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9 Reviews for Donic BlueGrip C2

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I can only compare this rubber with BTF Rozena. And it beats it on all levels. Its better in all ways. Even better control.
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The BlueGrip C2 rubber is a Chinese style rubber and it generates a lot of spin and control and also lots of speed
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I changed to C2 from DHS Skyline NEO 2 for more more effortless catapult and faster blocks. The blue sponge feels unique. Top sheet needs careful protection to retain the small tackiness. Probably one of the best European hybrids. A little boosting makes the max sponge version excel further.
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Last rubbers that were ordered from TT11 the rubbers are not sticky anymore and they don't hold the ball. Now it's a simple hard tensor with no dwell time which is impossible to play with. :(. -------->

Used to be:
Excellent rubber for active Forehand and backhand play. I like that it's alittle sticky and gives you alittle extra dwell time on power shots. But the last batches that I ordered were absolutely without tackiness. And it's a different rubber. I hope that it's only in last batches like this and Donic will make the rubber sticky again in new batches.
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Its a pretty hard and heavy rubber (55 on ESN scale). Its pretty good for looping but you do need great techniques and power to execute good loops. Blocking is not consistent, you need to have great angles, probably because of its hardness and thickness. Serving is pretty good with it, it generates great amount of spin. I wouldnt say its particularly grippy, I think its a little grippier than average ESN rubbers. The price is pretty good compared to others. I compared it to a regular unboosted Neo Hurricane 3 (39, 2.2mm) and this one (max thickness) generates less spin but is faster. I still prefer the hurricane though mainly for its price and spin and Ive heard it lasts longer.
Overall its a great rubber, worth a try. If you want a very sticky and grippy rubber like Chinese ones, dont buy it. But if you want a great, pretty grippy and fast rubber for a relatively great price, you should try it. Its rather a forehand rubber but if you have a great powerful backhand its good to go.
I tested it on a Donic Waldner Senso Ultra Carbon.
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This rubber has a special click sound and feeling. when hitting the ball it makes you feel both the rubber and blade working together in harmony, this feeling gives me a lot of confidence in my stroke and makes me feel what i did wrong when i do a mistake. It has the best feeling of all rubbers i have ever used. (have tried 50+ rubbers)

Used mostly on Clipper CR then, Viscaria and Rutis revo. Will soon try it on a offensive flexible all wood blade.

Works on both backhand and forehand but its better for forehand.

On forehand its good for everything in my opinion, you can ever chop very nicely with it.

Best tho is counter, conunter spin and loop kill.

backhand punch works very well and attacks close to the table if you take the ball early you get a fatastic shot, but you need a strong backhand and can angle your racket a lot for optimal results.

Speed: 9.2

Spin: 9.4

Control 9.5

Gears: 9.5

Throw angle: 7.3

Arc: High but long. very hard for opponent to counter.

Consistency: 10.0

Durability: 8 it loses a little bit of its tackiness, but then it stays the same for the rest of its life it seems.
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Hi All! I went out ot test this rubber. After 40 hours of play, here are my conclusions. This rubber is an european style chinese rubber (it has some catapult, and flat hits don't go down). If you press it on the ball it can lift the ball 1-2 cm when new. The sponge is 50 degrees but the rubber is softish, it grabs the ball firmly. If you play with a modern tensor rubber small adjustments are needed. For those who love Nittaku Fastarc G-1, this is definetly an upgrade. It is a bit more lively and a bit more aggressive considering loops. Due to the hard sponge you should have a good technique, to use this rubber. A decent force is required to engage the sponge, but then it will be a very high quality shot. The spin and the curve is enormous, the harder you hit, the more spin is generated. Compared to the standard 47,5 degree european rubbers, that I usually overpower at 80% of my power, this Bluegrip C2 is stronger than me. No matter how hard I loop, if I add more power my balls aren't getting longer. So it is really revarding if you are a looper. You can loop with and without engaging the sponge. What is good: - over the table opening, short powerful strokes, loops, counterloops, overpowering the ball/your opponent, service. What is bad: spin sensitivity, counterloop over the table, out of position shots. After some training I could not figure out how to play aggressively against a chopper, with M1 I could do what I want and how I want, but with C2 I can only lift the ball, I can't kill it. Over the table counterlooping requires a considerable amount of force compared to M1 or Z2. Overall bigger stokes are required for most strokes, because you must engage the sponge and use closed bat angle. If you play lightly you must open your bat and play your strokes vertically. So for someone, who is educated, this is a weapon for intermediate or hobby players this will be a curse. I used it on Viscaria and YinHe DK4.
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I find it perfect for my backhand
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C2 plays like a tensor rubber. The spin is very good close to D09c. But the throw angel is too high for my forehand. Many balls fly over the table. Its an hard rubber. I paired it with a fast carbon blade and made many errors. Maybe is better to glue it on a flex blade.
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