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5 Reviews for Donic Bluestorm Z1 Turbo

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Wow, here is a rubber i have missed. Quite expensive, but worth every dime. The spin 9.9 and the speed 9.8 together creates magic, fast and spinny. This is my second, have the first on a Nittaku Accoustic and the second on a Timo Boll ALC. Here, on this rubber Nittaku Accoustic shine brightest, Far away from the table it is marvelous
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KUNINGAS. Excellent rubber for the modern game. Using the Donic Bluestorm Z1 Turbo MAX on my forehand side and it is a monster for spin and speed with excellent control. Has a real nice soft-like touch and feel for a harder sponge. Can be very powerful and violent when needed. Matches up very well with Tibhar Evolution MXP-50 MAX on my backhand side which also has a very nice soft-like touch and feel for a harder sponge that also offers accelerated speed as needed and can also be very powerful on my inner-fiber blade. I am very surprised with the control I have with this setup. Really liking the harder sponges now. Donic and Tibhar have created two very unique harder sponge sheets with exceptional rubber top-sheets that is meant for the modern game. No complaints as long as proper technique is practiced and then used in game play. German Craftsmanship at it's best. 5 STAR RUBBERS.
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So far the most spinny rubber in this price range. After adjusted for poly-ball, no rubber satisfies for serving but this one does. This rubber is recommended for skilled player only.
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Quality plus rubber that does everything well from power speed to control blocking and all in between. If your technique and skills are good this will do for you. Nice rubber. All 10's for this rubber.
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Price is very user-friendly. Only US$ 31 in Taiwan. Weight: 71.15g (17cmx17cm, 2.3mm ) .
Compare z1 turbo 2.3mm with Tibhar Quantum X max on the same blade :
Speed: z1 turbo similar to Quantum X.
(Quantum X speed is faster than T80.)
Hardness feeling: of course ,z1 turbo is
harder than Quantum X.
Spin : z1 turbo is similar to Quantum X .
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