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Blade With European Speed

• Butterfly's overall best-selling shakehand blade.
• The Primorac's African wood allows the ball to stay on the racket longer providing good feel and control.
• The Primorac is an excellent all-round offensive blade.

Class: OFF-
Style: Attack
Plies: 5W
Thickness: 5.5mm
Made in: Japan

Head Size: 157x150mm
Flared Handle Size: 100x25mm

Weight: 88g
Reaction: 97
Vibration: 76

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FAQ: Does Megaspin sell Japan-made Butterfly blades?

Some Butterfly blades like Korbel and Grubba are produced in factories both in Europe and in Japan, so they exist in 2 variants. When a Japanese blade has a Europe-made version, we always carry the Japanese variant. Other blades like Butterfly Timo Boll Offensive are only made in China so we cannot carry a Japanese variant of these blades.

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Reviews of Butterfly Primorac (55)

 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on May 18, 2020
9.3/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Palio CJ8000 Biotech 42-44, 2.2mm, 47g (0.229g/cm^2), 39.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Butterfly Primorac, 86g, 157mm x 150mm x 5.7mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Limba - Ayous - Limba - Limba.
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 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on July 2, 2019
Hi! I played TT a couple of years with just friends at work. 4 months ago started to play in a TT club with Butterfly Petr Korbel balde with Tenergy 05FX. Just too much in fact for my leven. So I have moved to a made in Japan Primorac blade+ butterfly roundell hardware FH and butterfly Roundell soft for Backhand. This is a nice and controllable blade, only a bit slow for my play. Can someone give a few nice allround rubbers or Offensive+ rubbers for Primorac?
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Review by rryant (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Primorac on June 6, 2019
Quality blade with a nice feel to it, good blade for players that are trying to get better.
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 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on March 31, 2019
I like this blade. It does not seem to excel at anything at first, but it is just very versatile. I would say its speed is at the lower end of OFF. It seems to me slightly stiffer than other blades of similar speed that I have played with recently enough to remember (Yasaka Extra and Stiga Allround Evolution) but it is not stiff per se. The feeling/feedback is not as strong/intense as from those other blades, but is clean and pleasant. I'd describe the feeling as medium (not as soft as one might expect!) and relatively solid. One thing that surprised me was that despite a mass of 89g it felt lighter in hand than many lighter blades: it is extremely well balanced. The quality of my Japan-made version is also top notch. One thing I didn't enjoy as much was quite a bit of vibration, especially noticeable with harder rubbers.
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 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on March 17, 2019
This is the perfect blade for any level beginner. I wish someone had told me about it before wasting money on all sorts of crap. The quality is fantastic, the finish is great, the weight perfect. It is no slouch but easy to master.

On a visit to Paris I went into the tiny Friendship Sport and asked for "the perfect bat for a serious beginner". The guy in there made me a Primorac with Tenergy 05's on both sides, which at the time for me seemed like total overkill. However, as I went home and tried out the setup I was immediately in love. With this setup I went seamlessly to Viscaria with the same rubbers. I am not sure I need the speed of Viscaria but I can interchange between the two with no problem. My Primorac with T05's weighs 186g.

A few of my fellow serious beginner colleagues have now picked up the Primorac as well (with Hurricane III neos) and are progressing equally rapidly.
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 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on March 5, 2019
I used the Chinese-style version of this blade for about 3 years when I was learning penhold. It's perfect for looping from close or mid distance and it's thin and light enough to add a backhand rubber for RPB. After the most recent ball change, I think it might be a little too slow for anything other than an all-around game. Highly recommended to beginning players who want to develop their loop.
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Review by slambooy (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Primorac on April 13, 2018
Great paddle. Nice Spin and reaction off the paddle
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 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on February 28, 2018
My first racket. It seems I came across a good batch, because it's high quality made even though Hungarian and not Japanese. It's the best selling Butterfly blade for a reason - very well balanced - it's 90g but not top heavy, very comfortable handle, good control, good speed, feeling is pleasing. Cheaper than most other 5-ply all wood blades but also better than most of them. I've heard they went down in quality post 2015. Mine is 15 years old and a keeper. I would say it is the best blade to begin with and reach intermediate level.
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 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on January 3, 2018
My first serious blade.
Very good touch and not too fast, something like ALL+ or OFF- but can go faster if paired with fast tensor rubbers.
This is a very well built 5 ply all wood blade and it is perfect for new, intermediate and advanced players that favour control over speed.
The handle is confortable and I used the flared version for many years. Even after many years and the ocasional hits on the table the blade is still in perfect condition. Needs to be sealed to prevent chips of wood coming off when changing rubbers.
An absolute classic by Butterfly.
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 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on April 28, 2017
First impressions are that butterfly have a cash cow in this blade. Quality of top ply wood is average for a Chinese blade less than half its price. Not as the earlier models in quality and finish but I guess those are more comparable to the current Hadrow range of wooden blades. After 3 month's use I have come to appreciate why it is so popular: its speed, touch and handling is just right for most situations. Most intermediate players would benefit from abandoning the super stiff and fast carbon bandwagon and try one of these classic limba limba ayous all wood combos.
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Review by anand_1965 (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Primorac on February 26, 2017
Excellent blade must possess
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Review by hungry_cow (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Primorac on May 5, 2016
Great do everything blade
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 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on April 26, 2016
Great control, average/high speed, great touch for short game. Goes well with fast tensor rubbers
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 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on January 12, 2016
Great blade does everything solid, one of the best all wood blades. Mine was a little heavy for me at 95g
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Review by allanedpao (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Primorac on June 16, 2015
I give the primorac 5 stars all the way. It is a great control blade that can still be used for attacking with powerful loops and drives depending on your rubbers. Additionally, it also has great touch whenever I need to play defensive by either chopping, pushing, and blocking. The primorac performs very well, and it is my go to blade when playing at the clubs. I put Razka X on my FH and Razka 7 soft on my backhand, which provides me with enough spin and speed to beat most of my intermediate competitors. In my opinion, this is a great blade for all levels of players from beginners, intermediates, and even semi-pros. Get this a great blade to refine your TT techniques and beating your opposition in matches.
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 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on May 30, 2015
on market there are hungarian copies of this blade , they are different from original...but good enough for beginers..
as a beginer i played with joola k5 - primorac feels little bit stiffer, but thats in average category, and i had oportunity to use primorac in combination with sriver fx and with brice fx.. brice was to bouncy for me in that moment... its great for begginers, most of the beginers use primorac, in combinations with yasaka mark v, with rakza 7 soft, even sriver fx . for short game its great, ibut if you whant to win with topspins u will be in problem, against good blokers..
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Review by danielschufler for Butterfly Primorac on November 18, 2014
very controllable, have the enought speed for beginners and intermediate players, for pros need fast rubbers, but primorac is for develop your skills and then you will play with a blade little bit faster!!! best wood paddle for me!!!! great piece of butterfly
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by juanmanuelcalderonaldana for Butterfly Primorac on November 16, 2014
great control
great speed whith fast rubbers
great for beginners -intermediate-pros
amazing to develop your skills!!!
for sure a BEST SELLER, NO DOUBT!!!
don´t think, just buy it, there is no more on the market!!!!
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Review by hops4080 for Butterfly Primorac on November 15, 2014
This is an amazing blade, grrat fell, control, design whith a enought speed,/this is dor beginners and even pros!
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 External Review for Butterfly Primorac on November 10, 2014
this blade it´s a best seller, and i tried so is real any description from this blade, the olda one and the new one are very amazing blades for beginners and intermediate players. you don´t get wronq with Primorac!!!!
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