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Donic Bluefire M2

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DONIC Bluefire M2

Characteristics: Excellent balance between speed, catapult effect and feel. Recommended for: Players who like to play with Medium Hard rubbers and attach high importance to spin and speed with optimum feeling.

The blue miracle.

Donic's new Bluefire is a completely new rubber development offering top speed. A new high-tech generation of rubbers in the proven Formula FD3-technology has been developed as a result of the perfect combination of the large pored blue sponge with an extremely spinny top surface rubber. The top rubber with its small, long pimpled-in structure lends the rubber the best possible flexibility and sensational feeling. Above all, the Bluefire is unbelievably fast with a characteristic high arc when top-spinning that enables maximum spin and increased speed.

Speed: 97
Spin: 107
Control: 70

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Donic is a table tennis equipment manufacturer that produces high-quality products in Volklingen, Germany. In business for over 25 years, they have been on the forefront of research and development, led by top Swedish pro players Jan-Ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson.

Ask around your local table tennis club and you'll be sure to find some players using Donic equipment. They have a great reputation and it's no surprise when you look at their rubbers. Three of their most well-known product lines are undoubtedly the Acuda, Bluefire and Bluestorm series. Additionally, a spin-heavy favorite for the backhand is the Donic Baracuda. If you like to spin, smash, or a little bit of both, you won't go wrong with Donic.

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  • The Donic Bluefire M2 is praised for its excellent speed and spin, being compared favorably to the Tenergy 80 and 05. It's suitable for an attacking game with good control due to longer dwell time.
  • The rubber is highly durable, lasting up to 300 hours of play unboosted. It works well on spin elastic to hard blades, and is particularly effective on backhand.
  • The Bluefire M2 is noted for its high throw and great control, allowing for a variety of topspin variations. It's also praised for its durability, maintaining its quality even after extensive use.


  • The rubber is reported to degrade after 200 hours of play, particularly the red topsheet which is less chemically stable. This degradation is accelerated by boosting, sweat, and repetitive pressures.
  • The rubber is said to shrink significantly, particularly if removed from the blade during a match. This may pose a problem for less experienced players.
  • Some users find the rubber hard to control due to its high catapult effect. It's also noted to be less effective for slow hits and can be difficult to control in a short game.

Reviews of Donic Bluefire M2 (43)

A medium sponge with a hardness of 45 that with a great balance of speed, spin, and control between M1 and M3.
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This rubber catapult effect is just 2 much 2 handle. Spin is great and arc is awesome, but it is really hard to control. Topsheet is 2 hard to penetrate for slow hits in my opinion. M3 didn't have that much catapult and allowed for better BH flick, but deformed more on hard hits, so the ball wasn't very direct. Sponge is 2 springy. Where this rubber does really well is mid distance from the table, you can brush the ball with short movement and the arc is truly comical, it can bend really hard, especially if you hit it fast. I wasn't able to control it in a short game at all it bounces 2 much forward, or upward on underspin shots. Even on backhand which requires faster rubber I wasn't able to control it well and I am using Tenergy 05 now and I find it way easier to control. Rubber also shrinks a lot, which makes it harder, especially topsheet. Some people recommend this rubber for its "dwell time", but I have to say I couldn't feel it. Xiom Vega Europe to me has much more dwell on Backhand. When it comes to blocking it was doing suprisingly well.
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Not very controlled as catapult is huge and spin is average. You cant hit it very hard as the rubber bottoms out quite early.
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The rubber shrinks a lot when you reglue it. Great speed and decent spin. It's the balanced version of bluefire series (not very fast and not very spinny). Can't say about durability as I got them recently for both sides with tibhar samsonov force pro blade. Will take some time to control its speed of you haven't used fast rubbers before.
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No he visto muchas reviews en espaol, as que aqu va una:
Esta goma es de las mejores que he probado en mi vida! Retorno al tenis de mesa despus de muchos aos y esta goma me ayud muchisimo.
Al comienzo es un poco dificil de controlar por la alta velocidad que brinda, pero una vez que le agarras el hilo, no hay quin te pare: TopSpins rapidsimos, con mucho efecto y difciles de responder.
La estoy usando como forehand en una madera Yasaka Ma Lin Extra offensive, junto a un Andor Hexer Powergrip en el backhand.
No se dejen engaar por la dureza de su esponja. En medianas y largas distancias este jebe es buensimo. Muy pocas bolas se quedan en la net.
Recomendado al 100% para personas que ya tienen un conocimiento bsico de los golpes y tcnicas. Si recin empiezas, esta goma no es para ti.
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