not really fast, but enough speed to allow you to make any shots. Gives you a lot of control, I developped a really good "relationship" with my old one.
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