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35 Reviews for Donic Bluefire M3

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I use Rakza 7 Soft & Hexer PowerGrip SFX, both rated 37 & 42 degree soft. The Donic website lists Bluefire M3 as 40 degree soft but when i used it, it feels like 45 degree hard. BF-M3 is certainly faster than R7S & HPG SFX but the dwell feels poor compared to R7S & HPG SFX. BF-M3 is still good in speed, spin and control, just that the dwell feels less.
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Good choice for ALL+/Off- players. I use M3 on BH and I can tell my flicks are noticable better. It's rubber with great control and spin over speed.
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A soft sponge with a hardness of 40 that generates more spin & control but provides less speed compared to M1 and M2.
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Good responsive grippy rubber. However it wears and cracks within several months even if you take care of it perfectly.
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This is literally the best rubber I have played with .... Seriously underrated..... Loopmachine on FH.. Best with a faster blade... More dwell time so you get a fraction of a second to control and impart higher spin... I used on FH and then tried it on BH and it shined even more .... My backhand topspin from even far away from the table was coming like a beast... Due to the higher throw, your confidence for attacking is high.... Ball kicks a lot on topspinning with good technique... Don't waste your cash on tenergy ... Give it a try
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9.4/10 for OFF style. FH: Butterfly Dignics 80, 2.1mm, 47g (0.23g/cm^2), 40 degrees (Shore A). BH: Donic Bluefire M3, 2mm, 46g (0.226g/cm^2), 40 degrees (ESN), 33.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Donic Waldner OFF World Champion 89, 85g, 157mm x 150mm x 6.9mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Spruce - Spruce - ZLC - Kiri - ZLC - Spruce - Spruce.
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I switched to Donic Bluefire M3 max (black) on my backhand about 7 months ago from Andro Rasant Grip. I noticed the effect immediately - the dwell time increase and my backhand loops were devastating. My shots had better shape with more spin, similar throw angle but slightly less distance. After an adjustment, I found myself looping harder and faster to bring the distance back, but with more spin and speed. Chopping and serving is fine with this rubber, and blocking is a dream. Banana flicks and strawberries are pretty good and counter-hitting is easy. As a backhand dominant ALL+ player, I think I've found my perfect rubber. Setup: Bluefire M3 max black (BH), Powergrip 2.2/V-15 Extra max red (fh), TSP Swat Power.
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Tried the Bluefire M3 on a friends blade. Felt like I was playing with a soft Sriver from yesteryears. ALL+ rubber. Rubber is more for all round players. Decent speed and spin, nothing extraordinary (a new Mark V would out spin it). I didn't care for it too much. You defn need to try it before putting money down to buy it. There are better rubbers (with more spin/speed) out there. Not impressed.
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I think this rubber is good for forehand and backhand. The spin, speed and control is amazing. Good arc even with my blade cornelliau aero off. recommended rubber with low cost of money.
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Speed: 9.2
Spin (European Style): 8.8
Control: 8.9
Weight: 47g in 2.2 (0.229g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 33.5
Gears: 2.3
Throw: 6.2
Fast Loop: 9
Slow Loop: 9
Counter Loop: 8.9
Touch: 8.6
Block: 9.2
Smash: 9.5
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 9.1
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.8/2.0/2.2
Durability: 4.4
Value: 7.5
Overall: 9
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They are great rubbers.
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Using it with Stiga VPS diamond touch,I think its a wrong combo.But the rubber is good.Blade I think is very poor.Or maybe I dont have the technique to use vps.

