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11 Reviews for Donic Bluestorm Z1

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One of the fastest 47.5 rubbers.
It has softer feel , on press test feels like 42 degrees rubber because top sheet is soft and elastic.
Catapult is just crazy intense. You need a good technic to play with this rubber , this is also stated on donic site.
Very little dwell time. Arc is low and long .
Blocking is not automatic you must to work on blocking - go over the ball.
Lifting backspin is a bit harder because of lower throw.
Repulsive force of sponge is very strong so ball don't have much time on rubber to get maximum spin values , but speed is there and it has maximum values.
If you play with this rubber correctly you will be
For advanced user only.
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I use this rubber since 2017, so I think I lnow it very well. I tried it occasionally with a lot of blades, and permanently with Dhs Hurricane Bo2. It's a really agressive rubber with a lack of dwell time, requires good ballcontroll and precise technique. I play with this rubber on both sides actually on a Hurricame Long3. In short game it can throw the ball high and long, this is why I said it requires good ballcontroll. If you just touch the ball with the topsheet, it could be very consistent and spinny in touch game, serve and receive. The block is fine, but you have to handle the ball. Attack is wonderful, it grips the ball and throws it out very quickly. The speed can be insane without dicreasing the spin. My coach also plays eith this rubber instead of tenergy 05. For me it lasts about 3 months. I have tried a lot of rubbers and this is the average durability for my usage. I recommend it for intermediate and pro players. For beginners i would recommend z2, which is slower and more consistent.
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Works very well on my Donic Waldner World Champion 89 Blade. Using the (2.1) thickness on the blade (both sides) and it gives me the speed and power when needed but most of all it is very controllable and ball placement comes easy. The Donic Waldner WC89 blade is known for being a blocking machine and if you put Z1 on the blade it will definitely enhance the blocking (nice combination). 5 Stars and a 10.
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9.5/10 for OFF style. FH: Donic Bluestorm Z1, 2.3mm, 51g (0.252g/cm^2), 47.5 degrees (ESN), 37.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: Donic Bluefire JP 01, 2.2mm, 49g (0.243g/cm^2), 47.5 degrees (ESN), 37.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: TSP Balsa 8.5, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 10.5mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Ayous - GlassFibre - Balsa - GlassFibre - Ayous.
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Prefer using BZ1 on the backhand because of the strong catapult effect. Its a very powerful rubber.Perfect for middle distance.
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I pair with Donic Waldner Senso Carbon inconsistent top spin happen to me both BH and FH even more closed racket angle the ball sometime surprise go out the table. First impressions this rubber generate a huge spin as advertised 10+++ more than Bluefire and Acuda Blue! it new for me still need to adjust stroke and timing for this very spinny Z1
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Speed: average (9).
Spin: high (9.5).
Control: high (9.3).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: heavy (51g, 0.252g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium (49/36).
Top sheet hardness: hard (58/46).
Gears: average (5).
Throw: high (7.1).
Consistency: always identical (9).
Durability: average durability (4).
Top sheet thickness: very thin (1.4mm).
Surface thickness: average (0.7mm).
Pip length: short (0.7mm).
Pip width: very wide (1.9mm).
Pip spacing: dense (0.6mm).
Overall: good (9.5).
Value: average (5).
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Bluestorm Z1 is a very fast rubber without compromising on the spin.... I have this currently on my forehand on Xiom Hayabusa ZXi blade where the shots are really fast and spinny... All kinds of offensive shots are easily played but the rubber really shines in the fast offensive game away from the table... Short game is also adequate though occasionally the pushes tends to go bit long than desired but that could be due to the combination of a very fast blade with this rubber... I really like the spin that can be generated from this rubber along with the drives.... Services are very spinny and I can place them wherever I want to.... The only backdraw is the rubber is seriously not durable... Probably I am playing for 3-4 weeks now with this rubber but already the hitting area has worn out.... Overall a very good offensive rubber but with low durability.... Sponge remains intact but the topsheet becomes dead.. I am going to boost the rubber and update this again....
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I pair bluestorm Z1 max thickness for BH + FH with newly purchased BTY Garaydia T5000. This combination is devastatingly fast and can generate a lot of spins. I only have 3 hrs play and still need to adjust to the enormous speed, many blocks go out, but ita can be corrected with more practice.

Likes: speed, spin, light weight even max thickness, reasonable price.

Dislikes: Low durability, signs of wear already present only after couple of hours. Sponge too soft especially with Garaydia T5000 you can almost feel the blade 'hitting' the ball. Low throw angle when paired low throw angle blade making it hard to lift heavy backsping balls.
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Hi All! Since there is little information on this rubber, I will share my initial impressions with you, based on some hours of playtime. These new ultramax series rubbers are the next generaion of rubbers that are truly ment for poly balls. Long time have I seen those flight curves of the balls, reminds me of the old days of celluloid balls. This Bluestorm Z1 is the next big step, which has a 47,5 degree sponge (similar to JP series) a non tacky surface. The first impressions which amazed me: easy to attack close to the table, easy to counterloop and dropshot. The rubber is very fast and requires precise timing with good technique. To be honest I recommend this monster to those, who are playing an all out attack and are experienced players. Recreational, hobby, and mediocre players cannot tame this rubber. If you want to simply describe this rubber, I would say that this gives more speed and aggressiveness than T05, it feels a bit harder, but revards more. I would say that Z1 exceeds T05. For a controlled solution please try Z2, which resembles the bluefire M1, a bit faster and same sponge.
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nice top spin, fast
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