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30 Reviews for Donic Acuda S1

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This rubber doesn't feel like a top end rubber, it has a similar feeling of t05 with that bouncy trampoline effect. This rubber can make spinny shots and has good control. Especially when blocking heavy spin. soft feeling with high throw, good for intermediate all+ off-
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Fast rubber, because of harder top sheet you have a harder feel.
Doesn't forgive, you must to activate this rubber with arm movement.
It has very big spin and speed potential but you must to brush the ball strongly, if you di that correctly you will be rewarded .. Spin insensitive which is very nice..
It grabs the ball very well, it has nice clicking sound, and it is durable...
Medium weight, medium low throw...
Overall very good rubber in my case for forehand..
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9.5/10 for OFF style. FH: Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo, 2.2mm, 52g (0.256g/cm^2), 50 degrees (ESN), 38.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: Donic Acuda S1, 2.2mm, 50g (0.244g/cm^2), 47.5 degrees (ESN), 37.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: TSP Balsa 8.5, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 10.5mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Ayous - GlassFibre - Balsa - GlassFibre - Ayous.
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Excelente Goma, control efecto Arco perfecto, todo lo que un atacante quiere tener la recomiendo!!
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Not a monster rubber in terms of speed, but pretty fast. Spin is above average, still not good enough for serves. Control gets this rubber the most points. Not very heavy, but not light either. Weights somewhat lighter than Barracuda. Loops are good, not great. Medium throw. Good for blocking. Less sensitive to incoming spin, compared to the rubbers with humongous spin (T05, Barracuda). Overall, a pretty decent rubber for backhand. Players who use backhand for blocking, counter and flat hitting will benefit the most from this rubber.
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Speed: 9.2
Spin (European Style): 9.2
Control: 8.7
Weight: 50g in 2.2 (0.244g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 37.3
Gears: 2.6
Throw: 6.5
Fast Loop: 9.3
Slow Loop: 9.1
Counter Loop: 9
Touch: 8.6
Block: 8.6
Smash: 8.9
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 9.3
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.8/2.0/2.2
Durability: 6
Value: 7.6
Overall: 9
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Speed: average (9.1).
Spin: average (9.2).
Control: average (9).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: medium heavy (50g, 0.244g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium hard (50/37).
Top sheet hardness: hard (56/44).
Gears: average (4).
Throw: medium high (6.4).
Consistency: always identical (9).
Durability: lasts longer than average (6).
Top sheet thickness: thick (1.8mm).
Surface thickness: thick (0.9mm).
Pip length: medium (0.9mm).
Pip width: average (1.6mm).
Pip spacing: dense (0.6mm).
Overall: good (9.3).
Value: expensive (4).
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The best rubber i ever use, till today. that i used for first time the blue p2.
The speed of the s1 is fantastic , very good angle. But not good control. Youbhave to play somw time to get ok. But when you have played for a time the s1 is fantastic.
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I use it on my BH.
Good control and spin.
Not much speed but enough.
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Good control, welly designed rubber for all purposes/styles. Another classic rubber after F1.
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I used this rubber for a year on my forehand in MAX thickness on a Timo Boll Forte. It is fast, faster than S2, but not as fast as S1 Turbo. It seemed to me it is not as spinny as S2 and S1T. It is slightly lighter than the S1T. The durability of this rubber is pretty impressive. A very good rubber for a close to the table - mid distance looper
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Above Average Characteristics, can generate spin and smash POWER, for championship play!
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A real donic-treat. Good on both speed and spin. Great a bit from the table. Blocks awesome.
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I needed one or two weeks to adapt my blocks and topspins. After this time, i felt this rubber very fast and excelente top arc, for middle and far from the table. Close is a little difficult ti control.
Now i use m1 and is more controlable with same speed. For me m1 is better
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Fast, fast, fast!
Lots of spring and is amazing for those intense backhand rallies that modern TT seems to play nowadays. Very controllable, not very spinny though. Go for S2 or S3 if you're looking for spin. Personally the best backhand rubber I have ever played with, but I am still advancing with my TT. Buy it if you're a smasher and looper, it's good!
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Been trying it out on my FH, results, great rubber for FH and BH.
Loops can be made very easily, only if your footwork and rubber contact is good, loops are very spiny and fast. I would definitely recommend this rubber but not to beginners. All in all its a great rubber.
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I am a great fan of Acuda S2 and i thought to try out the S1 too, hoping for the same great rubber with a little more gears. But man this rubber proved to be disappointing. Speed is the only thing that this rubber seems to have. Spin is just not enough for the speed, making it hard to control. I love to loop , but this rubber just makes things a lot more difficult, lots of my shots go off the table. Control is not good enough for me , not even on the smashes. Even the block is a bit difficult as the throw is a bit higher than the s2. All in all a rubber that only a good hard-hitter could find to its liking. More speed, less of everything else.
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What a great rubber for any play that is offensive. it's really fast and spring-perfect for counter looping and underspin-loops. Just a little bit better then tenergy. get it! at first when you try it you might not like it but you have to stay with it then 2 weeks ever it will seem like the best rubber ever!
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S1 is quite fast and easy to control.
Like it medntioned in the package, it is suitable for player with the style of closed table.
To me, the only problem is not spin enough.
Sometimes when I return the backspin serve, it is not easy to control and give the opponent a change to attack.
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On a stiff blade, it plays great at mid-distance, easy to smash or loop. At the table, it's a bit hard to control and plenty of balls go off the back end. It's not that fast, but produces powerful drives and loops. Easy to block with and handle incoming serves. Outlaw on the same blade was much faster at the table either FH or BH, but Acuda was much better at mid-distance, even exceptional.
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In short: fast, low throw, medium hard, spin insensitive, low arc, good for block, average spin. topsheet is harder than s1 turbo, sponge is a bit softer.
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Wow, firstly this is the best rubber that i ever had. It's make my top spin more fast and more aggresive, even at my backhand top spin (more difficult than my forehand). But, it has less control at the feeling of the ball (my present blade is Bty Schlager Carbon hehe). Overall, i'm very enjoy at every single shot with this rubber.
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I'm a Tenergy user now but intend to check and probably switch to Rakza or Acuda S1. You can find excellent reviews, tests, explanations and real results at, I recommend to read all linked articles to better understand why Acuda hardness is quite the same as Tenergy which in fact is 48 according to the scale used by other producers, and why it is a direct rival of T64 and none of the Acuda series is a rival to T05, while Rakza is a rival to T05 and not to T64.
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I put a new sheet of Tenergy 05 (2.1) and Acuda S1 (max) on a Waldner Senso Carbon for comparison.