UPDATE-NOV 2017-BOTH VPS+M3 ARE GOOD.Looping monster,very good control.Sponge is very delicate...or rather the Donic glue is the worst tears all the sponges when removing the rubber.Andro glue=awesome.
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Learnt BH topspin, loop and block using DHS H2..then Used Xiom VEGA Euro DF. Now M3. I would say learning BH with H2 is difficult. Technique has to be perfect and absolutely consistent. When I changed to xiom Vega Euro DF. It was so easy to do all the shots. Now with M3 it's even easier and more consistent as compared with the Xiom (I just do the shot with just reflex action and the ball goes in as compared to the other two rubber I need more concentration aspecially with the H2) . Since I learnt my BH with DHS H2 this is not a hard nor it's a heavy sponge for me. All I can say about M3 is to confirm what others have said about it... Great for looping underspin balls, topspin drive, blocks, short and long underspin push. Loads of topspin on loops and drive with high arc. I didn't mention serve because this is my BH rubber and I use my FH rubber to serve which is DHS H3 Neo. Overall an excellent BH rubber and it pays real dividends if u already have good technique. Then all BH shots suddenly become much easier to do and land. I would say if you are a flat hitter and smasher, this rubber is not for you. U must u spin to make full use of this rubber.
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I played this only 5 minutes on a tibhar chila. First I took it on fh, and my first impression are : this is less spinny than an evolution fx-p and rasant powersponge, I'm a bit disapointed. As speed as the evolution, a little more than the rasant ps. Because of his less spin, I tried it on my bh, and here is the revelation : I can do everything I want, all my balls are on the table !!! A real good control. Still less effective than other, but so much more controlable, so it became more effective (I'm not afraid to make out of hell topspins). And an other good stuff is blocking with it. My blocks are very consistent and I can place the ball wherever I want. Perfect for activblock/countertop right after the bounce. I didn't test chop, chop block, serve and pushes. But sure I will buy it for my bh !
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Fantastic rubber for off+ blades very hard and very stiff...
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I am using it for BH and I am very happy with it. I using on YinHe T-3 and it shines when I spin or smash.
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changes from Tenergy05 I'm able to play M3 without problem, awesome rubber from Donic :) not over price. I will stick with Bluefire series.
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Overall a very good rubber. Using it on my FH and BH in max. My blade is andro kinetic explorer OFF+. It works pretty darn well. Serves come a little long but spinny nonetheless. Short game and touch play are pretty good but sometimes the ball goes long. It Looping mid-distance is really easy as the throw angle is high and my blade is quite fast so yeah loops are real good. However, looping underspin requires a relatively high angle and not a very fast stroke as the rubber has a high dwell time. Blocking is really easy as long as you read the spin carefully. Flicks work well but sometimes go long. Works well if you play not too passive or aggressive.
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M3's sponge is harder than the acudas blue p1, which was funny to me because p1 is supposed to be the hardest sponge on the blue series. Both topsheets seems very grippy (semi-tacky). Havent played with it yet, but those are my first impressions.
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Good dwell-time, speed fast, spin and serve is great, throw angle is high good for spin-loop forehand end backand on stiff hard blade or beckhand on soft flexy blade
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good control,a lot of spin,enough speed for all-rounders.due to its high throw it's suitable for looping,specially for lifting short balls.Drive looping is not very good,specially in mid and long distance,because of the moderate speed.I recommend to use this rubber on hard carbon blade because it is medium-soft rubber and gives u enough dwell time and feel.
due to high throw angle and its softness it is not very good in hard hitting,so I prefer it on backhand. I have trouble with short pushes ,maybe because I'm not trained enough,but I think it's somehow related to the softness,tackiness and throw of the rubber.
Update:odd thing (after 4 mount using) about this rubber is that it shrinks and also make the ball dirty (black lines on the ball,cos my rubber is black)
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The Bluefire series from Donic tries to be an alternative to the famous (and expensive) BF Tenergy. Well more or less Donic did the job. I agree and can only repeat what others say that every person feels the pros/cons a bit different because they play different.
My experience was the following. M3 has a really good looping arc, huge. Smashing is quite nice. It is easy to control the spin amount of the ball and hit "empty" balls with loop like hits. Chopping and passive chopping, lifting is easy. Had to adjust dropping but it is easy now. Passive play is really good and the rubber is quite forgiving for little mistakes.
So to summerise pros: you can loop every ball and attack till midrange.

There is difference between the black and the red rubber surface after a year: black topsheet remains softer red is a bit harder. The rubber surface looks grainy when it is new, after some play when this surface comes off some of the soft grip is lost, so you have to hit the ball a bit harder to loop efficiently.
So to summerise hit it hard and everything will be just fine. Or get an OFF- blade and hit just a bit less hard.

Finally I have finished the testing of the rubber. After 300 hours of effective table tennis, including 3 training camps, 30+ competitions and 4 regluing all I can say that this rubber is good. The loss of the grip is quite little, you can easily adjust without noticing. The rubber plays good on OFF- stiff to spin-elastic blades. I Used int on my BH, dropping and opening loops were still awsome. Chiqita and smash hits were a bit harder with the rubber getting older.

The rubber should be still good to play or practice but my hand is really swetty and the topsheet of the rubber finally gave in, it melted at the top of my index finger.

