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Tibhar Grass D.TecS OX

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Best Selling long pips rubber! With the integrated D.TecS effect in Tibhar's classical long pimples rubber, the player will experience new variations to cut the ball and to counter his opponent’s destabilising strokes. Thanks to the integrated tension in the pimples and the sponge, the pimples get softer, which enables the player to cut the ball in a sensational way. However, because of the softness of the rubber, the D.TecS effect provides amazing control plus enough speed to destabilize the opponent with nervous aggressive shots during disturbing attacks at the table.

Note: Several years ago, the no sponge (OX) version of Tibhar Grass DTecS came with a glue backing as part of the rubber. This rubber is no longer made this way -- there is no sticky backing on this rubber. There are Butterfly Glue Sheets available for purchase separately, which are recommended for applying all no-sponge rubbers, including Tibhar Grass DTecS OX rubber.

Type: Long Pips (without sponge)
Speed: 56
Spin: 80
Control: 84
Hardness: Medium Hard

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Reviews of Tibhar Grass D.TecS OX (30)

This is a good long pips rubber by Tibhar. Many people struggle to play against pip players. The main reason is that there are not enough players who use pips and even fewer players who use long pips so practice time is limited. In most cases when you hit the ball with grippy inverted rubber the spin changes in the direction that you move your racket. With long pips rubber, this is not the case because the rubber has low grip. Some or most of the original spin remains on the ball by the time the ball bounces off the racket. This is called spin reversal. Harder rubber without sponge will have the most spin reversal. Softer and thicker sponges will reduce reversal because the ball is in contact with the rubber for a longer time. A thin sponge like 0.5mm is a good compromise. It gives you good reversal and adds dwell time for you to direct the ball. If you want to start to play with long pips then be prepared for a steep learning curve. Long pips create a more difficult game mentally because the resulting spin varies depending on the current spin on the ball, not just the movement of the racket. You can also twiddle the racket quickly to disguise whether you are using long pips or not.
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No hit in OX
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Tried plenty of premium LPs. This in OX is in a league of its own if you play the reversal game. (For a grippy pip try elsewhere, this isn't it) It's a bit fast for a LP but I dislike really slow blades. All+ speed carbon blade was perfect woth the d'tecs OX for me, allowing for some speed on the forhand as well. Most remarkeble to me was the fact that many seem to find it a difficult pip while I find it extremely easy to get used to. It behaves very lineair, only the speed close to table is something to keep in mind. The speed of this LP does allow for some easy hitting when balls are returned high forcing the opponent to keep things sharp. The reversal is insane. I can for example do a pendulem sidespin and reverse my own spin from an opponents return to the force the error at the 4th ball with the spin of the serve. (Naturally a decent opponent will adapt after one go but this is an example on how good the reversal is). Chopping from far is also very easy, good curve with this LP! The only sad thing is you don't really have to work much with this LP. Something more grippy like Feint 2 requires more input but feels more rewarding when your technique is there. With the D'tecs the reward is a given, you only need to chose the correct placement of the ball.
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I was using this pips with Donic WSC. 1,2 mm spong. For me it was really to hard controll it. I don't know why ? Maybe blade was to fast. But anyway: good deception and reversal, close and away from table. Hard to atack BH with it.
Now I'm waiting for Giant Dragon CC OX (blade for it Andro Temper Tech All+). UPDATE: On fast bade I had bad controll. On Andro TT All+ everything works perfect.
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Great rubber. First time with long pips after 30 years with inverted I use it in backhan and i can do almost everything looping push chop block fit my style perfectly. I have to learn a lot through practice only three days very fun to play with.
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D.TecS (OX) is the most deceptive long pimple on the market. Spin reversal is extreme when using this pips and wobble effect is huge. Best used near a table when chop blocking, side blocking and flat push (gives you wobble effect on the ball ) in OX or no sponge version. It will take some time to master these pips. For example, it took me around 6 months to master these pips completely, so be patient and you will be reworded! I highly recommend D.TecS (OX) for those who want to dominate their opponents by using pimples .
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I play 7 years with long pimple...but this rubber is the best.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

