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42 Reviews for Donic Acuda S3

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This rubber suits you if you are trying to use off+ blade, it's a bit too slow with my Yasaka Ma Lin carbon. Tackiness isn't really there for backhand loop if you need it. Control is good for pushing, spin is also generated quite well. But if you are learning and trying to go advanced, you shouldn't buy this rubber. and it doesn't feel tensorized
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9.3/10 for OFF style. FH: Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft, 2.2mm, 44g (0.217g/cm^2), 39.5 degrees (ESN), 33 degrees (Shore A). BH: Donic Acuda S3, 2.2mm, 46g (0.224g/cm^2), 37.5 degrees (ESN), 32 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Butterfly Primorac Carbon, 88g, 157mm x 150mm x 6.9mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Hinoki - Tamca - Kiri - Tamca - Hinoki.
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very good rubber for player bloque
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I used this rubber on my BH with a Nittaku Septear blade(OFF) for about 1 year before I changed. I found this rubber to be the best do-it-all rubber I have ever tried, it was really easy to block loops that had lots of topspin and it was fairly easy to create spin as well. Compared to the Tenergy 64 I had on my FH the Acuda was superior, it had better spin, control, durability, the only thing that Tenergy was better at was smashing the ball. Weirdly enough the Tenergy was not faster by a whole lot. I occasionally tried the rubber on my FH and it was super comfortable to loop and attack with. So far it has been the best rubber I have used, but I do nothave loads of other rubbers to compare it to since I am only 13, I have played for 6 years so I still know my fair amount of table tennis.
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Speed: 8.8
Spin (European Style): 8.9
Control: 9.1
Weight: 45g in 2.2 (0.219g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 32
Gears: 2.4
Throw: 6.9
Fast Loop: 8.9
Slow Loop: 9
Counter Loop: 9.1
Touch: 8.6
Block: 9.6
Smash: 9.2
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 9
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.8/2.0/2.2
Durability: 4.8
Value: 7.5
Overall: 8.9
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I played it in 1.8mm on FH and BH on a stiga all around classic. It was my first tensor rubbers. I choose this one over the Desto series because i've heard that the first generation rubbers (desto) were not so much mastered and that the new generation rubbers such as acuda are more balanced and stable. I've played a bit with some Destos (F3, F2) and i think to remember that they felt more bouncy. Anyway i really like this acuda S3 and it was really easy to get my habit with it. Very good spin and control, easy short touch play. Really no problem ! You can drive and loop with it, it's good. Maybe 1.8mm is a bit too thin for looping and i was thinking to then play S2 2mm and S3 2mm. To conclude it was a very good first tensor rubbers and i was very happy with it (At the time, i played since almost 2 years. Maybe it would have been too fast for a first rubbers)
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Good rubber to play close to the table. The price is make sense for a good quality rubber. I really recommend this rubber for all round player.
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Acuda S3 has soft sponge, best for lift under spin ball, not to fast but fast enough to finish a point. Also not durable, edge easy to chip. Price just fine. Overall it was a good rubber for control and it has nice click sound.
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Great for looping
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I am using S3 on my Fh (blade Andro Temper Tech All+). Very good all-round rubber. Easy to play, easy to spin :)
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Speed: very low (8.2).
Spin: average (8.9).
Control: average (9).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: average (44g, 0.219g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium soft (42/30).
Top sheet hardness: hard (55/43).
Gears: average (3).
Throw: medium high (6.6).
Consistency: always identical (9).
Durability: average durability (5).
Top sheet thickness: very thick (1.9mm).
Surface thickness: very thick (1mm).
Pip length: medium (0.9mm).
Pip width: average (1.6mm).
Pip spacing: average (0.7mm).
Overall: average (8.9).
Value: expensive (3).
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This is a good rubber if you are looking for spin more than speed. The control is average . I would recommend for all round players.
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A light weight but also speedy weapon with little control and spin.
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Great rubber. I have bought one fresh in 2015 and found it a tad harder with a little more kick. Still a great rubber with a lot of control. Makes a great bh and it pairs great with any blade, great last generation rubber : springy rubber, grippy topsheet, lightweight with good control.
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Good allround rubber.
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Fantastick rubber for ALL+ controled game. plays really well with Grubba Carbon BH 2.0 block is like a wall doesn't 'catch' spin backhand topspin is a killer high throw with tons of spin and always goes where it should. Also tested on Innerforce ALC but didn't click together
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This is my current backhand rubber, and I think it is quite fast, and very spinny. Topspinning on an underspin ball comes with ease. When you start off using this rubber, you will find that it is a bit hard to control, but eventually you get used to it. Overall it is better for matches than for training, but if you want to be able to control it easily, you should also train with it.
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Good rubber for looping from mid distance. I have it on my fh with max size and on a xiom offensive s blade. The problem I have with this rubber is that it's hard to loop close to the table. Slow looping close to the table is even harder. I think it has to do with the tensor on this rubber. The ball usually goes far and fast even if you try to slow loop. But the good thing about the rubber is how awesome it is when you are at mid distance. I can make some crazy shots from mid distance.

