Yasaka Mark V

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Was one of the first rubber blending natural and synthetic rubbers. It is more than 2 decades that this rubber has been a strong weapon in world class championship play with its dynamic speed and spin.

Speed: 90
Spin: 90
Control: 78

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Reviews of Yasaka Mark V (121)

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Review by little89 (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Mark V on August 4, 2017
I'm new to custom paddles and buying my own rubbers. I bought this to help cut down on my power a little bit, and this does that while still maintaining good spon
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Review by primorac49 for Yasaka Mark V on April 30, 2017
I am an intermediate player with 40+ years of tournament experience. I have played with everything over the decades and can say with supreme confidence Mark V is The Rubber to choose if you don't train on a regular basis. Some people say it is slow and not spinny in this age of tensors and composite blades. This is a false assumption. If you execute proper technique this rubber delivers brilliantly. Beginners choose a thinner sponge for control on a medium speed blade. For intermediate level players choose 2.0 or max thickness. Want superb loops and great speed?..glue a new max thickness Mark V three times on OFF class blade and you will have a gift from the gods. Advanced player can stick with the expensive tensors, for the rest of us players who want superb control, fast speed and great spin (with thicker sponge) Mark V reigns supreme. You will not find a better quality rubber in it's price range. 5 Stars.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V on April 22, 2017
I had this as my rubber when I was still learning my strokes, no regrets :)
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Review by sarmaddawood (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Mark V on March 21, 2017
Great spin, control and power is balanced between spin and control so it is just perfect for intermediate players.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V on March 9, 2017
I've used Yasaka Mark V both sides on a Butterfly Jonyer H blade, about 10 years ago as my first custom TT racket. The combination absolutely knocked my socks off and took my game several notches up. After a 9 year break, I'm returning to the game and naturally, I took the refuge of the ever-dependable Yasaka Mark V rubbers with a new Neottec Revolution blade that my friend handed to me. I can clearly see improvement in my game day by day. The combination is working wonderfully for me. Some of my old shots are returning after all those years, and I am able to learn a new range of strokes from my coach. I can confidently say that Yasaka Mark V can do whatever you ask of it, if you have the skills and mastery over a range of strokes. Sometimes even I can't believe that I can play some shots until I have played them with this rubber. The perfect plan for me is to pair it with an all-round / all-round+ blade and to learn and master stroke by stroke under a good coach. That would be a very strong foundation for a solid all-round game for any aspiring TT player. Many thousands before me would have said it. And now, I am saying this. Yasaka Mark V is pure TT awesomeness!
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V on January 23, 2017
The problem most table tennis players have is they feel they need to find the most reactive and tensored rubber out there to get the fastest play for their game. What they don't realize is all these "catapult effect" rubbers are extremely non linear and difficult to control without tons of coaching. If you are a player who has taken hardily any lessons from coaches and looking for a stable rubber that is easy to feel this is the best choice for you. This rubber is not going to lie to you and it will give you the shot you give it. If you're opponent blasts a rocket at you and you want to counter it aggressively you can feel assured that this rubber isn't going to launch the ball into oblivion. This rubber gets a lot of harsh criticism for being slow and it is indeed slower to the tensored junk that quickly puts people into a plateaued rating level, but it's because the speed of the ball is solely dependent on the stroke you place on the ball. If you hit hard it will go hard and if you hit soft it will go soft. period. You will climb the rating level with this rubber if you continue to use it, and you will learn how to finally feel the ball. This rubber is not just for beginner and intermediate levels but I know many advanced players as well who use this rubber pretty offensively and know the secrets behind what this powerful rubber bestows. Mark V is the only rubber out there that has feelings for you and wants you to get better, so you should reciprocate Mark V's generosity and give him a shot on your blade.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V on January 22, 2017
A really good rubber to learn (and thus, to continue improving your skill) table tennis! Using it on my BH side, with a lot of practice, RPB is quite easy, with correct technique especially in the back-swing moment, the amount of spin generated is great! For passive blocking it is just fine. The only thing it lacks is... speed. If you are a speed oriented player, you'll like another rubber with bigger catapult effect... Even though it is a classic rubber (from SG era) it is still worth to buy, worth to play with!
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V on January 7, 2017
This rubber is only for intermediate players. It has low throw angle. It has medium spin and speed. It has tons of control. It is very light in weight. If you are advance player don't buy this. The people buy because it is pocket friendly. It has some durability issues. It looks worn after 20 to 30 hours of play. Spin gets low after some time. Buy it if you are an intermediate player who is going to make its first customize racket and finding a cheap rubber.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V on January 6, 2017
Mark V is not slow,I used to think it is a beginners rubber....but as you develop your shows you more gears...I can hit spin shots that spin sideways 2-3 feet.Also it is fast enough with great control. It excels at close to table play with great touch for the short game as well as looping, hitting and quick counters.Very consistent.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V on December 9, 2016
I started table tennis 3 months ago and bought this rubber as a beginner, learning equipment for an allround style. I started to feel a bit slow quite early on but it was really great to learn how to spin at the beginning. I know that this rubber is widely used by recreational players who are rejoining to this lovely sport and I can also recommend this for newcomers. Not an offensive rubber, nothing fancy but does the job well with no question.
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