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Donic Waldner Black Devil Carbon Balsa

Donic Waldner Black Devil Carbon Balsa
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The "Champion's" new blade. A revolutionary design. The exuberant playing style of the master is complemented by the advanced technology of this weapon. Carbon and Balsa have been combined by DONIC for the first time. The soft Balsa core results in a blade with unbelievably good control, particularly when returning the ball. Incredible power and speed can be achieved with the hard Koto middle plies and carbon fibre of the DONIC Waldner Black Devil CB. The light weight and enlarged sweet spot of the 7-ply high-tech product attains perfection.

Waldner's "black devil" will delight all attacking players!

Blade Head size: 150 mm W and 151 mm H
Speed: 95
Control: 79
Weight 80g
Ply: 5+2

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Reviews of Donic Waldner Black Devil Carbon Balsa (40)

A black gem in the right hands.. Moved to this blade coming from Donic Epox Offensiv (5ply all wood) and what I felt upon first touch are: blade is considerably lighter (mine weighed around 84-85g) and immensely faster especially on flat shots/smashes. Head size is slightly smaller (about 2mm shorter than typical wood blades) and cutting/finishing is a bit rough. The Koto/balsa material is fragile, you can put on edge tape if you want.

Just like its name, the BLACK DEVIL is a difficult blade to control. Expect a few bouncy, over the table hits when first using it. DO NOT use this blade if you just started out playing table tennis - use an all wood instead, stabilize basic strokes and control techniques first.. only then you can move to this blade if you feel confident enough...

Personally, this blade is gonna be my stepping stone to further sharpen my techniques before I decide to get an ALC blade sometime in the future.

Typically people will suggest to use medium/soft rubbers with this blade. I first put Donic Bluefire M2 and Yinhe Mercury 3 Euro Soft on FH/BH. Control is pleasant enough without compromising much speed. Close/mid distance to table plays are quick and deadly; however a problem persisted when playing far from table, my shots occasionally lacked power to go over the net with such setup, maybe it's the characteristics of softer rubbers or at that point I just simply wasn't skilled enough to control this blade ?.

After a few intense weeks of taming this little devil.. I moved the M2 to BH and put Friendship (729) Battle 2 Provincial on the FH to turn the blade into a mid/far distance looping beast. Speed+super spin obliterated anyone who dared to put up their blade :)
Yes, a hard Chinese rubber on a stiff/fast blade , either I am confident enough in my skill improvement or I am an outright table tennis masochist. LOL ?
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The layer which use balsa and carbon become to be hard and stiff, but when I use it, I feel a crazy speed. Because of I use a soft rubber, I can play comfort.
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very fast wood. not for beginners
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Makes pong sound. Best balsa carbon looping blade. Easy to reverse spin. Really good close to the table. Much easier to use then say an alc blade.
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This ply is really good!! Your shots r very consistent with it but don't buy very fast rubbers even now also I use fast rubbers with it but when I will change my rubbers I will use some slower rubbers as it will improve ur game and u won't be dependent on ur rubbers for speed.This ply is good and is enough to be played with slower rubbers as this ply will handle the speed.If u will buy this ply plz use slow rubbers
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