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36 Reviews for RITC 729 729-5

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  • The table tennis rubber is brilliant for blocking, with almost every shot getting back on the table. It also produces a lot of spin, making it excellent for serves.
  • The rubber is slightly tacky, which aids in spin production. It also has a high throw angle and is hard, making it good for blocking.
  • The rubber has a good lifespan, maintaining its tackiness and performance with regular cleaning. It is also suitable for both backhand and forehand play.


  • The rubber loses its tackiness and spin as it ages, reducing its overall performance. It also has a medium to heavy weight.
  • The rubber is not suitable for forehand chopping due to its speed. It also requires proper technique to generate a lot of spin.
  • The rubber's control is lacking, making it difficult to manage for some players. It also has a low sensitivity to spin and lacks in spin production.

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It's harder than anything I've ever used and certainly takes some getting used too, nice speed nice spin. I would say if you like hard rubber you'll like this!
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Excelent rubber
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9.4/10 for ALL style. FH/BH: Friendship/729 729-5, 1.9mm, 43g (0.21g/cm^2), 45 degrees (729), 36.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Energy Wood, 82g, 158mm x 151mm x 5.3mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Limba.
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Speed: 8.4
Spin (European Style): 8.8
Control: 9
Weight: 45g in 2.2 (0.223g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 35
Gears: 3.4
Throw: 2.9
Fast Loop: 9
Slow Loop: 9.1
Counter Loop: 9.1
Touch: 8.7
Block: 9.4
Smash: 8.8
Slice/Chop: 9.1
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 8.9
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.9/2.0/2.2
Durability: 4.5
Value: 8.6
Overall: 8.9
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Good n cheap.
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I had this on my FH for awhile. It was pretty good when new but now it just doesn't have any life left. The spin and throw really went down as it lost all of its slight tack and it aged. I still have it around as a spare sheet. Weight is 47 g in black 2.2(max), so medium-heavy, and about 66 g uncut.
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I have this 729-5 rubber (red,max,BH) mounted in a Galaxy Y-4 with a Haifu Whale III - training (black,max,FH) on the other side. It's a spare training racket for me.

The 729-5 is indeed a low-tacky and medium-low throw rubber. The only positive aspect is control, it has low sensivity to spin (and also lacks producing spin, obviously). The speed is acceptable.

In fact I think I would have to change very much my BH strokes to play with this rubber, what I'm not prepared to do and so I'll switch it for another one soon. It is a rubber for beginners and intermediate players fond of BH control.

In summary, the only "strange" Friendship-729 inverted rubber I've found so far. By seeing the first comments done in 2009 I wonder if the materials or chemical process used in its fabrication have changed (I think there are not fakes of this rubber :-) )
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This rubber is actually best for backhand due to its medium sponge, slight tackiness & medium to medium low throw. You also need to hit the ball with a heavy contact for this rubber to generate a shattering spin. The speed is 7.5 out of 10 but the control is 8.5. Blocking with this rubber is not that good compare to 729 faster.
If you're looking for a low-priced backhand rubber with a good potential & enough gears, try this one.
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This rubber is very fast but with not much spin as compared to the H2 which has incredible spin. It's medium I think it's more suitable for driver than looper due to lack little bit in spin category
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Very good rubber fot it's price! I have it on Palio TT blade and it's quite faster but with a lot of control on blocks and short play. Amazing on flat hitting and with a good spin when brush the ball proper. Opponents complains over the hardish feel of the incoming ball of this setup. It's not so spin sensitive. Very cheap and good rubber.
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I think this rubber is slow. I disagree with the speed shown here. For me 6.5-7 of speed. It´s somewhat less tacky than others Friendship, but still is a tacky rubber. Control and spin is very high.

This rubber is perfect for me combinedd with Galaxy T-11 blade (is very fast).

I dont know the speed values of Friendship rubbers. In my opinion they are all much slower than the ratings here show.
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If you want something like Sriver or Mark V but for far less money, this is it. Mr. average or even above average (speed). Does everything really good but does not excel at anything. Pair it with quality blade and you have yourself a serious racket for advanced amateur or minor league competitor. Numbers from community for this rubber are pumped up (no way it is 9,9,9 in 3 mayor categories) bur nice rubber nevertheless.
Update: this rubber is much better for backhand than forehand. Forehand loop is not easy to play with 729-5
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Hardness Black 42 / Red 45. Weight seems medium-heavy.

Rubber is very slightly tacky when new. The ball will only stick to it slightly. The amount of spin reduces quite quickly with use so after only about 10 hours of use it is very reduced. Although the sponge is medium-hard, the rubber feels quite soft.

Quite fast and spin is good but less than tacky rubbers. Also a good level of control.

Throw angle I found to be medium-high.

Blocking was OK, but lacked som bounce due to the harder sponge.

