Butterfly Sriver

Butterfly Sriver
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SRIVER the most successful Butterfly Rubber since it's introduction in 1967. More than 20 World and 70 European Champions have won their titles with Sriver. The combination of the hard and spinney rubber on the surface with a medium hard and flexible sponge makes SRIVER the natural choice for all round attacking players. It's consistency proves it is the all time winner.

Speed: 100
Spin: 80
Control: 82
Density: 38
Reglue Effect: High

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Reviews of Butterfly Sriver (61)

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 External Review on November 5, 2013
Back in a day, in early 90s when i was starting out this was the rubber to have.

Living in a small town i had no access to any other rubber but this. Sriver was my TT family basically. There was no internet to buy from China :).

For a 4th grader this was as cool as it gonna get in TT. When i would get a new sheet from my parents i thought i was the king of the world!!! Well since we were not the richest family i was king of the world maybe once per year or so :).

Many years have passed since 90s and i dont see myself using Sriver anymore but this rubber still holds special place in my heart.

Rubber has no weak areas of play. Solid all around rubber at this time of age.

Bizarrely expensive 25$-30$ per sheet for a dinosaur of a rubber.

I would not recommend this rubber to anybody anymore. Many say it is one of the best beginners rubbers but i think there are many better (yasaka Zap Bio, Palio CJ 8000 Bio and so on) for the fraction of the price. I do understand that "new" rubbers like Zap or CJ have better performance then Sriver but so do "new" beginners then beginners in my time.

Have fun playing TT and be happy :).
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 External Review on September 6, 2009
Butterfly's best selling rubber worldwide. Fast with control. Very balanced top sheet that reacts well to spin. This rubber shines in countering and offers good ball feedback due to the 38deg. sponge. Not the fastest or spinniest by Butterfly but the most balanced for allround-offense. Great for all levels of players. Very easy to change the speed and spin so has many gears. An all time great rubber.
Update: Having tried some high performance tensors I tried Sriver MAX on a Donic OFF carbon blade. I am a 1600 level player with hundreds of tournaments under my belt. Don't believe Sriver is performs brilliantly. It has very good speed and spin but the main factor is it's outstanding control at high speed exchanges. Loops are like an eagle coming in for the kill. Low throw with lots of spin. My opponents ask if I'm using T05! When I show them my racket they can't believe it. Don't buy high priced tensors unless you are a pro. It's still the number 1 selling rubber in the world for a reason even in this age of tensors or glue effect rubbers. For some that think unglued Sriver is to slow put it on an OFF+ carbon blade and experience a lot of speed with control, something that is lacking in many tensor or glue effect rubbers.
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 External Review on May 18, 2014
If compare to mark v mv is much better on all aspects. Time and evolution has ended the reign of these rubbers, although still very good for intermediate players and the likes.
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 External Review on December 7, 2009
tenergy is much more powerful and spinny. you should think about changing to tenergy unless you are a beginner. sriver is a great rubber for beginners.
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 External Review on March 7, 2014
It is a good old rubber with fantastic control. I changed my BH from Yasaka Mark V to Sriver and got immediate result. I was able to block better with it. Recommended for those who want a rubber with good control but also want to open from BH side.
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 External Review on May 1, 2013
I had it as Forehand since i was a kid(sriver s)great for developing topspins variations.then recently used as Bh for 2 years(sriver l),good control also on 2.1 mm last for sriver s red still can generate spin after 15 years!!
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 External Review on November 11, 2012
Fast, consistant and reliable rubber! A must have in BH for off players
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 External Review on November 3, 2012
This is a very good rubber that has been used by players for ages. It has great spin and speed. I use it 2.1 mm on both sides of my Primorac. Get this rubber, you won't regret it.
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 External Review on August 5, 2012
Can't go wrong with Sriver! Very versatile and good for practicing.
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 External Review on July 10, 2012
A perfect classic for allround players and begginers. Lacks in power for the ban glue era, but their spin, control and quality are still very good. The main problem is the price! You can get a better rubber from XIOM (Vega Pro/Omega4 Pro) or Stiga almost for the same money. If Butterfly put that rubber to 15 bucks I would recomended for a entry rubber for any begginer or Allround Player. If you are a offensive player this rubber dosen't have the power you need.
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