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is ideal for those who master the chiquita because its long throwing angle can corner the enemy and the advantage is obtained on the third ball. This rubber is fast and the throwing angle is long
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Amazing rubber!
Very good speed, control, Awesome spin.
Nice for backhand and forehand
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in the modern production speed goes down to 8/10 but spin remains actual. the sheet is heavy even in 1.8mm
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With this rubber I'm able to sent the ball over the net that I sometimes not believe it could work. Topspin with this rubber is so easy and for me the rubber is fast enough. I Like it a lot and I would also say that control is very good. I play this rubber on the backhand with 1.8mm sponge and hitting also works very well. Used on TSP Balsa 5.5 All+-
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This rubber is very spinny. I use it on my BH & Fastarc G1 on my FH on Stiga Ebenholz V. Spin is equal to G1 but less in speed. You need to match it with fast blade. Overall this rubber is good for spin oriented & intermediate players.
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I was surprised how good this rubber is. It's VERY grippy/spinny! It seems more spinny than Tenergy 05. Very consistent on the shots. The ball lands exactly where you expect it. And you know immediately if you hit it too long or too short. Has a very high throw angle so it's perfect with my Joola Kool, which has a low throw angle, and perfect for my brush strokes.
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Donic Baracuda is an awesome rubber for loopers. Trust me, It feels similar with tenergy 05,but slower. It is not a rubber for smashing because the throw. It's mainly used for looping and counter spin... Brutal.... 10/10 for spinners. If you are a smasher, stay away from this rubber :)
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9.3/10 for OFF style. FH: Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo, 2.2mm, 52g (0.256g/cm^2), 50 degrees (ESN), 38.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: Donic Baracuda, 2.2mm, 49g (0.24g/cm^2), 42.5 degrees (ESN), 34.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: TSP Balsa 8.5, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 10.5mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Ayous - GlassFibre - Balsa - GlassFibre - Ayous.
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great rubber , my answer to tenergys high throw , so many people write this and that rubber is the alternative to 05 . but none have the high throw and softness of 05 except Donic Barracuda and being softish. throw is the highest of all . thou 05/ t energy is faster , but much less control with the bouncy sponge barracuda has the medium hardness ,not bouncy , drawback is not so great speed but best spin and control is fantastic. it works for me cos l use a off+ blade carbonado 290 [ may be too slow for some on a average off or off- speed blade] one of the fastest very fast hard blades .so the lack of speed is no issue for me . swing fast on spin ups and don't miss ! .. so much more control than rasanter 47.5 and joola rhymer 48 . best rubber and its less than half the price of tenergy . its old like the 05 but one of very best spin rubbers .
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Intermediate level playing recreationally, really like this rubber on the backhand (2.0mm), good feel for loop, block, push, serve, serve return. Just great all around
Durability is excellent, after three years (2 hours per week) only some tiny bits have come off near the edge
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I found this rubber to be very fast but its best characteristic is the spin. You can feel it also in the surface and I find that the sponge hardness is medium to soft (probably more to soft). Although the hardness, it lacks in control but in time (and practice) you can use to it. It has high throw so you must beware if you use it with fast blades. it does not affected so much from humidity like other rubbers and it last a long time. I ordered a red sheet and I also have a black which I find it to be more spinier than the red, although is a year older and with a lot of hours playing.
Overall a very good rubber in a logical price.
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Ratings for max thickness. Easy to generate spin most of the time due to some softness. Thin top sheet similar to tenergy, not as fast.
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Tried red in 1.8 with a Donic Waldner Allplay. The feeling is it's the Sriver for the new 40 mm ball. Never tried G3, but Baracuda is very good and you can find at cheap price all over. Maybe not so pretty at seen but very good for both forehand and backhand.
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Great rubber.
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Currently using this @ 2.0 on a Xiom Stradivarius.

Speed - Nothing to write home about. Decent speed, noticeably slower than my Bluestorm Z1, a little bit faster than Mark V. Speed on flat hits and drives is so-so, not amazing but enough to put it on the table.

Spin - Spinniest rubber I have ever used. No contest. Definitely way spinnier than Mark V, Vega China VM, and even the Bluestorm Z1. My training partner had a harder time blocking topspin shots with the Baracuda compared to the Bluestorm Z1.

Control - Since it's a lot slower than the Bluestorm Z1, I have more confidence on my shots than I do with my Bluestorm Z1 (I use the BSZ1 on my FH, and Baracuda on BH, more on this later). Topspin shots are easier to land on the table, and placement is also easier. I had a bit to do a little adjustment on my pushes because of the high throw angle; not a bad thing, just something to take note of.

