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50 Reviews for Donic Waldner Senso Carbon V1

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  • The blade offers excellent control and a good balance between speed and control. It is light, nimble, and versatile, making it suitable for a variety of playing styles.
  • The blade has a comfortable handle and a large sweet spot. It is particularly good for close-to-table games and blocking, and can accommodate a variety of rubbers.
  • The Waldner Senso Carbon blade is a great all-round/offensive blade with good control, speed, and spin. It is especially suitable for looping mid-distance and can accommodate a variety of all-round to offensive styles.


  • The blade may be a bit slower than some players prefer, and may require more effort to drive the ball when playing away from the table.
  • The blade may not be the best choice for players who prefer a more rigid blade, as it may not provide the rigidity needed to support harder rubbers.
  • The blade's shape may be slightly different than other blades, which could require adjustments such as trimming the rubbers or sanding the blade. It may also feel head heavy with certain rubbers.

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- excellent flat game (all kinds of block, hits)
- good features close to table games (speed and control)
- spin games
- far and 2nd zone game, it lacks of speed and dynamic.

Fine blade for player closed to the table looking for a balanced light blade
I played it quite long before changing.
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Good control. Tested with Palio Ak47, Palio CJ8000, Tenergy 05 FX, Friendship 729.
Palio CJ8000 offers greatest control in my game.
Fast pushes are 95% consistency with this blade.
BH openers, flicks - effortless, easy.
Blade is not too bouncy - not too fast - just right.
There isn't too much shake (like in stiga classic for example blehhhh..).
Sweet spot is large.
Only minor issue is that this blade is a slightly different shape than all my other blades.
Had to choose between trimming the rubbers, sanding the blade or buying new rubbers.
This will probably be my last blade while all others will be sold.
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After I used this blade for one year, I figured out this blade is designed for close-to-table game. If you want to play mid or far, you will lose some power and need more force to hit( may be it depends on rubber). I used it with Nittaku Fastarc G1 on FH and Sanwei Ultraspin T88 on BH. Anyway this is a affordable and nice blade for beginner like me.
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It is light and nimble, offering good control due to limba and inner alc. Small head size reduces the sweet spot somewhat but it is a worthy tradeoff for maneuverability. Good feedback with the senso handle too.
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This blade is one of the best you can find on the market if you want to be able to do everything with a blade. You can play offensive with it, also defensive, all strokes are very controllable with it. Speed is more than adequate if you have the correct stroke and don't just rely on the blade for power. Versatile blade with tremendous control. Well done Donic!
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i used dhs hurricane 3 neo on both sides. This blade has excellent control, and creates wonderful topspin. Amazing for blocking, and counter looping, and again amazing control. Along with amazing speed and spin. I would highly recommend this blade to any level of player
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9.5/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Butterfly Dignics 64, 2.1mm, 47g (0.231g/cm^2), 40 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Donic Waldner Senso Carbon, 86g, 155mm x 151mm x 5.8mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Hollow handle. Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Limba - Ayous - Carbon - Ayous - Carbon - Ayous - Limba.
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, Andro Rasanter 42 ultramax?
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29,October ,2019:I use anatomical Handle,which is great for BH.Rubbers=Nanoflex ft 48+Rakza 7 soft(great BH rubber,very spinny).Blade is a blockers dream.Great flex,nice feeling in hand(ball hitting blade),no annoying vibrations.Control is less than Joola Rossi emotion.
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Ratings for 86g. Nice pace, not as fast as other composite blades. It's limba, ayous, carbon, ayous, 5.8mm.
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Great blade
I am an intermediate attacking player, Omega VII Euro 2mm on FH and Musa I max on BH
Great control, Nice spin, very polyvalent, you can do all kind of shots
You will have enough power to be decisive, don't worry
I usually swap with Xiom Musa asia blade depending if I want carbon touch
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I play with donic baracuda 2.0mm on both side. Weigh IS 177g. This combination is good for attack game.
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Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite)
- 2 * Limba 0.5mm
- 2 * Ayous 0.6mm
- 2 * Carbon 0.1mm
- Ayous 3.4mm
Width: 155mm
Height: 151mm
Thickness: 5.8mm
Weight: 86g
Speed: 8.7
Dwell/Spin: 8.8
Control: 8.7
Stiffness: 4.3
Hardness: 5.2
Value: 8.7
Overall: 9.2
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Its 7 plies not 5 (checked on Donic site) Weight aprox 85g. Medium fast blade with perfect touch. Use it with medium hard/hard rubbers and U will get efect.
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I bought this blade Waldner Senso Carbon (WSC) and the Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon (WUSC) at the same time and put Tibhar 5Q 2.1mm for FH side and FX-P 2.1mm for BH side on both blades. Both bare blades weight 85g so both paddles weight 178g with rubbers on. On WUSC the third, center and fourth layers have the same thickness. On WSC, the center layer is thick with 4 much thinner outer layers like regular 5 layer blades. The carbon is also next to the center layer on both blades. This comment has a lot of comparison with WUSC because I played with WUSC first. So please read my comment about WUSC also if you want to decide which blade to get.