Update: After some practise the slow loops works fine though. It's deffinetly a good rubber. Best rubber I have used! Love it!
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I've been ping ponging (pardon the pun) from rubber to rubber for a number of years. At one stage I thought I had found the holy grail with Tenergy 05 for my FH, but it was a rather expensive solution. Then I discovered Donic Acuda S3. I found the transition from Tenergy 05 seamless. It has comparable spin and is a very versatile FH rubber...but at a much cheaper price. I think I'll be sticking with it for many years yet.
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combined with primorac carbon, nasty combination ...flicks, loops, counter loop, block etc....with this combo you wont go wrong Naruto & 9 tails combo
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The Donic Acuda S3 is a soft rubber which i have used on backhand with a 1.8mm sponge in the red version.

On my backhand it worked really great for me when for playing topspins, shoots and drives. spin and speed is good especially shoots over the table are lightning fast maybe also because of the low swing weight of the racket when doing short movements with the wrist. the control in those techniques is very good. the rubber produce an higher arc compared to the S2 which is for me an advantage when making backhand topspins close to the table.

On the other hand it seem for me much more difficult than S2 when it comes to blocking. incoming balls with heavy spins are quite difficult to control.
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This rubber is fantastic.

The throw angle is very high, and it is fast, which is great for loopers.
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A good rubber for offensive players. You will surely love playing with it.
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perfect on FH/BH for offensive users
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If you are an offensive player, play in MAX. Very good rubber.
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A magic rubber. Very very good, you can make topspin very easy, very good speed and the control is the best.
The consistency is perfect and the durability is high too.
With this rubber you can do it all, I loved it. 9,9/10
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I play with it on fh on my Donic Dotec Persson Carbokev, on BH I have Desto F3 Big slam.
Well for me S3 is lovely rubber ,amazing control ,realy good speed and the spin is fantastic.With the soft sponge you have amazing control and the same time enough speed for realy good topspin and fast attack from long and mid distance,if you are next to the table you must be a little more precise.
With two words "Exellent Quality"
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Very good rubber for your BH. I have tested with TSP Reflex Award OFF on the BH and it's very easy to play with it (considering that I'm using short pimples on my BH).

Spin: good+
Speed: good
Control: Good+
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Strong topspins and easy blocks and everything you need .
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Has some of the springy nature of Tensors, balanced by the soft sponge and grippy topsheet. Has the best mix of control and pace of any ESN rubber I've tried so far. Really good for blocking and hitting, enough grip to loop and lift backspin. Not too bouncy, so short game isn't compromised too much, but enough spring to punch through dead balls with ease. Awesome backhand rubber. Best blocker I've ever used.

