Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive


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Rated 4.3/5

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See also: Adidas Avenger 5 for similar construction.

Also available in Chinese Penhold Version

MA LIN EXTRA OFFENSIVE is developed from the succesful Yasaka OFFENSIVE blade, but even faster, keeping light weight with good speed and a large sweet spot.

The center veneer is a little bit thicker and harder, which gives additional power.

The surface is lacquered by the factory to improve speed and durability.

Speed: 90
Control: 74
Ply: 5
Weight: 86g

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Reviews of Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive (38)

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 External Review on May 7, 2016
advanced blade (my favourite)
nice touch, amazing speed, nice control man ! you can play from mid distance or away from table, it has got all speed. good for topspins from both forehand and backhand. dwell time is less unlike allround wood blades. my current blade
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Review by anti4lw on May 4, 2016
Solid blade, like any other blade takes a while to get used to but after that its a sweet ride.
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Review by ronni on March 17, 2016
I assembled this racket with a Rakza 7 soft 1.8mm and with a Bluefire M3 2mm. I have 2 months with the blade and at this moment I think it has worked well. I´m learning to use the racket.
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 External Review on January 2, 2016
Great Blade. Very consistent, with a very good feeling of it's speed and Block in your hand.
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 External Review on December 4, 2015
This blade is the best I've tried in years. I've been using the Donic Ovtcharov Senso Soft Carbon (penhold) Then I got the Yasaka Ma Lin Extra OFF blade it is so fast. I can play long distance, medium distance and close to the table. I am currently using it with the new Yasaka Rising Dragon on my FH and Yasaka Rakza 9 on my BH. It is the best combination ever. You can loads of speed with loads of control. Every offensive player can use this blade.
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 External Review on November 15, 2015
Blade: Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive (J.T.T.A.A ver) CS
FH: Xiom Omega V Tour DF (max)
BH: Butterfly Solcion (1.9)

From all of my experience with TT blades, I used to used both carbon and all wood blades from many famous brand (DHS, Yasaka, Stiga, Xiom and Butterfly), yet I still find this blade is one of the most controlable blade yet powerful enough to finish point on close-medium distance to table plays. Im not sure how much weight mine is but it is surely lighter than Stiga Clipper WRB and it is more thinner. It is a bit thicker than Stiga Ebenholz V. However, it is more solid and has more touch. With my expereinced with this blades more than 6 months. I can safely say that it is very consistant blade that you can easily control ball placement on the table with any stroke (assuming that you got enough training). My BH rpb and FH opening loop rarely miss and it packs a lot of punch to finish point. Smashing is good but not good as those 7 plys or carbon but better than average 5 plys. It offers solid touch on push and service. Blocking is very consistant. However I never plays chop stroke as Cpen user, so I cannot really comment on that. To sum up, I think this blade is suitable on close to middle distance to table plays for offensive to control loopers. In addition, I think the price tags on this blade is reasonable to that now I buy 2 more blades for replacement.
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 External Review on October 2, 2015
Very nice blade. It allows you to have a good feel! No regrets buying this! The weight isn't very consistent but i took one which was 88g. Heavy but powerful. I could still respond to RPB fairly quickly. Blade vibrates a little but overall the perfect setup for me. Paired it with the new Yasaka Rising Dragon Max as FH and Yasaka Raksa 7 soft Max as BH. The only issue is the workmanship isn't as great as Nittaku blades.
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 External Review on July 21, 2015
Nice blade. Perfect for blocking because of tis stiffness and hardness but, amazingly, it's very very good for topspin. Speed is comparable to TB Spirit but the all-wood feeling of YEO is much better. Overall is a very good blade, stable and predictable, good for every kind of strokes. It's not hard to understand why it's one of the all time best all wood blades. Highly recommended!
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 External Review on July 20, 2015
I give this blade a 10/10 because i like it a lot. My YEO weights about 85 grams and i pair it with a Rakza 7 (max) and M2 (max).

It's kinda heavy for the first sessions, but i got used to it and i feel it benefits my looping/driving techniques.

I used to make a poor drive style, making the whole movement very wrong (finishing the drive with my arm close to my shoulder). A lot of mess. With YEO i got a more right style.

The sweetspot is huge, lots of power. Great feeling. Short game and blocking is Ok, but it's a blade to mainly loop/drive! A great 5ply from yasaka!
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 External Review on July 3, 2015
As everyone mention, the feeling. The feeling with this blade is amazing, i cant describe.

Sweetspot is almost entire blade. Mine is 87g.
Fast, medium/hard bit of flexure.
Control is the best ive tested. 9.5 for sure.

I use with Rakza7 max both sides.
I can produce monstruous spin in both slow loop or loop drive shots.My serve is very damaging. The only problem i have is flat hits but i think its more due technic/rubber than this beautiful blade.

I recommend to anyone who like to play until 2m of table, more than that i think will lack some power.
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