It has a lot of feeling but less woody than WUSC because the carbon layer is very close to the surface. It feels a little more head heavy when I move the blade. I am sure it is due to the higher flex that produce more inertia. It is a bit slower than WUSC. WSC excels in different ways. It is better at low to medium gear. Short game is better than WUSC due to the flex and feeling. I can instantly adjust based on the feeling. Whenever the ball is coming a little slow I will brush a fast return to pressure the opponent Away from table it takes more effort to drive the ball. The flex offers longer dwell and higher throw angle than WUSC. Smashing is still good but feels softer than WUSC. Looping chopped ball is easier however I think the spin is a little less than WUSC and the arc is a little longer. Looping under spinning requires different stroke. I make a more direct hit close to bottom of the ball. Counter topspin is not as easy as WUSC. Overall it is a more forgiving blade then WUSC. This blade is good for player who want to try carbon blades the first time and keep improving their skill
They are both great blades. I am glad I bought them together which helped me understand more about my natural style. For now I am leaning toward WUSC with softer rubber to get more wood feeling but I am keeping both of them.
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Very nice Blade with good control and medium fast!
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this blade is not 5-plies, it is 7-plies thickness about 5.55mm (Limba0.5mm*2, Ayous0.5mm*2, Carbon0.025mm*2, Ayous center ply3.5mm). All plies made from soft wood. Overall blade is very good flex for top spin, carbon layers are very thin and placed third ply, leave blade feel natural wood and increase sweet spot. I have been using this slow carbon blade with Tenergy05 both sides its weight 177g, I feel speed medium high, spinny easy, so great all-round blade, perfect for me.
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I got this blade with acuda p2 on my backhand and bluefire M1 on my forehand. For the backhand perfect in all things. For forehand really fast taking into account that is an originally off- all+.
For me it's like it is said more Off-.
Good blade I will see how it goes with time.
Update: absolutely perfect in everything. My flat hits with the backhand are effective and the serves have a lot of spin!
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Lemn foarte bun cu un control mare, se potrivete cu multe tipuri de fee !!! Stim.
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My first composite blade ever. I sticked with it for a year, then I left it for Maze Passion. My blade was 87 gr. This blade is categorised OFF-, but I rather say It is AR+ due to the soft touch and flexibility. Works well with all Bluefire rubbers, Joola MAXXX 500, Tenergy 05, DHS Tinarc 3. The main point is to equip it with nearly the same rubbers in hardness and weight, or else the blade will resonate hard. I found many times, that the blade did not had the rigidity to support a harder rubber like JP 01 when hitting. This feels like you are just hitting with the rubber surface, but where is the sponge and the power? Even with M2 the setup becomes very head heavy, which was good for my bakchand, but gave a slide curve to my forehand loops. But because the elasticity of the blade it is a very nice looping blade up to middle court with high throw and big spin. close to the table the sofness comes in handy when blocking or placing the ball. the neck of the blade is a very wide, and the handle goes in to the head deep. The head is butterfly shaped, but the handle protrudes into it 2mm. I had to sand down the neck of the blade to match the Butterfly neck shape, and the blade become a bit more flexible with even more spin. I really loved this blade, it made me feel nothing was impossible to mid distance, but after that my shots became weak. So this was the reason I went to faster blades.
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Mine weighs 92gr (10 gr more than my korbel) so little dissapointed about that. . But very controlable offensive blade. not too fast. can do everything
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I confess that i was expecting more. Has good control and decent speed, and is light. It's a good overall blade, but it does not excels in any aspect.
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Its awesome!
As a begining pro player all I focus on is getting the ball in the table smartly.
I have DHS Hurricane Neo rubbers on FH and BH. The strange part is that this blade was made i think to costum for soft rubbers, yet i put on hard chinese rubbers, and the results are awesome, specially the straight handle is my persnola favorite handle. If you are allround player like me that favors a smart play with alot of control yet want to keep the overall speed and receive(wich is like no other) u know what ima gonna say ;D.
Im a mix of attack8ng and receiving with a bit of chinese technic, though im a bit short of hight all i still squat and receive and push back the ball.
I just love it. First love blade.
Its gonna stay with me for a really long while.
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This is a universal blade.almost all kind of rubbers work well on it.
I used it with seriver fx,bluefire m3 ,P7 and finally neo hurricane 3.
with soft rubbers like seriver fx and m3 you have a lot of feel,control and enough spin and speed.I recommend this combo for intermediate loopers. using spiny medium hard rubbers like p7 it's a perfect looping machine capable of doing spiny serve.I found it really good when it comes to block.But my FH flat hitting was not accurate enough when I used p7 as FH rubber. Also power looping (over the table ) and doing very short spiny serve was a bit tricky so I decided to find a rubber for my FH side,The neo hurricane 3. It was my first experience with chines rubber(really hard and tacky).
at first session,during the warming up,I realize that my FH counter hits become faster and more accurate.After one hour practice I was able to execute deadly loops and really spiny short services.It took 3 session to learn how to block well.
therefore my perfect combination is :
FH:neo Hurricane 3 (black 2.2mm)
BH:Adidas P7 (red,MAX).
and my last word:WSC is great blade and in case of proper set up it is capable of doing every thing you want.