I'm in agreement with the other reviewers. I think the speed on AS1 is a bit slower than new T05 (not by much), and the throw/spin is like T05 after 2-3 months of regular use.

I prefer AS1's control, lighter weight, and overall behavior over T05/64 for my BH.

I'm not sure about converting for FH though. I'll run AS1 through its paces some more to see if its merits can break my expensive T05 addiction. Part of it will also depend on how durable it turns out to be.

Some places are listing the AS1 max sponge as 2.5 - this isn't right. I eye-balled my copy as the same as T05... about 2.1-2.2.
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The best tensor for FH play (yet to try Palio Thors). Very powerful, and faster than tenergy with slightly lower spin; but delivers more punch in power loops.

In spite of completely non tacky topsheet, it lifts backspin very well....and shows very predictable curve across all spedd ranges.

HOWEVER... the topsheet loses grip very soon... which i can easily bring back to original by a layer of paraffin oil or any other oil.

summary: it is a great FH rubber powerful, linear and accurate ...but you must use oil on topsheet... or else balls will drop to net.
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Coming from ten 05 s1 is alot lighter not as fast lower throw more control i love this rubber tenergy just to much money went from 55 to 65 dollars and im glad i decided to get donic acuda s1 worked out great!!
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i like top sheet s1 create spin easy and fast speed OK.
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Very fast rubber. It has less spin than the T05, the throw angle is lower but blocks, hits and control above the table and service returns are much easier.
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very good rubber good for both bh and fh great spin decent control definate tenergy rival
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