Pushing and chop serves were OK for control but spin was not heavy due to lack of tacky surface. Still good compared to most rubbers though.

Attacking felt good with this rubber with good pace and control. Spin could have been heavier with tackier rubber, but a very good rubber for the price. It played more like a medium sponge than medium-hard or hard. Feels quite heavy.

My ratings:
Speed: 8.4; Spin: 8.0; Control: 8.7
Tackiness: Slightly tacky; Throw Angle: Medium
Weight: Medium-heavy; Sponge Harness: Medium-hard; Gear: Above average gears
Durability: Lasts longer than average; Consistency: Always identical
Overall: 8.4
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Top speed rubber with a good price
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Amazing rubber for the price.
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Currently using it on my backhand. Its brilliant for blocking, almost every shot gets back on the table.

Its fairly fast I would say, 8-9/10. Produces a lot of spin so excellent for serves. Control is kind of lacking for me...

Its slightly tacky, but still produces plenty of spin. Throw angle is pretty high like all Chinese rubbers. Its also hard hence the reason its good for blocking.

Edit: 4 months now and rubber is still slightly tacky with regular cleaning with a damp cloth after play. It still playing like new, I think it would also be good on the forehand.
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This rubber is wonderful, when compared with BTY Sriver.
Low cost and high performance.
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I personally like the rubber for the control it offers me. It is a fantastic rubber for the price and it runs a lot faster than most of the other 729 rubbers
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Very nice rubber considering low price. Much better than you would expect for 14$. Not too fast, not slow, good spin, nice medium throw angle. Looping - great, flat hitting - ok. Blocking - very good. Chopping - not so great. Very good allround rubber for amateur players.
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I prefere in fh than bh in my galaxy t-11. Great combo but need good technique and training because is bery fast.
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It has very high price/performance ratio. The quality is good as German product.
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It's a beautiful rubber, but does it perform? I'd say much better than Gambler Wraith and 729 Cream Transcend, only a little better than Focus III Snipe, and not as fast as Gambler Outlaw.
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good rubber, mainly quality price, seemed to ritc 729 oem red, a little but fast and less control. it lasts enough as he is habitual in the Friendship. , tried in black rubber of 1.9 mms of thickness and in reverse, straight to use heavy sponge but, of 2.00 to 2,2mms better.
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Really nice rubber. Have it on same blade as Quattro and see that 729-5 is slightly faster and definitely spins better. Control is very nice. Can't go wrong with this rubber, BH or FH.
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This is very soft & easy rubber with sticky surface, and also very slow. When I bought it I, suprised me it's control and spins on the table. During time tackiness decrease-which is normal for 8-euros chinese rubber. I recomend it to players who like playing nearby table and which points are lost when ball goes for about 10cm over the table.
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ok rubber .not too fast ok control .its average rubber ,not specAL IN anything
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s a beautiful rubber, very fast, very spinny and very light
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Hard elastic sponge, very similar to 729-2 New Sensor. I prefer the 729-2, control and flat hitting is better than 729-5.
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The fastest 729 rubber that I have used. Very controllable on loops from close to mid table. Gives a medium throw angle but that depends on the speed the ball is comming at you.
I have it on a Yinhe MC-1 Off blade,
Can generate a lot of spin if your technique is right, Not really a FH chopping rubber and certainly not a BH rubber either, to fast!
At £5 a sheet off ebay great on the wallet to. So far I have had 2 sheets of this as had my father.
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This rubber is the best rubber you can get for its price. It suits me just fine when i play in tournaments. The control is great and the speed is fast. This rubber is great for someone who doesn't like hard sponges
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This rubber is great for my smashing technique and it has great control. if it had more tackiness and a harder sponge, it would easily be up there with killerspin's fortissimo
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I found this faster than the 729-08. Comparing it side-by-side the 729-5 had a higher throw and was definitely faster on flat hitting; loop speed was probably about the same.
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The 729-5 is a good, hard european style rubber. It is good for hitting because of its hard topsheet and sponge. It is good for looping but only if you have enough power to dig deep into the sponge. The short game is good because it isn't super bouncy. Serving was just okay because it wasn't that tacky. Overall, it was a nice rubber, but it doesn't suit me that well.
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Great for loopers. Haven't tried out speed glue but I'm guessing this is what it's like. I think it has the same sponge as Faster III. Feels very springy. Whenever you hit the ball it felt like the whole topsheet caved in. Over the table play is very easy.
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Not as tacky as previous 729 variations, but noticably faster. Definitely not a glue-effect rubber, but still much faster than the traditional 729FX type stuff.

Has an interesting "crystal" effect on the top sheet. Shiny stuff aside, it performs really well over the table for blocking and driving. Nice feel for a hard-ish sponge.
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This is a nice rubber that plays well at the table and off the table. Certainly more control than european glue effect rubbers. It can chop with control as well. Right now it fits my game better than all other 729 inverted rubbers.
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