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GEWO Inventus Series

Inventus is a perfect combination of a flexible, highly grippy top rubber and an absolute high-performance sponge that enables tremendous acceleration potential and ensures a more direct energy transfer for all offensive shots, such as the all-important counter topspin close to the table or from half-distance. What previously seemed unthinkable is now possible because, as the name Inventus promises, GEWO has found the right solution: Played balls can be controlled a little longer, and yet there is no loss of speed. This interaction is made possible and optimized by the new DETT (Direct Energy Transmission Technology) bonding technology in conjunction with the Longer Trajectory Touch Technology (LTT).

GEWO Inventus XT Pro 52.5
$48.39  $59.99
GEWO Inventus XT Pro 50.0
$48.39  $59.99
GEWO Inventus XT Pro 47.5
$51.03  $64.99