Donic Acuda S2

by Donic
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Donic Acuda S2 is a very fast rubber with outstanding spin qualities. Close to or away from the table it is possible to play "loop-loop" as in the days of speed glued rubbers. Despite its medium-hard sponge, ACUDA S1 is easily controllable and has a great feel. You can count on ACUDA S1 even in an awkward situation. This rubber may be fast but ball control is excellent. Basic character: spin-focused, high precision fast rubber. Player's style: aggressive, first ball attack, close to the table.

Type: Smooth
Speed: 92
Spin: 98
Control: 69
Hardness: 42.5

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Reviews of Donic Acuda S2 (53)

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 External Review for Donic Acuda S2 on December 29, 2016
It got the TO5 feeling but not the speed and power. I think its best for stiff, fast blades. Good grip on the ball when looping because its soft.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda S2 on December 9, 2016
I know that my very short experience in table tennis gives me a narrow view on the available equipments on the market but the Acuda S2 was a very good choice for me. I started ca. 3 month-ago and wanted a rubber that gives me good control and spin rather speed. That is what the rubber does so well along with above average speed too. High quality, very recommended rubber.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda S2 on November 23, 2016
Top Sheet Thickness: Average (1.69mm).
Surface Thickness: Thick (0.88mm).
Pip Length: Short (0.81mm).
Pip Width: Average (1.71mm).
Pip Spacing: Very Dense (0.58mm).
Sponge Hardness: Medium-Soft.
Top Sheet Hardness: Medium.
Weight (Max): Average (46g, 0.225g/cm^2).
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 External Review for Donic Acuda S2 on October 12, 2016
This is a very reliable rubber. Not a speed demon, but paired with a somehow harder blade like Yasaka's Ma Lin Extra Special, has the power to finish the point. Ma Lin Extra Special paired with this rubber offered a nice dwell time, giving more control and spin. Loops very well. Great choice for those looking for something more aggressive than classic rubbers such as Sriver but with good control.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda S2 on September 23, 2016
What I love about this rubber:
Speed, Spin, Control and Durability.

What I don't like about my Acuda S2:
Throw is not high enough for my punch block probably because of the Size of my sponge.

This is my 2nd Acuda S2, it is working for me so I'm sticking to this one.
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Review by cd2424 for Donic Acuda S2 on August 12, 2016
When this rubber just came out, it was very good. The ball use to sink into the rubber and I can have good control over my shots and the rubber kept it's spin for about 9 months, when i played 6 hours per week. Now acuda s2 loses about 30% of it's spin after 2 months and the top sheet and sponge feels harder, the ball does not sink into the top sheet like before. Donic changed the formula. I will now have to look for another rubber to buy.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda S2 on March 19, 2016
Fast and nice rubber to spin mid-table but you must hit the ball for maximum top spin because it's sponge medium . Use it with Tibhar COS3 defensive
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 External Review for Donic Acuda S2 on May 1, 2015
not a bad choice if you prefer an all-rounded game, just it is not a sharp weapon for far-distance shots.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda S2 on February 11, 2015
Great Rubber, I have been playing with it for a year, I have to change it now. It was a really good rubber with a excelent spin and speed
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 External Review for Donic Acuda S2 on February 9, 2015
I see many player in my club use acuda s2
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