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54 Reviews for Donic Bluefire M1

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Comecei a usar quando tinha 3 meses de treino, foi at tranquilo de adaptar, como foi minha segunda borracha, no consigo opinar muito quanto as caractersticas de efeito, velocidade e etc. No entanto, o que posso dizer que ela no possui uma durabilidade boa, visto que com 5 meses j havia encolhido 4mm(limite permitido pela ITTF), alm que visivelmente est bem gasta.

Sorry for the bad English, I just threw it in the translator. I started using it when I had 3 months of training, it was even easy to adapt, as it was my second rubber, I can't say much about the characteristics of effect, speed, etc. , since at 5 months it had already collected 4mm (limit allowed by the ITTF), in addition to which it is visibly well spent.
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A medium-hard sponge with a hardness of 47.5 that generates more speed but provides less spin and control compared to M2 and M3.
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Great backhand rubber. But you need very good control the speed and spin are perfect for a backhand rubber.
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I really like this rubber. It has very nice speed and spin, good control and nice hardness. Comparing to tenergy 05, it feels like it does better in Spin and Control. It has even more gears. Speed and precision goes to tenergy. Throw angle is about the same. I would still be playing with it BUT it has a very low durability and it changes it properties continuously. When I changed this rubber after 2 months the new one played like a complete other rubber from another brand. That is how much the properties can change on this one in such a short amount of time.
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Worked best on my Forehand. I had to close my racket angle a bit while FH topspin attacking close to the table to avoid overshooting .
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9.8/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Donic Bluefire M1, 2.2mm, 50g (0.246g/cm^2), 47.5 degrees (ESN), 37.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: TSP Balsa 8.5, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 10.5mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Ayous - GlassFibre - Balsa - GlassFibre - Ayous.
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Very fast rubber with good amount of spin. But not very durable. The factory tuning keeps only for 1-2 months.
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What blade do you recommend for red do if bluefire m1
It was my son racket and I was tried on 2 trainings ,for me is magic rubber
I started to play 3 months ago after 25 years of break
Now Im sure I want to buy red donic blue fire m1 ,not sure what to put on backhand and also which blade to buy ?
Any ideas guys?
Thanks in advance
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I Don't know how can i explanation,but this rubber the great control BH, i think this rubber just for FH but BH it do dynamic touch to play, beat heater easy if u know rotation move ball, short and long table flexible to use, this rubber can be shot fly loop BH like kenta matsudaira use tenergy 05 , thanks u for everything DONIC
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Excellent rubber. It is all about combination. I used it initially with Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed and it is a speed demon and great with attacks but harder with brushes. I slapped it in my new Yasaka Sweden Defensive and I was able to generate more spin with brushes and able to controlled the speed a bit more. If you can't tame this beast, then you might want to start first with the Barracuda or M3 and gradually level up.
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blade : double fish carbon KING
Style : PH (modern reverse backhand) , Offensive

i used to have M1 on FH and M2 on BH, but quickly changed to M1 on both sides. i use my RBH aggressivly and the M1 rubber has a powerful response. low tackiness, takes time to adapt, but i prefer the M1 over Tenergy05.

pros : extremely fast, can produce heavy spin in full strokes, great touch on flicks,

cons : dificult to adapt, if hit on half strokes rubber can let you down.