Tackiness, weight, sponge hardness and aren't really much too important to me. However, it's non-tacky (to me at least), light (lighter than my Vega China VM and Mark V), Medium-soft (Softer than Mark V).

Gears - Depends on how good you are at varying your shots. Slow shots come out slow, shots with more effort come out faster. There is a ceiling to how fast a shot you can make, but for everything else, what you put it is what you get.

Throw - Very high (at least for me that is). I used to do BH loops with an open bat, now I can do quicker loops off BH with a more closed racket position.

Consistency - Same shot every time, all the time. Wonders of modern industrial manufacturing.

Durability - only played with it for one session, so I'll put average. since it remains to be seen. Dinged it against the edge of the table within the first 15 minutes of playing, it wasn't too strong or anything since I managed to slow down at the last second. Didn't rip or ding the rubber; after wiping off the smudge from the table, still looked new.
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Not to fast, good spin, easy to stroke. Good sound when flat hit or smash. Not durable, easy to broke if hit the table. Still worth the price.
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Best rubber if tenergy is not an option. Spin is better than t05 but it has slightly less speed and durability. I use both sides but it is probably more of a backhand rubber. My only recommendation would be to only go for 1.8 or 2.0 as max loses that special spin aspect and weighs too much in comparison.
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rubber with medium speed, medium hardness, high spin, sensitive to the incoming turn, very high launch angle, great feeling, good control, quite heavy, very good for top spin, recommended for fh, it is recommended to use with hard woods
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A great spin rubber. suitable for forehand. cheap rubber. but I don't like the feel with this rubber in the backhand. tenergy 05 is good for backhand.
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Speed: 9
Spin (European Style): 9.7
Control: 8.8
Weight: 48g in 2.2 (0.235g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 34.5
Gears: 2.4
Throw: 8
Fast Loop: 9.2
Slow Loop: 9.1
Counter Loop: 9.3
Touch: 8.5
Block: 8.7
Smash: 8.9
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 9.4
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.8/2.0/2.2
Durability: 3.3
Value: 7.6
Overall: 9
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I find rubber inconsistent insome shots. When looping far from the table, or in some flat hits the ball goes straight to the net like it doesn't grab the ball. I feel 1/10-20 shots is like this. Other than that, agree with everyone elses comments. Another advantage I find is pretty good blocking.
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Spinniest non factory boosted esn rubber with high throw and moderate speed.
Excells at looping. Speed comes through on high impact shots. Suitable for both fh and bh.
Topsheet grips the ball well. Sponge is lacking something compared to factory boosted rubbers. This cannot be resolved by boosting, which does not improve performance a lot. Still super solid rubber.
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I think this is just the best backhand rubber. Ive tried a lot)
Here is max version in action
I am intermediate (not yet advanced) player and it really shines on backhand loops and helps me to improve my game. The spin is just amazing.
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Legend from Donic, and what an excellent rubber it is. Lacks high speed (but is enough for regular close and middle play), but shines in spin and control. Throw angle is high, I had to adjust my forehand in the first days (resembles slightly with T05, but without that catapult). And it's mid-hard, for my surprise. Overall, it's a great rubber, works well both in FH and BH.
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Great for Backhand to generate extra spin. Too slow for forehand. (Used on innerForce ALC.S)
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I bought this rubber twice. The first time was 4 months ago, it was very spinny. The second set was bought 2 weeks ago and the rubber had little spin and the topsheet felt firmer. Disappointing.
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I tried during last 20 years few Donic rubbers - Desto F2 and F3 , X1 TP , Acuda S2 , from another companies BTY Tenergy 05 , Tibhar FX-P. Donic Baracuda is imho for my play the best of all of them. Donic Baracuda has big spin potential and good speed. Baracuda is very , very good in combination with powerfull stiff blades , as my Xiom Strato or Avalox P700. Highly recomended for new "plastic time" , regarding huge spin. Edit 03/18: Baracuda has not so high speed as BTY T05 , has similary (low) catapult effect and similary characteristic and spin possibility.Baracuda is diferent from new rubbers as blue Storm e.t.c. Baracuda is "old school" tensor rubber with best spin potential with moderate speed. Edit 30.4.19: I play still Baracuda , in max...Durability 7 months for me , very good option , today on Vodak Diolen custom blade(similary of some arylate blade )...Highly recommended rubber.After trying all thicknesses I play with max sponge , in could conditions by matches is it little more funktionally ..Edit 2.1.2020: After some months with Fastarc G1 I am back by Baracuda...Reason is - in our could Gym is Baracudas 45SH better as 47SH by G1. My best thickness - option after testing 1,8-2,0-max is 2,0mm now - best mix of all properties near the table .Combined with ALC blade is Baracuda very efficient rubber with enough speed , best spin and good control.
