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GEWO Inventus XT Pro 50.0

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GEWO Inventus XT Pro 50-degree Offensive Table Tennis Rubber offers a more compact and direct feel with its 50 degree hardness variant, yet still allows for controlled and spin-oriented play when necessary during a match. The power-loaded sponge enables quick transitions into all offensive strategies and thanks to the combination of new technologies always provides the necessary control and spin values to keep you confidently in control of the game and determine the course of play.

Player type/features:
• Ideal for swiftly transitioning from more passive strokes to point-winning attacking
• Great for players who need a harder sponge for their attacking but still seek maximum touch and spin
• Perfect for players aiming to seamlessly integrate speed, spin, and touch play for optimum performance

The GEWO Inventus XT Pro Offensive Table Tennis Rubber is not just another rubber series. It's a milestone in the success story of GEWO high-performance rubbers. Its new surface technology and Longer Trajectory Touch enable maximum rotation, an incredible feeling, and the ability to control the ball a little longer. This innovation immensely increases ball control and offers an optimized ball feel for all game situations, providing you with the confidence and reassurance you need. Compared to other rubbers, the Inventus offers a unique combination of control, spin, and speed, making it a top choice for offensive players.

Inventus perfectly combines a flexible, highly grippy top rubber and an absolute high-performance sponge that enables tremendous acceleration potential and ensures a more direct energy transfer for all offensive shots, such as the all-important countertopspin close to the table or from half-distance. What previously seemed unthinkable is now possible because, as the name Inventus promises, GEWO has found the right solution: Played balls can be controlled a little longer, and yet there is no loss of speed.

This interaction is made possible and optimized by the innovative new DETT (Direct Energy Transmission Technology) bonding technology in conjunction with the Longer Trajectory Touch Technology (LTT). In simpler terms, these cutting-edge technologies are designed to impress and excite, enhancing your playing experience by providing better control and spin potential.

LTT: The new LTT (Longer Trajectory Touch) surface technology cleverly tensions a more flexible, high-grip top rubber with slightly wider pimple heads so that the longer ball contact time and the incredible spin potential increase control immensely during more passive shots, providing you with a sense of security and command over the game.

DETT: With Direct Energy Transmission Technology (DETT), the sponge cells in the rubber are made more compact and are also subjected to enormous tension. This enables a more direct transfer of energy to the ball, meaning that the energy you put into your shot is efficiently transferred to the ball, significantly increasing the speed and catapult values. Counter topspins become more efficient and easier to play.

H-Touch DGC40+ 3.0: When developing the successful DGC40+ and DGC 40+ 2.0 technologies, GEWO's goal was to add another component to the advantages of both: to further optimize the consistent and reliable coupling at the point of impact and to enable the player to control the ball for longer without having to make any sacrifices in terms of speed or spin. The H-Touch DGC40+ 3.0 technology achieves this by enhancing the player's control over the ball, allowing for longer ball contact time without compromising on speed or spin.

FlexTech 2.0: The flexible sponge/rubber construction Flex-Tech 2.0 (XT), specially designed for GEWO, ensures an impressive essential speed. Rubbers from the XT series convert the speed of the opponent's topspin into their own energy, also with the help of the H-Touch DGC 40+ 3.0 surface, and rerelease this energy like a catapult when the ball leaves the racket. The pimple heads in the rubber are arranged further apart and slightly narrower than in EL rubbers. The focus of these rubbers is on speed.

Characteristics: Offensive/Offensive plus
Sponge hardness: Hard plus
Speed: 135
Control: 82
Spin: 123

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