recommended for experienced players with good consistency and technique only, not for first timers.
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Speed: 9.6
Spin (European Style): 8.9
Control: 8.7
Weight: 49g in 2.2 (0.241g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 37.3
Gears: 2.5
Throw: 5.8
Fast Loop: 9.3
Slow Loop: 9
Counter Loop: 8.9
Touch: 8.6
Block: 8.6
Smash: 9.4
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 9.3
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.8/2.0/2.2
Durability: 5.2
Value: 7.6
Overall: 9
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This is one of piece of sh.t, when you try topspin the ball slides in it, only one voice heard fzzzt, and the ball ends on your side of the table!!
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Nice speed. Medium high throw angle (lower than Tenergy or for example rasant) Control for me is 9 (maybe because my blade isn't speed demon). Very god rubber for forehand. I didn't have problem when twiddle for backhand (normally M2). Blocking - 8(perfect placement), topspin - 9. Hitting 9.5.In short game high control. Using on elastic Stiga Offensive Wod NCT. Remember that this rubber shinnigs when play active.
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I put it on my FH, and played about 4 hrs. for 2 weeks. The top sheet and sponge were tear a little bit on the side of the blade to center. I think it's not durable at all. The speed/spin/control are good. I do not use my all strength to lift the ball like Chinese rubber but spinning of the ball are the same.
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Really great FH rubber for aggressive looping play. Good short balls, but the biggest advantage is in active offensive play. Quite hard rubber so recommend for players with developed technique.
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Super fast and super spinny. It's like the Amaterasu but blue; extremely broken.
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Very fast rubber, spin is enough but sometimes it sends the ball at strange places.
And, never try to block with this.
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Spin demon!!!.It can demolish your opponent with its incredible spin.Im currently using donci waldner ultra senso carbon. FH: bluefire m1
BH:Donic sonex JP gold.I will compare it with my previous rubber (Donic coppa gold).Bluefire is much much better than coppa gold in all aspects especially in spin.High trajectory,high arc when looped.If you want huge spin and great speed go for bluefire m1 without any hesitation.
Now i will compare it with sonex jp gold:
And again spin demon is dominating!!Much better spin as compared to sonex.Specially when you put all your efforts for hitting the ball maximum part of your effort is converted into spin and rest to speed.I found speed of bluefire little bit greater or equal to sonex.
Now about rubber's other characteristics
Service:Incredible amount of spin on your serve
Banana flick:Your opponent will be stuned for sure because of the sidespin in your flick
Topspin:Huge spin
Speed:Great enough to loop kill.For better results combine it with carbon blades.
Block:Sometimes goes out of table but when you will learn to control it you will be amazed!!
Note:It's a tacky rubber.So for 100% performance of the rubber you must have good technique (you must generate spin from your waist instead of just generating it with brushing contact)
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Its a good rubber, but for my taste is a bit too much, i was so used to chinese rubber before buying this, i know its a great rubber, but it doesnt suit my style of play, attacking is nice but defending from a smash, the ball just shoots off the rubber flying excessively away from the table. I boosted the rubber and its softer, maybe i should have gone with the m3 rubber, i would have had a better experience.
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changes from Tenergy05 I'm able to play M1 without problem, awesome rubber from Donic :) not over price. I will stick with Bluefire series.
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Speed: very high (9.7).
Spin: average (9).
Control: average (9.1).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: medium heavy (49g, 0.241g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium hard (54/41).
Top sheet hardness: medium hard (54/41).
Gears: average (5).
Throw: medium high (5.5).
Consistency: always identical (9).
Durability: lasts longer than average (6).
Top sheet thickness: thick (1.8mm).
Surface thickness: average (0.8mm).
Pip length: long (1mm).
Pip width: average (1.6mm).
Pip spacing: average (0.7mm).
Overall: good (9.3).
Value: expensive (4).

M1 Turbo is faster and spinner than M1.
M1 is slightly faster than Tenergy 05, but it has less spin.
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Please read SEGUSO review. Slupsalaht may have a technique problem with his/her hits. I also tried MAXXX 500, T05, MXP, MXS and M2, M3, JP1, JP3... My main opinion was to find a rubber that is an attacking and aggressive rubber and less bouncy than T05, a bit more lively than MXP, more Lively than MXS, bit lighter than MAXXX500, and a bit more powerful, than other DONIC rubbers mentioned above. My blade is a Waldner WC '89, and M2 feels a bit mushy and unreliable at high power, MXP does also this when counterlooping from far away with full power. On this blade M1 is more spinnier than a T05 on a normal OFF- ALC limba or koto blade with kiri core blade and lifts the ball more. Also It preforms better in soft loops than MXP. As far as I could see the sponge of MXP and M1 only differs in the coulour. The softer topsheet of the M1 makes the real difference. I really do like the M product line of donic, because they last long. When kept clean the rubber has a really nice grip, and wears off after 250 hours of use. What I find as a negative effect, that the rubber dulls after a month or a bit more because the booster expires. This is also noticable with MXP, so occasional preservative boostering is needed to uphold the "out of the packege" performance.
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I've tried all kinds of rubbers considered to be "med-hard", including Acuda S1 Turbo, Omega IV Pro, Omega V Pro, Omega V Tour, T05, Tibhar MXP etc. Most of them have felt fairly comfortable on my FH, and I had little difficulty compressing their sponges consistently.

Donic's reference guides lists Bluefire M1 as being 47.5 deg. sponge, same as Acuda S1 Turbo and JP 01 Turbo. All I can say is that M1 felt *much harder* to me than these other offerings, to the point I couldn't get it to work for me in real world match play.

When I was in good position and made perfect contact with lots of body rotation, the loops were like lightning and just plain silly. Loops almost had the speed of a smash. Counter-looping was very fun (if I executed perfectly). However if my contact wasnt perfect, I'd usually miss.