The Rubber is very durable, the edges are intact, no tears on it. The surface is worn by many hits and loops, but the sponge is in quite good shape.
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this is a great rubber, when I started to play with it I used it on my fh, and a tin arc on my bh. I thought it was too slow for a fh, so I switched to the bh. in my bh, all the 3rd balls were full of spin, and so are the normal bhs. You won't have problems with control, but I rated 9/10 because in some counter attacks it can "explode". Good for people who are starting!
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On a very fast one ply j-pen. I practiced four hours w/ it trying to do my game: Block and drive. Over all, I liked the rubber. But I will have to adapt to it somewhat. I would say it's for an all-around spinney game w/ a good speed in storage. It's one of those rubbers that "asks for spin". It will easily fly off the board if you just drive the ball, you have to topspin if you want something that looks like a drive. The blocks are interesting and surprising. Even though is not the ideal rubber for blocks because of the grip you can control it pretty well because of the huge dwell time. I will update.
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soft over all rubber with a high throw angle. Good power used on my BBC skinny flex (carbon blade).
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It's easier to slow loop with this rubber compared to acuda s3. The mid distance loops is way better with acuda s3. It might be more spin in m3 but the acuda s3 has way better ball line. So the arc is a is little bit higher on m3 when topspinning. One thing with m3 is that its easy to save balls when you are late to it. Dont know if thats a good thing though. Atleast not for your development cycle. The weight of the rubber is pretty heavy. Nothing I care about very much though. Another problem is in normal shots with this rubber. When you ain't looping and just try to play it normal. Here you notice that you need to change something. The ball goes very far in these situations. It often goes long. No problem if you block with it though. Here the rubber works very well. It's when you put pressure on the ball with a normal stroke that it behavies weird. Another thing I noticed with the rubber was how hard it was to glue it on to my blade. Re !
glued it twice and it's still not attached properly. Will use it for atleast one more practise ...
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I put this rubber (Max) on my Donic Epox control, as I was looking for something very spinny but not too fast. I went with the M3 over the M1 and M2 because I was looking for the softest sponge and slowest rubber in the Bluefire line.

However, even this M3 is extremely fast. In fact, it is one of the fastest rubbers I have ever played. Having said that, blocking is great, serving is great, chopping is great and topspin has massive potential.

My main issue is the ball going long on loops and drives. I think this is because this rubber has a very high throw angle - even higher than Baracuda, which is already too high in my opinion.

I put Rakza 7 Soft on the other side of my blade at the same time (both rubers brand new) and like that a lot more. I think it suits my all-round game better, as the throw is a lot lower (still high, but not crazy high like the M3), the spin is just as high, but the blade just feels more controllable and precise than the M3.

I may try Xiom Omega IV Elite next, as I seem to do better with softer sponges.

I think the sponge softness rating on the R7 Soft is spot on, but the M3 definitely feels more like 45° than 35°, at least to me.

UPDATE: I have now practiced a few times and played one league fixture with this rubber.

I have to say, it is definitely growing on me. The sponge seems to have softened up a bit and I am now getting the high, spinny loops that everyone talks about. This rubber really does generate a LOT of spin.

Maybe I am just getting used to it or maybe it needed a "break-in" period. Who knows? Either way, I will be keeping this on my FH side.
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Outstanding! Very best control and spin, very good speed! I do not understand the 8,4 ave speed on ratings , it is much faster a 9+ easy!
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This is going to sound strange but it feels like when they made this rubber, their main goal was to recreate the t05FX, not anything better. Has very good soft feel and spin. Super bouncy but not that fast, indicative of limited gears
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I switched to this after trying Tibhar Evolution MX-P. I have also tried Donic Baracuda and have hit with Tenergy 05, 64, and 05fx.

