Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive

by Yasaka

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Also available in Chinese Penhold Version

MA LIN EXTRA OFFENSIVE is developed from the succesful Yasaka OFFENSIVE blade, but even faster, keeping light weight with good speed and a large sweet spot.

The center veneer is a little bit thicker and harder, which gives additional power.

The surface is lacquered by the factory to improve speed and durability.

Speed: 90
Control: 74
Ply: 5
Weight: 86g

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Reviews of Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive (47)

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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on February 27, 2017
King of control. Very balanced blade. Large sweet spot. Good in everything but exceed in control. Soft and flex blade, so easy to drive and spin. The only blade that I felt redress Skyline Neo TG3 weakness in control, giving it many gears. But if you want speed, you will need a very fast rubber, like Donic Blue P1 Turbo. Even with P1 turbo control is there.
Rewiew for CP JTTA version. Mine has 91gr, so it's heavy. Good for smash, but has not the same feeling and power for smash like 1 ply hinoki.
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Review by malvascory144 (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on February 23, 2017
Great blade
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on December 30, 2016
Mine is 87g pairing with Rakza 9 & 7 soft, I think this a very good all wood offensive blade with a reasonable price, if you are an offensive minded style of play, get use to it with this blade before upgrading with more speedy & less control blade. After all this the legendary YEO blade.. a must have blade ^^
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Review by supaflyqtpie (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on December 28, 2016
Solid 5 ply wood blade. This is on the stiffer/harder side of the spectrum for a wood blade, so the bounce is quicker because of less dwell, and overall speed is a good (for 5 ply wood). Decent loops and good counter hitting, but it loses power with distance away from table, so looping mid distance takes more effort. Very good paired with modern medium/medium-hard rubbers.
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on October 25, 2016
My blade of choice at the moment. I have a JTTA approved version. The straight handle is just perfect for my large hands. The blade feels solid without unwanted vibrations. Stroke feedback is very good, speed and control are well balanced and can be tuned by choice of rubber. Highly recommended for intermediate level.
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on September 15, 2016
Good blade. Despite being hard it has a lot of flex. Many of gears too, slow on touch strokes but explosive on swinging harder. Sweet spot is big, but the feeling of sweet spot is not as distinct as in most composite blades due to the vibrations that follow after hitting the ball. Vibrations are more pronounced with the new plastic ball. This makes it unsuitable for consistent hitting, however, looping is a dream. Overall, very nice blade. I use JTTAA version, don't know how the regular version plays.
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Review by nelsonnoronha123 for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on September 7, 2016
Am using Raja 7 on both sides 1st it was difficult to understand all my shots going out of the table ,as I was using xiom straito off++ before,one has to get used to it,it is slow but needs an effort on smashes ,this blade keeps the ball low during topspin ,if one has the right skill it's your opponent's nightmare it's unforgiving specially against players using short pimps, I wished if yasaka upgraded this blade to 7 pliles or 9 pliles wooden blade in future will be a fast blade and strong on smashes too,nice and decent blade
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on August 20, 2016
Solid quality blade. Great for looping close and mid distance. I play cpen, and one reason I like this blade is that it is not heavy and not thick (5.9mm 5 ply) - I found that if rubber + blade is too thick, then it strains my finger on the backside. Yet it is still fast enough for quality offensive shots. This blade is not THAT fast - there are many carbon/7ply out there MUCH faster, but you can be guaranteed to make quality loops (fast or control) from close to mid distance. Still, it has very formidable speed and can still be very deadly with good technique and placement. This blade does lack a little power from further away, but that is probably expected since it is 5 ply, all wood, relatively thin.
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on June 25, 2016
With this blade I started playing TT as a penhold grip then I change to Classic grip and still was a good blade the thing that a like more of this blade is the control . Short game keeps the ball low with good spin , block is nice with a tensor rubber . The middle of the blade is hard that gives a faster speed . Overall is a grate blade for the price I recommend the blade for player that like a grate feel for control and offensive style
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 External Review for Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive on May 7, 2016
advanced blade (my favourite)
nice touch, amazing speed, nice control man ! you can play from mid distance or away from table, it has got all speed. good for topspins from both forehand and backhand. dwell time is less unlike allround wood blades. my current blade
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