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Butterfly Aibiss

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Aibiss rubber is a high-friction rubber which balances the characteristics of a friction rubber and more traditional high quality Butterfly rubber sheets. A specialized top sheet with a pimple shape which enables heavy spin has been combined with a hard sponge; this results in high speed as well as devastating spin potential thanks to the applied technology of the very firm Spring Sponge. Aibiss, with heavy spin and a high throw angle, is recommended for the player who aims at making the best use of the characteristics of a friction rubber, especially one using precise technique on the table and counter attacking play.

• Released in 2020, high-friction rubber with the hardest Spring Sponge (50!) ever produced for the public
• Controllable speed with as much spin as Dignics 64, all with a higher throw angle which gives more margin over the net
• Perfect for the counterattacking player that values precision and heavy-spin play
• Pairs best with Lin Gaoyuan ALC, Timo Boll ZLC, Mazunov, Mizutani Jun Super ZLC, and other Butterfly blades

Made in Japan

Class: High-Friction Pimples-in
Surface: Inverted
Speed: 105
Spin: 110
Hardness: 50

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Reviews of Butterfly Aibiss (10)

La utilic en el FH con esponja 2.0. Es una goma diferente. Bastante dura y pesada, pensada ms en el control que la velocidad. Puede generar buen efecto ya que su superficie es ligeramente pegajosa. La utilic como goma de transicin para entre gomas europeas a chinas. Es un buen producto pero diferente. Si ests pensando en una goma pegajosa y de control puede ser una opcin.
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This is a MUCH better beginner-intermediate rubber than Rozena, in my opinion. Rozena is a VERY fast rubber that makes surprisingly little spin. That may appeal to some play styles, and I acknowledge that. Aibiss, is the opposite, a hard, dense, sort of dead rubber that makes a lot of spin. The tackiness allows real brushing, and the lack of bounciness allows some forgiveness when you don't brush finely enough. This is a rubber to learn to spin with. However, the hard sponge has a lot of reserve power so any committed flat hit or loop-drive can have both a lot of spin and a lot of speed. This rubber is NOT like modern tenergy type rubbers. It only gives what you give, instead of having a ton of catapult to amplify what you give.

It is more dynamic than "classic" rubbers, if you give it enough. I think it is a great learning rubber. Many players will read that and their ego will lead them to believe they deserve something fancier; in my opinion that is not true.
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This rubber is an opportunity to try a hybrid from Butterfly without buying Dignics 09C. All characteristics are several values lower than the above-mentioned overlay, but it feels very similar. I would consider this to be one of the pluses of this rubber. The big minus is that it is very short-lived, and if 09C turns into 05 after a while, then this overlay turns into something that it's time to throw away.
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This is a different feeling rubber as the sponge is very hard. To produce high speed much force is needed in your stroke. It reminded me of the old version PF-4. It plays a lot like an unboosted Chinese rubber. Don't know why BTY made this one as it is heavy, hard with decent control not great. Short game is very good with excellent spin. It lacks speed without expending a 1000 calories to produce it. Played on a Timo Boll Spirit blade it made for a heavier weight and a dead feel for the BH. This rubber is not for everyone however it is of high quality and some players may like it for their game. Looping required very good technique to get the best out of this rubber. It does a better job of countering with excellent spin on serves. Kind of an ugly duck in the Butterfly lineup.
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Aibiss is simply the best pure looping rubber in the world . It's also the world standard for non-Chinese professionals and aspiring professional players. The first time I looped with Aibiss it brought a huge smile to my face, it's a special and unique rubbber indeed. It's hard and fast, but not crazy fast, and has high throw angle which coupled with its bouncy sponge and grippy tacky topsheet it create a perfect looping machine. However, the high throw angle and bounciness that make it such a great looping rubber also it not make challenging to use in the short game. Pushes with tacky topsheet are easier to stay short and service return can be easy to return even you are not experienced in reading spin. That's why this rubber is more recommended for forehand oriented beginner to pro level players and practice while fully taking advantage of its outrageous spin and loop potential. Highly recommended for advanced looping attackers who use fast and soft blades.
People who use Hurricane H3 National/Provincial will be very happy with performance. If you are Tenergy Lover it would be too hard but after 3 layers of booster, imagine how good you can be. The Durability is like tank, 5 months and still like new
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