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3 Reviews for Donic Glue Sheet

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The best glue sheet available, hands down. I've bought and used close to 100 of these over the years to attach OX LP and sponged rubber alike. The dual-strength adhesives allow rubber that's mounted with a Donic glue sheet to be removed and reapplied to a clean blade many times.
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Don't buy this product. I am surprised that this is a Donic product. The sheets I have don't work at all. I can't use them. The glue layer doesn't separate from the printed paper.
I have used many other glue sheets with great ease and success. Donic should review and change this product.
I normally like Donic blades, rubber, clothes etc. But this product is not good.
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Of all the glue sheets I have used this is the weakest. Even just gluing OX LP it tends to peel off at the edges very easily. While playing (backhand) my index finger's movement peels the edge off constantly. The rest of the rubber stays down ok though (I'm sure the edge tape helps a little). And it still plays fine, just aggravating to play like this.
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