After using Tibhar Grass D.Tecs for 1 year, i would say that this rubber is the best pips that if i compared with all other pips that i ever used. This pips is even better in compare with TSP P4 Chop or P1R. The characteristics of this pips are:
1. Fery fast long pips. You need to use it on def+ or all round blade and i do not recommend to use it on off or off+ blade.
2. It takes more time to learn it's character in compare with other pimples rubber.
3. Best for block and chop away from the table
4. The best way to learn and improve your game with this pips is to focus on your stance and footwork.
5. This pips is NOT created for passive blocker. But, very effective for modern defender who want to reach the next level of their game and improve their playing style.
6. I will not suggest to use the OX version but use at least with 1.0 sponge. Sponge will make this pips more consistent and more controllable.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I waited a long time to buy this because it was so expensive. Almost all the reviews say how great it is. But I have to say I am extremely disappointed. It is good for chopping far from the table and that is about it. It is terrible for passive blocking or drop shots. The throw on this rubber is just far too high. Angles where would make my typical blocks will shoot the ball up in the air with this rubber. Control is minimal and is not very good for punch blocking. After paying $44 its in my drawer and will never be used again .
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Been using grass dtecs OX for 2 years now and my rating has increased substantially. This is the best long pips I've used so far and drives my opponent crazy. Last 6 months before breaking a pip. But quite expensive compared to other pips.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Use it ( 1.2mm ) with Tibhar COS3 . Good for drive , chop , block , and push but hard to control it .
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Using OX glued on BH. Excellent for chop block and push. Spin reversible and Deception are excellent too. But control need time to master. Recommended for Near table and Mid distance defender who are using OX LP.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Tryed lots of LP rubbers.IMHO Grass D.TecS & Dragon Talon are the nastiest.Grass w/ more spin/reversal vs Talon.Use black OX with absolutly no control problem as good as Talon. Simply the best LP.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

In Jan. 2015 I chose my first LP rubber after a knee injuring,
with the intention of blocking/pushing as much as possible.
Did not mind spending the money.

After reading the reviews here I picked Tibhar Grass D.TecS
in OX, and Stiga Defensive NCT as a stiff, light, and slow blade.
With Calibra Tour S on the forehand. 130G.

The good news is that, at least against very experienced basement/office
players, I can return serve with my Grass much better that my previous
BH rubber (Xiom Vega Europe on an Allround blade). My opponents
also hit the net or shoot long many times. So I can keep playing and
actually increased my winnings, very useful in Xilin Chinese School
where the winner hogs the table.

Thus for all my opinion is worth, Grass has good deception and
very good control in OX. Direct hits are also very good,
easier than with Vega and only a little bit slower.

The bad news is that my setup has one serious limitation
(combined with my desire not to move my feet).
Since Grass in OX is not bouncy while my forehand inverted rubber is
(which one isn't?), I have a very hard time twiddling.
I can counterhit/block fine with inverted on BH, but with the LP
on the FH I need a large, very fast topspin
move just to get safely over the net.
And I will not try to chop, that is hard on my knees.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Play Dtecs In OX (glue sheet) and In a modern deff style. Chops a lot away from the Table with good control and effects. But also really good in serve returns, with very dangerous returns. Blocks are awesome and make the opponents make "easy" mistakes on the returns. OVERALL THE BEST LP I HAVE TRIED YET. Have played/tested Dr. N. Boomerang Classic, GD Talon, Spinlord Blitschlag, S&T Hellfire, Palio CK351 A, Feint I, CTT National Pogo, Lion Claw. A good way to learn to play the Dtec is to start with Giant Dragon Talon, who I think is a look a like of the Dtec but just not as fast and dangerous.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Numbers above are subjective but I can tell you that this is my favourite ox lp - I'm using the NEW version without the glue sheet and slightly shorter pips. Great on my new COS blade from Tibhar. The blocks are so low and deadly! Not as fast if used on slow blade. No other lp can compare to it and very good control.

edit: still the best vs dr.talon special ox because you can use open face for both top and bs. Best overall LP!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

After wasting a year going from one LP to another (generally in OX), I tried grass dtecs 1.2mm and it was love at first sight! First thing you notice is the pop off the bat with the tensor rubber. That in itself, and the low trajectory when you chop the ball, can really muck up your opponent's attempts to attack. Loopers who had no problem looping against feint long 2 or 3 suddenly found they had to adjust their technique against the dtecs. Despite the power, I actually found the LP easier to control than all the OX LPs I've tried, especially for handling slower balls. Because of the pop, the ball just goes where you aim it...very nice!
Main problem for me is that, with the speed, when I twiddle and hit with my FH, I lose control. However, I'm sure it's something I can work on and improve.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I used these rubber only 1 hour Its black ox very fast very low trayectory i will see what can i do with it, in these moment today i will not use it for a tournament in saturday i will see


I didnt used in tournaments yet only a training game, i think is very low trayectory, but very High velocity pip im a master player of long pip And is not easier for use

Yesterday i played a MATCH with a matshuita pro model, i like these rubber very low trayectory lot of reversal And very deceptive ball
Review helpful?    Yes | No

great rubber that goes out of control prety often .u hav to be 100% everytime u play with this.receiving is bit difficult and timing has to be bang on.if u master it opponents are gonna hate u....
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Old Dtecs is the best pips since I stopped playing with Virus II. New Dtecs good, but not in all segments of the game ... weaker in the passive block, serves, only it has better control.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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