Update: after my playing level improved,(need for more speed), I decide to modify the senso handle. First I filled the handle with rubber sponge which result in less vibration and a little more speed in distance play(short game remain the same). second modification I've done ,was using 2 mm wood piece to fill the end of the handle,this will result in more speed with less vibration(in short play speed increase a tad with soft touch but in distance play it feels nearly stiff, and faster). Third modification was in the shape of the handle to make it more has a good quality wood which can be easily sand. therefore with right tool and patience you can have your own customized handle.
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I got the JO shape not this regular shape.
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WSC is very good blade !
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The word to describe this blade is "universal". Also very controlable. Not so fast itself maybe, but when combined with medium/hard tensor rubbers it makes very fast attacking weapon.
The blade is very controlable on passive game and pushes. It provides very spinny loops with softer rubbers.
When under attack, this blade is great for block, counterloop or smash of opponents topspin.
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What is the head tickness of this blade?
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Good blade. But, I expected it would provide better control and feeling. Quite disappointed. I sold it after three months.

Update: I played again with my freind's WSC after eight months while my level increased a litle and now I find it excelent. The control is very good for its speed, excelent for topspin, smahes or blocks. Not better than my Viscaria (neither in terms of feeling, speed, control), but still a very good blade. Very good with Bracuda but superb with Tenergy 05. I recommend it!
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Absolutely love this blade! Moved from primorac to this as my level increased, and I don't regret it one bit. I use a pair of barracuda's and it's really great for looping. It's also great for blocking. The handle (fl) is reallly comfortable, the best I've tried. Gonna buy a second blade, just in case, cuz I intend to use the Waldner Senso Carbon for a looong time!
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I am not sure if i'm blind or I got a fake Donic Waldner Senso V1. But looking it at carefully there seems to be 7plys, there are 5 wooden plys and 2 carbon layers. The carbon layers is after the Core ply and 2 wooden play are after the Carbon ply but they are really thin.

Now to the review of the blade I have, the Control is pretty amazing paring it with Haifu whale 2 Soft for FH and Nittaku Hammond for BH. The control and the spin is amazing for FH is amazing, enough to do any shots with confidence. The speed is definately enough not as fast as most carbon blades but its enough to produce speed requied. Its my first Carbon blade after DHS Hurricane Hao, it was a transition from a soft high flex blade to a stiffer and faster Carbon blade the transition was very smooth and i'm loving this blade.
On the BH using Nittaku Hammond, Spin was not enough but control and speed allowed me to hit and drive easily Looping was abit difficult, so I have actually switch my BH rubber to Haifu Whale Soft aswell same as my forehand. It may look like a heavy combination but the new upgraded versions of Haifu products are much lighter. and the combination did not weigh more than my old combination of Hurricane 2 and Nittacku Hammond on Hurricane Hao.