Speed increases quite a lot with thickness, so if you try MAX and find it too bouncy, give 2.0 or 1.8 a try. I found the difference to be more noticable than most rubbers.
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I used this rubber in a BTY Joo Se Hyuk blade. Fore hand Tenergy T05 and back and Acuda S3. This rubber at the beginning it seemed too fast for my defensive style of play. But I started training and I got better control. It took about 2 months to control it. I won again in the chop, the chops with this rubber have a decent spin. The S3 also helped me to begin to develop other kinds of strokes, backhand attack, counter-attack and active block and pasive block also worked well. At first I was suffering a lot with block because always was pasive. Then I went to a active block and some times counter-attackering, all worked OK. With some players more offensive than other I notice that when I do counter-attacks the ball falls into the table but to be right, it may be that is impacting near or over the table, the throw angle (5.6 vs 4.0 Donic Slice!
40) is too high or I couldn't control the speed of the rubber. Very good for smash hits, I hardly used by top spin.
At service's receiving is more difficult with this rubber that BTY Flextra and Tackiness Chop. Acuda S3 is not particularly good to serve, the ball seems to not have enough spin.
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Really like this rubber. Faster than I expect. Good for FH and BH.
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Very good ! Much spin and power
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Good short game. Low pushes and short serve returns are easy to achieve with this rubber.
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** Used on a BTY Biside blade.
An excellent balance between control-spin-speed.
The loud "clicks"on hard hits looks like a fresh speed-glued rubber.
Not so powered on drives, but very stong on top-spin.
Easy passive blocks and decent chops (even to short game).
The strongest (in my point of view) is the easyfull smashes. Just hit hard and the ball in on the table.
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payed 30 euro
max in both side on a Nittaku Rutis
excellent spin, nice speed, control is good; the durability of the topsheet is amazing; I putted on in september and the rubbers are like new, expecially the BH;
maybe I will try 2.0 on FH and 1.8 on BH
overall I give a 9
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For five years I've stayed away from ESN products on BH, preferring more "meat-and-potatoes" rubbers like Mark V or Mendo. No more. Acuda S3 is the first ESN product I've played with that matches enough of the short game control and touch of classics and adds a lot of over the table attacking options, while being almost as good at mid distance. Service spin was a step up to boot. Very forgiving considering how much it delivers. Durability is much better than previous ESN Tensor generations to boot. Still not on par with classic rubbers, but improved enough where it's worth it.
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I'm giving this rubber a 9 overall for what it is. It really depends on the softness your looking for. S2 and S1 get firmer as you go, so this is what it is in a softer sponge. Very springy, spinny, and a loopers dream if you like slower, spinnier loops. Just watch you don't put it on too soft of a blade. It would be almost too much. IMO I would love to put this on an off- blade in a 2.0 on the backhand. Too thick and it becomes tougher to control, but man this rubber is good. Quality is about as good as it gets. For me personally, as a hard hiiter with a big swing, its a hair too soft for forehand, but good for my backhand.
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So far this is my favorite do-it-all rubber for the offensive minded player. S3 is the only rubber I have found with the spin qualities of Tenergy05, the control of Sriver, the throw angle of Bryce FX and the loud noise of Sinus Sound. It allows me to flip almost any underspin serve or play close to the net without the occasional pop up problem of Tenergy. Hitting is much more consistent in now I can hit with a human for 2-3 minutes without stopping, where as before I'd last about 20 seconds before hitting a stray ball. Looping is a dream with this rubber. Not only do I get strong Ten05-ish spin, but it does so with a much lower throw angle, which puts more pressure on my opponent. I can't tell a difference in my service spin or control coming from Baracuda or ProBeta. But the weight is similar to Baracuda and a little heavier than ProBeta and much lighter than Tenergy. I've been using S3 on both sides of my TBSpirit for the past 2 months and have no downfalls to report on this rubber.
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a step up from bigslam step down from baracuda if that helps great rubber love it
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Just played with my new sheet of 2.0 S3 last Friday and was very pleased overall. Have played with Desto F3 (max) and Big Slam (max) for the past 10 years so have always been a big fan of Donic rubbers, especially the Desto rubbers. I tried the 2.0 as I heard it was faster than Big Slam so thought I would have a little more control. I would say the 2.0 was a little faster than the max thickness for Big Slam. One thing that really stood out was that I didn't even notice much change from the F3 and F3 Big Slam I usually play with except for a little more speed/spin, and that was a good thing. The throw angle was medium-high, the spin was good, and the speed was good. I'm anxious to try Acuda S3 in max thickness to see how it compares to F3 and Big Slam max. If this lasts longer than F3 or Big Slam I'll continue playing with this rubbe!
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Ok, summer league is now over and ive used this rubber for a month or so now in half a dozen matches, its not quite as soft as the big slam that ive been used to so at first i thought id struggle adapting to the slightly lower throw angle of it, but just a couple of hrs practice and id almost got it. Apart from the odd close to the table loop going long its had a good effect on my overall game. Looping mid distance is a breeze with plenty of kick and spin (side spin in particular), touch shots and control is as good as big slam and flat hitting seems to be crisp and direct. The surface seems very similar to barracuda with superb mechanical grip giving you every opportunity to pinch the odd service point. overall im very pleased with it and shall see what the forthcoming season brings. It looks like a resilient type of rubber so should work !
out a cheaper option than big slam in the long run.
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