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Played about 7 hours with this rubber so far on FH. Used with Xiom Stradivarius and found it was too stiff to get dwell with this rubber. Then used Xiom Offensive S and feels fantastic, amazing and powerful spin. When playing vs tenergy users they struggle to block the incoming ball because of the unexpected spin. Power is lacking slightly but adequate to finish the point, enables tidy and slow spin loops which you could argue is more useful for consistency. Overall loving this rubber and continue with it on the FH. Tenergy 05 has recently gone up to 54 from 50 in the UK :(.
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Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power (Carbon blade; OFF+) Rubbers: Yasaka Rakza 7 1.8 black; Donic Barracuda 1.8 black. I prefer Rakza 7 with this blade both on forehand and backhand. Reason: Although both play quite simalar, Rakza 7 is slightly livlier, harder, giving you therefore a better feedback. Barracuda (tiny softer) requires more of your own add up/power/work. The spin generation is almost the same.
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Barracuda have massive spin potential, very high throw, medium speed. Grip the ball very well, so easy to lift heavy under spin. Sponge feel no special, just a little speed glue " CLUCK " feel. Best for near table and good for far table. For me, playing barracuda is much more easy then play with Tenergy 05, barracuda is much more safe and a little bit more forgiveable. For some stroke, tenergy 05 require heavy brush to loop the ball. And the last thing, durability is very good, topsheet come from natural rubber, unlike Acuda Blue series and rasant grip that feel much more sinthetic.
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Very good backhand rubber. Excellent dwell time, extremely grippy and spiny, decent catapult effect. Speed is weak but well-compensated by control.
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very spinny rubber!(used it on my backhand) hard to block against strong loops, but highly rewarding when looping! serves where great. I would recomend it if you are a offensive player looking for more spin on your strokes.
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Its topsheet is easily breakable. Just after 2 month, it is the same as my 2 year old donic s1. Unbelivable!!
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very good for topspin game. loads of spin. easy to loop backspin balls. Helped my bh loop a lot.
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Mine is a black 2.0mm weighs 49.6 cut to standard size shakehand blade(157x150mm). Not very fast but great on off&off+ blades to tame it. Baracuda is very grippy, easy to lift underspin balls and generates super spin; the most spinniest rubber I tried so far. It's drawbacks are: heavy, smashing just OK & is sensitive to spin. I tried it on several of my blades and now I have it on Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power forehand. This combo generates ridiculous spin that will surprise your opponents. Baracuda is great for loopers but not so great for heavy hitters & smashers. Great match on low throw Off/Off+ blades. My ratings: speed=8.5, spin=9.6, control=8.5, grip=10, throw=high, hardness=5, feel=very good/solid, overall=9.3 (too heavy, otherwise 9.5)
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Very high spin can be generated in slow or fast loops,flicks good,blocks and drives are average because of very high throw and sensivity to incoming spin. Less bouncy compare to tenergy 05 fx due to thicker topsheet. Quite heavy rubber maybe same like tenergy series.durability ok
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Currently using it with treiber z with max thickness on my forehand. This thing produces monster spin. Creates slow and spiny loops and I can loop a low ball due to high dwell. Control is good. blocks are okay. It's probably best on a carbon blade. Something a bit stiff to allow the ball to sink into the medium soft sponge. I prefer this over the mx-p and the andro rasant grip. There is a bit more control and more spin with less speed. Although I would not recommend it to someone over 2000 USATT since it might be too slow.
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I am using it for FH and I am very happy with it. I using it on YinHe T-3 blade and it shines when I spin or smash.
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I start using this rubber in my FH with Timo Boll ALC, easy looping lots of control the ball kicks a lot. The rubber has a little less speed than some tensors, but the tackiness of this rubber works for a very spinny game.

As I said looping is one of the best qualities of this rubber, also serving gets very spinny. This rubber is a must for all intermediate players.

In the short game you can flick and push with ease due to this rubber great control, active and passive blocking also easier than what I have with Bluefire JP Series.