In conclusion it depends what rubbers you use that will detemine the outcome of the blade performance, but with the combination I had it had high control and VERY GOOD SPIN. This is the blade to go if your planning to switch to your first carbon blade.
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Great upgrade from Donic Appelgren Allplay Senso V1. More speed, more sitfft, more hardness, with the same control. Not crazy fast (bit faster than BTF Primorac).
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My brother owns this blade, the Waldner Senso Carbon ("Waldner"), and i got to try it for a while. I own the model after this, the Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon ("Ultra"). I thought i would focus on comparing the two, since i am in a position to do so, and i imagine more than one person will be comparing the two when they buy:

CARBON LAYERS--The first thing i noticed was the difference in the carbon layers: the Ultra has the carbon layers deeper in the plies, like the Darker brand hinoki/carbon composite blades, or the Butterfly Innerforce blades. Only taking into account the feel, I actually prefer the Ultra. It feels more woody, particularly when not hitting hard. The Waldner feels closer to The way Butterfly's best-selling carbon blades do (Boll ALC, the Michael Maze, Viscaria, etc....), a bit of a "ping" to it, since the carbon is nearer the surface. The Ultra and the Waldner are quite different in this respect. I recommend hitting with both before buying if you are unsure.

POWER--The Ultra has more power from mid distance, so much that it can be difficult to control. The Waldner, on the other hand, feels solidly OFF-, as Donic advertises. For a carbon blade, the Waldner has great control, and that is no small compliment. No surprise that Ovtcharov uses the Waldner to reign in the freaks he has to play. It is professional quality, no question. If you are unsure whether you have the technique and experience to steer the wild OFF+ power of the Ultra, or if control is a clear priority for you, then i recommend the Waldner as clearly the best choice.

HANDLE--my brother's Waldner is a FL handle, my Ultra is ST. Though i have a preference for ST handles (and highly recommend the ST handle of either blade), i have to say the FL handle on the Waldner is the most comfortable, best designed FL handle i have ever experienced. I am a grown man with big hands, and small handles irritate me. The Waldner FL is fantastic. If i wanted a FL handle, this would be it.

All in all, the Waldner is a fantastic blade. I like it better than my own Ultra. It is particularly nice that it costs half to a third what comparable blades cost.

Well done, Donic!
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this is most balanced (do it all) blade witch i have ever play. with right rubbers you can have amazing control in short game and finishing power at the same time. very good tactical weapon for tactical players
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Not much that hasn't already been said but this is a good looping/all-around style blade.

There's enough flex to loop from a decent distance whilst still being quite solid in the short game. The carbon layers are a reasonable distance away from the outer plies and makes this more of a "woody" feeling blade than a harsh, fast, carbon blade. The Senso handle certainly improves feel and you almost always know where and how you struck the ball. Of course, the hollow handle comes at a price and that's head heaviness; two sheets of modern, heavier Tensors like Tenergy or Bluefire can make this average weight blade feel much heavier than it actually is.

Overall, it's a good blade for just about anyone but there are better blades for specific styles of play. Bear in mind, Jan-Ove Waldner himself used this exact blade so don't run off blaming your losses on it; it's good enough for most of us!
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Wow what a blade! Its got the power and the enlarged sweet-spot, but who would have guessed that it had so much feeling and control? Best blade I have used so far. I had the Butterfly offensive blade before this as well as the donic P power speed.
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fantastic blade but not too fast
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I've been looking forward to try this for quite a while.

It is a good blade. Not crazy fast, but fast enough. Handle shape is very comfy.

The only thing I dislike is the sound / and of course you can not put heavy rubbers on it (like BWII) or it will loose it magnificent control, but this is pretty much also true for all Senso blades.

I've found it best with a relatively light 1.8 or 2 mm rubber on backhand and Tenergy 64 on the forehand.

All that said, I will not switch from my TB ALC to this. On very high gear, it lacks some punch from mid distance, and it somewhat makes my conterattacks lame from there. If you can keep close to the table, this is a beast since it relatively light (at least mine - 82 grams).

My guess is that this blade was designed for close-to-the-table game, where it absolutely shines.
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Wow control.. feel great, it feels of course slower than my old Gergely, Gergely is of course crazy speed, but with this blade you can attack very well with a lot of spin in your attack more than if you use Gergely, maybe because its not that stiff..

Handle is very comfortable..

On Forehand : Tinarc 3
Backhand : tinarc..

wow the rubber feels better with this blade, i dont know why..

A Carbon Blade for your first and last time, just change your rubber..

