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RITC Friendship 729 FX (Blue Sponge)

Only option available:
Black 2.2


The Super Friendship 729FX rubber characteristics are virtually unsurpassed in all aspects. Its strongest impact resilience coupled with superb frictional coefficient provides a fast drive, powerful spin, and great control in all kinds of strokes. This product is manufactured in Black only.

Speed: 92
Spin: 92
Control: 90

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Reviews of RITC Friendship 729 FX (Blue Sponge) (10)

Cheap and good rubber. It works shine with fast blades.
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Using on BH 1.8mm (FH is Xiom Vega Asia 1.8). Im a rookie playing 3 times a week for almost 2 years, using an OFF+ Bty Garaydia T5000. I've tested many expensive rubbers in 2.0 and Max (Xiom Vega's & Omega's Pro, Euro, Tour, DHS Skyline 3-60, Nittaku Hurricane Pro III, etc).
It was a big surprise that this hard and cheap rubber that a friend gave me in the club performs so well, and Im not using any special glue or any "boost". Even far from table I have a good BH "punch" and enough spin to attack (remember my blade is OFF+) but also good control to chop. In the table, good control and block and also short game is very good. The "not so good" is the quality of my service that decreased in the sidespin effects. Overall, a big positive surprise and I will keep using it because the rubber "boosted" my trust ;)
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one of the most perfect classical chinese rubber. really hard sponge very low throw angle, perfect spin if you brush the ball .last so long time if you clean after every training. heavy rubber please consider this. blocks are just perfect .is has many gears. percect for 3rd ball attack. normal version less tacky and softer but not much differences between them. really cheap buy and try it if you like classical chinese rubbers
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Excellent begginer rubber! My daughter has this rubber and it works perfectly for her learning. I do not find it as spinny (which I think is good for learning) or heavy as some people do. You can do any stroke with it and it does the stroke well and does not cause a beginner to hesitate to hit the ball, BUT you can still win matches with it at low lvls. I WOULD NEVER recomend it for higher lvl players in tourniment use, but might be the best beginner training rubber you can ask for.
One small thing against it for beginner is I think it is better forehand rubber and I like beginner to use the same rubber on both sides.
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Tacky, decent on forehand, spinny enough. Not too fast. Easy to control. Great for cheap forehand rubber. Got on 2.0 sponge thickness. I wouldn't recommend in any less thickness unless you know you like thinner sponges. Would work great for a beginner rubber since it can put some spin on the ball and it's cheap. Table tennis 11 for like 10 US dollars
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