The other aspect that stood out was that I've never tried anything in my life that was as reactive to the incoming spin as this stuff. I played practice matches with 2 different opponents whom i know well, and I kept dumping their light backspin serves into the net. I couldn't believe it, despite how much I was opening my racket angle.

So if you're a wreckless power-looping freak with complete confidence in footwork and elite strokes etc, this might be worth a try. Anybody else I'd tell them to stay away.
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Very bouncy and control is not satisfactory.i agree that you have to be a elite level player to use this rubber's true power.i wish, i would use m2 or 2.0mm.
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I installed on FH: Donic Bluefire M1 rubber max on FH on my AVX Avalox P 900 CPEN blade.
Its quite fast and can execute powerful spin and loops. For BH: TSP Ventus Soft. Its better than TSP Ventus Soft.
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The fastest rubber I've played period, durable (have it on for 3 months and still almost no difference), a lot of spin (the harder you grip). BUT the the lack of control is big. Anyways, it's still very good rubber if you have the skill and right blade for it. So I recommend this rubber for FH (forehand) because on backhand you will need something with a little bit more control, trust me (or buy a version with less thicker sponge). I use MAX red version of it and it is veery fast and hard to control on backhand. And in rallies you can hardly have time and capacity to focus on controlling this rubber (if on BH). That's pretty much it.
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First, I put it on a relatively fast all-wood blade, Acoustic. It produced all the faults predicted: unless fully winged, the ball either fell dead or flattened right into the net. Brushes died immediately, and so did controlled loops. Also, if lifted more, it flew out big time. Not good at all, no feeling.
Then I gave it another try, and out it on an Innerforce ZLC. And suddenly, all of the above were history. Drops, active and passive (used it on forehand), flicks, brushes, side spins, loops of every kind from close, mid and far, counter loops, drives - everything worked. It excelled in what I excel in, simply put. Amazing, even better (faster and a bit spinnier) than Andro Rasant Grip. The spin AND lifting the ball worked identical to Adidas P7, but again, only on ZLC. Apaprently, this rubber needs a little extra elasticity, springing power and speed.
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Outstanding offensive rubber.

M1 is a hard, heavy, fast, high throw, high catapult looping rubber that is also great flat hitting.

You can drive, flat hit, smash, power loop and brush loop, but you need a full stroke with the sponge working to unleash the high spin potential of this beast. The top sheet provide good aderence lifting under spin.

Good for active or passive blocking, but it's an offensive rubber and you have to be careful or the ball will go long.

M1 works really well close to the table, but it shines away from the table with incredible spin and speed on power loops. The high throw helps to clean the net when you are not in great position.

It has a good amount of spin on serve, but you have to be careful to keep the ball low.

There were some ball skid on pushes at first, but it tamed down after a few sessions.

For a couple of times I got an unpredictable trajectory looping.

The blue sponge is cool and the sound is great.

If you like to go for a knockout on every point, go with M1.
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great backhand rubber for those who like to block and drive. Very fast, topsheet allows for heavy spin on services and pushes. Also highly durable, longest lasting rubber while maintaining proper performance.
I did try it on my forehand and had trouble looping heavy backspin.
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Excellent offensive rubber with better control and lower throw angle then I expected.I also use JP02 but in T11+ blade.IMO M1 is great on my Nittaku Ludeak suitable on softer wood.
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I can generate a lot of torque easily against any incoming shot (top or chop)... which is rare (and nice)... AND on serve... maybe even 'especially' on serve).

Was scared away a bit at first because speed is given a higher rating than spin. Well, you can hit a hard, medium-spin ball, but you can ALSO hit a hard, super-hi-spin ball... since it will "grab" if you let it. That makes it my pick for both BH AND FH (a 'subtle' advantage for things like when rubbers wear out at different times... and you just want to "flip over" to the "better" side (on your strong wing) temporarily until you get new sheet(s).

I did not notice a difference between the M1 and M1-Turbo in terms of playability... but the M1 (regular) is MUCH lighter (the Turbo seems chinese-rubber-heavy in my opinion)... so in that regard, I really like the regular M1 better since I use a (med-fast... to med) full-size blade... and have a higher swing speed (mostly) for (generally) close-to-the-table play.