Andy Smith pretty much sums it all up. I love the spin on the serves and loops. I land shots with this rubber that blow my mind. Although, I find it easier to land a lot of those shots using Tenergy 05. I feel with Tenergy 05 I can get the ball to break out away from the table easier. Other than that, Bluefire does everything else just as well for me. I'm sticking with Bluefire for awhile. I may even move from Baracuda to Bluefire on my BH. Keep up the good work DONIC.
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I needed a rubber with enough pace, spin and control for my FH. I'm setting up the points with my Dtecs OX on BH so when the opportunuty occurs I kill the rally with a smash. The M3 that I have is in black and 1,8mm and has enough speed to put the smash away. When in defense it has enough spin and control to loop or chop from a distance. Great rubber to me but very expensive (around 46 euro/60 dollars) over here in the Netherlands.
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Played with Desto F3 back in the day and loved it. Then F3 Big Slam came out and switched to it and loved it. Noticed I didn't have quite as much spin though as other rubbers. Then Acuda S3 comes out and first rubber I found in years that I could replace F3 and F3 Bigslam with. Better speed/spin and still pretty good control. Now comes along Bluefire series and decided to give M3 a try. It's heavier but got used to it. First thing I noticed right from the very first loop was that it had much more spin. This rubber produces some serious spin! It's quite firmer than S3 IMO and didn't think I could play with a firmer rubber like this but decided to play with it for another week. Finally went back to Acuda S3 and first thing I realized was that it didn't have nearly the amount of spin that Bluefire did. It's also is more springy like Andy Smith said. Made up my mind right there that I was putting the Bluefire back on and that was that. Played a tournament with it after about using it for 2 weeks and lost 3 close matches to 2250 - 2300+ players. Just played 2nd tournament with it and won the event. Beat a 2250 - 2300 player in finals and one of the best matches I've ever played. The spin I was able to generate with it really caused problems for my opponents, and the blocking was superb. I blocked many outright winners with it. This rubber is really great!
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I'm currently using this on BH, 2.0 mm thickness.

AndySmith sums it up well in his review. The grip is fantastic, the throw angle is very high but the ball just snaps back down. Linear, easy to control. I have no issues with the blocking, feels good. There is indeed more dwell-time than I've experienced with other tensors, but the rubber is still not mushy at all, there's still a crisp feeling. Not super fast, but you could use max thickness to get the speed up a little if you're a speed freak. Or maybe try the M2 or M1.

The only minor downside I can find is that it's a little heavier than most other soft(ish) tensors.

I've tried quite a few rubbers over the last year or so, but have always gone back to Rakza 7 Soft as my BH rubber. Not anymore though, the Bluefire is on my blade to stay.
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The BF series is the first tensor I've used with a massive range of gears. The topsheet is also the grippiest I've used in this type of rubber.

It's not overly bouncy like old-gen tensors, and behaves very well in the short game. Service spin is excellent. The combination of topsheet and sponge give a real sense of "dwell" when you hit the ball, whereas previous tensors (Acuda, Coppa, etc) just fire the ball out. Accordingly, blocking does feel a little indirect at first, and it's not as fast as previous tensors when hitting flat.

But it's looping where this rubber shines. It's a loop monster. The arc is massive, spin huge, which gives you an enormous window to work with.

This is a special rubber.
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Hello guys , this is my first review , this is my first review , sorry for my poor english i'm spanish
I Buy those rubbers recommended by my trainer . I'm a offensive player at close-middle distance , I based my play on top spins with big loops in both sides with very good topspin vs topspin.

I bought two rubbers red a black for both sides , same thickness MAX . My first impression very elastic , good tact and a beautiful colour of sponge (blue) , the surface is opaque like Tibhar Q1

Click image for larger version Name: Foto0023.jpg Views: 2 Size: 81.9 KB ID: 2699Click image for larger version Name: Foto0025.jpg Views: 2 Size: 84.7 KB ID: 2700Click image for larger version Name: Foto0026.jpg Views: 3 Size: 82.6 KB ID: 2701Click image for larger version Name: Foto0027.jpg Views: 2 Size: 71.8 KB ID: 2702

I probe those rubbers in a Donic Persson Power play , i don't like blades very fast.
My first impression in play , the top spins are very easy to do , with big loops and high control , this control allow you open the angle of the ball and put this close to the lines of the table . The SidesSpins takes good angles with these rubbers. Good sound but less than TEnergy , 1Q or Aurus.
With this rubber you can do slow toppins close to the table very dangerous to your opponent , the game at middle distance become very greatful allow you to respond all the balls with topspins with great security and control . However perform deadly topspins are more difficult than other rubbers how 1Q , TEnergy , Aurus or Acuda perhaps in harder versions of this rubber this drive is more easy.

Very good for short game , pushes are good and receive services are a bit easy and dangerous when you use flips or backhand "chikita-topspins".

The smashes are not the best feature of this rubber , but how all the softs versions of rubbers .

Blocks are very good , specially to open angles , also active block.
I think this rubber is very spinny but not much if i compare this with 1Q , but your services will be great.

In Conclusion a rubber for offensive player with a game based in topspins in a middle distance , and use slow topspins or flip to open the game.
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