I like this rubber, spin is amazing, tough I prefer Acuda Blue Series because I'm an speed oriented player.
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I switched from neo H3 to baracuda.. Awesome forehand rubber.. Really vicious spin.. Must try
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Love this rubber! I'm not an expert, but I have tried a half dozen rubbers in my short time playing. This rubber is not super tacky, creates good spin and has great control. Using the max thickness and it's definitely my favorite right now.
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Speed: low (8.6).
Spin: high (9.4).
Control: average (9.2).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: medium heavy (48g, 0.235g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium (48/35).
Top sheet hardness: hard (55/43).
Gears: average (4).
Throw: medium high (6.7).
Consistency: always identical (9).
Durability: average durability (4).
Top sheet thickness: thin (1.5mm).
Surface thickness: average (0.7mm).
Pip length: medium (0.8mm).
Pip width: average (1.7mm).
Pip spacing: dense (0.6mm).
Overall: good (9.4).
Value: good (7).
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Very good rubber. Excellent spin generation. Slightly better control on active shots than Tenergy 05. Softer than Tenergy 05. Kind of like a Tenergy 64 but with 05 like spin generation capabilities and throw but slower. Not quite as good as Tenergy and doesn't last as long but much cheaper.
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Spinniest non tacky rubber I've ever played with. Besides this I've played with MX-P, Nimbus, Acuda S1 Turbo, Rakza 9, Aurus and Mark V (why am I even mentioning this one?), none of these rubbers comes even close to generating as much spin as baracuda does. It's forgiving and despite the high throw it is very easy to play with, even when doing close to the table looping. The high spin produced on loops beautifully counteracts the high throw and brings the ball down to the table with a good arc. It only took me only a few minutes to adjust my game when i first played with it. Amazing product by donic
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Ok. So on my quest to find the best slow spiny looping rubber, this was the last one I was trying. I have tried a bunch of rubbers, including T05, and while it is just as spinny, the hard rubber does not help for slow spinny looping. The medium/soft sponge of this rubber allows for spins of all flavors! And I've NEVER seen a rubber that does it like Baracuda. All my opponents were surprised by the spins, and if I had any amount of time, my loops were unreturnable for the most part. Even if they were returned, it was weak, and loop driven or smashed. Which was another surprise. It smashed better than I thought for a soft sponge, but I had it on a stiff 729 V-6 blade, which pared great! Smashes were just powerful enough, and spins were sick. This is my new rubber for forehand, and my next test is to put it on my Jun Mitsutani blade, which should be a perfect pairing. It chops, blocks, spins (no better rubber for lifting backspin), serves super spinny, and pushes great. Probably a great backhand rubber too...
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Very good ruber both for bh and forehand . if u like to be agresive on bh u can go with max. for forehand max is much better then 2.0 . i will compare with with tenergy 05 a rubber that i used alot.
First of all, baracuda is more durable, especialy the topsheet . speed is slower, but spin is more. on a blade like T Boll ALC the speed is more then enough
At service baracuda is MUCH better compared to tenergy and also much better at push over the table, u can generate much more backspin with it. Actualy close to table i find baracuda better then tenergy

Keep in mind, many people make the mistake and buy baracuda 2.0 but u should use it in MAX. just like tenergy u use it in 2.1( max)

Conclusion. This rubber is a MUST to try it . is not very expensive. its actualy half the price of tenergy.
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This rubber was purchased as my forehand, a replacement for the Mark V. The Mark V has great feel and is all around wonderful, but I wanted something more aggressive for service and looping, as I tend to play a bit off the table with high-spin loops. The Baracuda fulfills this, no doubt, but I do find it a bit difficult to control at times, just because it's so reactive and fairly sensitive, in my opinion. It could just be that I need more time with it to become more acquainted and alter my style a bit. The biggest positive is the simply incredible amount of spin achieved. When playing against opponents who don't necessarily know how to handle it spin, they rarely have a chance at returning my serves. On the flip side, matches against more experienced players who are able to return my serves make the third shot quite difficult to get back over the table when using forehand, as the spin can be difficult to manage. I'll admit that I do need quite a bit more time before being comfortable with it and adjusting the angle for returns. The Baracuda is dramatically different than the Mark V for short game, and it seems as though once I become more comfortable I will be able to use the increased spin to my advantage.
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My rubber is glued to a Barricade DEF blade and I use it on FH with OX Curl-P1r on Backhand. I actually play offensively, most of the time, at close/medium distance to the table, using the pips to disrupt the pace, or for chopping if needed. I've been playing table tennis for 3 years now and this is the second time I get to use a Baracuda. When I was a beginner I used it on a Waldner Allplay blade on the FH side, and even though I liked the rubber back then, I wasn't able to get the most out of it.