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i think the reason why this blade was so controllable is the carbon was place deep in side, like inner fiber of butterfly. Hold the ball really well
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Ever fell in love with a girl who is easy to understand, caring, and at the same time, a firecracker in bed??

You got the same in TT, in terms of your girl, i.e., your bat.

One of my favourite blades!

Unless physically abused, this blade will serve you across generations! You change your playing style? No issues, change the rubber accordingly and you have your perfect TT bat!

Want to play defensive and spinny? My doubles partner plays with Sriver EL and 729 FX and the blade responses with loops and underspins. Want to play Allround? My mixed doubles partner playes with the same ply with Mark V on both sides. Want to challenge your opponent in terms of speed and spin? I play with this ply with Tibhar Genius + in FH (my favourite for some time now while using a fast ply), and Tenergy 25 in BH (my pace is stronger in BH due to the ligament injury on my right shoulder - yes I am right handed).

Ask my opponents what happens when I got a good day in "hunting". Lol!!

This is one blade that can be used as your first Carbon blade, and your last Carbon blade as well!

With Tensor rubbers, this blade can take up amazing kind of speed due to the two carbon plies tucked just under the top ply. I can certify that as I do use it. I have heard my opponents using very nasty words at me after they received my pushes against the service. For services that I could return from close to the net, my pushes worked as fast as lazy smashes, and the receiver had too little time to react to it!

I do get amazing dwell time to put my looping topspin across the board.

Do remmeber in mind, this IS a docile woman in your hand, but how you put her to use depends on you, and your playing style!!

A really FANTASTIC product from Donic!
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I have been using this blade now for over a year and i LOVE it!
Yes it hasn't the speed of other carbon blades, but with the senso handle (V1) the touch is excellent; gives a great 'wood' feel. This along with the 2 carbon plies gives good control and great accuracy.
I have been using the Donic Copper X1 Gold (max) for my forehand and the looping is great, good dwell (med/med high dwell) at mid to far distance. The elastic nature of this blade (it is fairly soft for OFF blade) also adds good spin to the ball for loops. Pushes aren't its strongest feat; can go high and long but not too bad.

Overall a GREAT blade with great touch and feel. Its especially suitable for looping mid-distance and can accommodate a variety of allround to offensive styles to a point.
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It's the mozart of all the blades. Perfect control and speed. FH: tenergy 05 1.9mm and yasaka rakza 7 1.8 mm Bh. This combination works fantastic. You can do everything with it.
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very good blade, with good balance between speed and control. I use it for about 2 years with different donic rubbers, coppa speed, baracuda, and desto f2.
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Got it a few days ago , coupled with Mark V on both the sides and I must say that it lives up to the expectations I had about it.

I was a little worried about its control but well I am surprised that it provides so much control with the speed. It gives a good feel of ball rolling/hitting when you execute a drive or a kill.

Its a good All-round/OFF- blade , I am loving it !
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I use it with both sides Andro Revo Fire 1,8 mm. The blade is more than fast enough, i think people who say it is an allround blade must have very poor technique. It is definitely an OFF blade, but there are faster blades.
Good for players who like the larger sweetspot and stiffness of carbon. A better than average blade which can produce amazing shots with good technique. Not suited for defenders, because too fast.
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Bad things(from my viewpoint):
- senso+st handle -> Head heavy, go for lighter rubbers
- Produces ugly sound
- Stinks, cant explain
- bad neck shape, I had to sandpaper it a little bit
- not best with smashes and flat hits
- didn't like it for pushes, tends to send ball too high

Good things:
- flex -> very good looping blade
- has enough power from all distances
- still can be used for smashes and flats
- can be used for various styles
- lightweight

Overall impression: very good looping blade.
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This blade is a great allround/OFF-.
Its control is really good, especially for people used with stiff and fast blades.
Perfect with Tenergy 05, but I've never tried new FX yet...
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This is the blade, the Mozart of table tennis Jan-Ove Waldner himself uses. Yesterday he won his 9th Swedish championship in Halmstad with it. He won his first 27 years ago! He played incredible well, fast footwork. - He made his 16 years younger Per Gerell look old. It was a tactical perfect game by the master himself.
Oh, the review...This is a fast offensive blade with maximum control. A little bit slower than M.Maze off but it has greater control. It behaves a lot like it in my opinion. It is a little bit front heavy, compared to the M.Maze blade, but with a fast rubber it will come alive. If you want a carbon do-it-all blade this should be among your alternatives.
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