Overall, I love it... plus it's got killer-cool blue sponge (Note generally I'm a 'max' user, but 2.0 works really well (with the increased consistency (thickness-wise) of 2.0.)
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YOU NEED TO ALREADY HAVE GREAT CONTROL IF YOU GET THIS RUBBER. The speed is equal or faster than Tenergy 05. Spin is about equal. When you block you can feel that it is less reactive to incoming spin than Tenergy but the control you have over placement is greatly lower. Looping is a dream from mid to long distance. I loop from mid and block and do controlled topspins close to the table and the speed is great for blocks.
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Now I have my second sheet of Bluefire M1 and I must say: It´s a really great rubber!
If you want a rubber that provides high spin and speed when(!) you hit hard then it´s the perfect rubber for you but if you play with lesser force or you play a brush loop or a chop then the rubber is very slow and creates very much spin.
I think the rating of the Bluefire M1 is wrong because you must have a very good technique and a good arm-acceleration to "activate" the rubber and I think that the most people have not that technique and those people should choose the Bluefire M2 or Acuda s1 becuase the spin is easier to create and the rubber has a higher basic speed/catapult.
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not for defenders
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Above Average Killer!!! -- for championship play, works like a killer bees..
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Very good rubber, its fast enough, very spin, better and faster than AcurdaS1
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I came from an acuda s1.
But this rubber is much more controlable, more spinny and same speed.
At the first ball i knew that this rubbee wil me my choice for long time.
Excelent !!!
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I bought this rubber after seeing the review from tabletennisdaily attached to this product. I had been looking for a hard rubber that was fast, but had enough dwell for the short spinny loops off of backspin that give my opponents trouble.

After playing a few weeks with it, switching backhand and forehand, I have found that my close to the table spinny loops seem to be as effective as when I was using soft rubbers like F3 bigslam and Vario bigslam. I had one higher level player ask if I was using Tenergy after I looped one of his heavy backspin pushes.

This rubber is also very controllable in the short game, with slightly less spin generated on heavy pushes when compared to soft rubber. I have also been learning the backhand and forehand flick, and have had a good experience with this rubber

In summary, this is an excellent rubber that I have not found a downside to. I can't really compare directly to Tenergy as I have never hit with it, but I can definitely say that I am not tempted anymore after finding this rubber
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Is a "chinese rubber" for europe. Hard and not tacky like Hurricanes DHS rubbers.

Excellent to play away from the table
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Blue is the color of the sky! Superb!
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Very very fast rubber with lots of spin. I recently tried the bluefire M3 on a friends blade and liked it a little more due to the softer sponge. Very good for chops and backhand drives. Bad for blocking unless you really angle the blade towards the table.
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This is a good rubber, but it is not the high end that it is usually advertized about. The bounciness is good for attacking, but detrimental for defending, particularly in chopping and underspin defense.
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nice catapult effect, i got mine today and when i use topspin, is so nice, when it touch the table, cuz is just go like a lighting away from me. excelent forehand rubber.

update, After two months i think this rubber is still great, hasn´t loss any of its spin and speed, but i think the short game, close to the table blocking is a little dificult...

update, now i have bluefire m1 black max in a timo boll zlf, and is a nice bh or fh rubber. i prefer this on bh btw, nice speed and spin, but with a lot of control near and mid distance.
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hard, high throw rubber, without a lot of catapult (slower than MXP). very good for counterlooping. you need to loop with very closed angle. Its strong points are: powerloop against backspin ; counterloop. hardness is 47.5. topsheet is hard. With respect to MXP, M1 is a bit slower, grippier, higher throw, a bit harder.
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This rubber is a catapult. Extremely fast rubber for huge attacking strokes and above average control. The only drawbacks-admittedly big ones are a lack of spin and a lower than average throw angle. The throw angle is really only a problem on my backhand side (I use it on both sides) and produces a lot of service errors in the net. The throw angle being preferential ill move onto spin. I have a hard time producing as much spin as other people I play with- even one who plays with m2. My overall impression is that for someone who is an all out attacker this is your rubber. It is great from behind the table as well as on the table but doesn't have much of a touch game. Personally, I play a little bit more of a varied offense with the timo boll ZLF and will be making the switch to tenergy 80 after some research (crossing my fingers).!
However, nothing against the rubber for what it is. A fantastic attacking rubber but if you want a loopier, spinnier trajectory you may consider another rubber or at least use m2/m3
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After a long time not wearing M1, fitting the saturation wear vega euro. I tried re-M1 and I was impressed on the backhand. Very good for the flick, spin and smash backhand because M1 has more power than vega euro.
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Very good rubber.
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i love it so much
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I've just tried this rubber, n I think this rubber's character almost the same to Xiom Omega 4 Pro....
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that is the best rubber
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very fast, very spinny, very good control. i play from away the table, play loop very good. this is perfect rubber for offensive player. congrats for donic for creating the most powerful rubber.
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It is perfect rubber!
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Good speed,control,easy to loop,good away or close to the table,but not good for the serves.The only bad thing for this rubber is not spinny enough,less spin then Baracuda and Acuda.
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