SPIN: This rubber has an awesome dwell time and produces a LOT of spin on all strokes.

SERVE: My biggest weapon on serves has always been deception rather then of spin. Baracuda allows me to produce a wide range of very spinny serves.

LOOPS: This rubber made me a looping machine. Mind you that it's a slow rubber glued to a DEF blade, so the Loops are not really fast, but VERY spinny and controlled. I've seen good players misjudge the amount of spin and block the loop way out of the table. My favorite stroke.

DRIVES: Even though this rubber is slow, driving the ball feels good and it's fast enough if you do it right. Not suited for long distance play though.

PUSH: Very easy to generate spin and pressure the opponent with good placed balls.

HIT/SMASH: Even with my DEF blade, it is fast.

CHOP: It's not hard to chop with this rubber. Even against heavy topspin.

Durability: I have been playing with the same rubber 8h a week for 1 year now. It's still very good. 10/10.

Bottom line: Tenergy 64 is still the best rubber out there for me, as I'm not quite a fan of the Tenergy 05. Baracuda is slower then Tenergy 64, but it generates a lot of spin. Control is awesome. For the price of this rubber, I would say give it a try. If it's too slow for your FH, you may still like it on the BH side. If you are a DEF to All+ player, then you can't go wrong with this one. Works well with poly balls. I'm using it on 2.0mm sponge.
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These days the game is changing, due to next season all league matches will be played with poly balls in my country, from amateur to pro. (Pro matches are played from 2014 with poly balls). Blades are getting stiffer stronger with more power, and rubbers are getting slower, softer and bit grippier. So I chose this rubber for my Donic World Champion 89 Waldner blade. Softer Big Slam for BH and normal for FH. The setup is amazing. Firstly I would like to point uut that I use the rubber unboosted, but probably will boost, when the rubber's preformance will decrease. The setup has a really nice ALL+/OFF- speed, with enormous control. Though the rubber is spin oriented, it functions very well in other strokes. The spin is the same as Tibhar MX-P, bit more than M2. Speed is slower, when playing, but the blade has that OFF power, when I smash. The rubber is very linear, my opponents say, that it is a bit easier to play against, than MX-P, because MX-P is more faster and rougher. But because of the control I can do counterspins to every loop, with decent speed. Spin sensitivity is very forgiving. My Blade is 92,4 gr, with rubbers it is under 180, which is considered a medium/light blade. No wonder why this rubber is so popular: good price, good quality, outstanding performance and controlled speed.
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My new favorite backhand rubber! Good spin & control on serves & pushes. Backhand loops are sweet. High but consistent throw angle. The 2.0 is fast enough for my backhand on an ALL+ blade, but I haven't tried it on my forehand.
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We`re all looking for extra grip/spin with the polyball and this one has it although the pace is a bit slow on my Defplay Senso,4 layers of Falco booster and it plays like a dream with more pace than my usual Tenergy 05 and equal if not better spin,I think this is a reasonably priced solution for me ...I didn`t put a speed spin control rating due to the booster where I would put my rating for that at 9.5,9.5,8
Update:the Falco long booster is needed for effect longetivity ,this rubber boosted is the solution when you need more speed without using a faster blade,as an ox lp user I need a blade with some dampening on b/h side,t05 is not fast enough with polyball for f/h on my current all+ blade with flex(bt 550)
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Used this on fh after H3, and:
Smashes go faster;
Serves go spinnier;
Chops become easier;
Blocks (High tackiness here and needs time to get used to it) go faster
This is an excellent rubber for offensive and all-round players.
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Very good product by Donic (ESN). Like most ESN products all is there and most of it has been told about this rubber on DB. Only thing i don't agree with is speed. I find it to be sort of fast like most modern rubbers. At least 9.1 or something around that.

Have fun!
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Recently put matching rubber on my hunter black widow.
Play is very nice and responsive. Super spinny. Rubber quickly allows you to compensate spins in returns or to add to topspin loops. Really enjoy and will be buying often. Maybe just changing my sponge thickness down to 2.2/2.1. Other than that great rubber for aggressive players.
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9/19/2014:I started playing 30 days ago.This was after a gap of 15 years.I was in my college TT team.

I have never been a good looper....I bought Baracuda....and magic I am a deadly looper now.Awesome spin,awesome loop....give so much please to loop with this.Opponent at my club flummoxed with my new skills.

I am very happy with my serves,chops are great too,control is the best I have ever had.Take my game to a new level so easily.I play 2 hr daily for last 30 odd days.
Update-9 May,2018-Came back to this rubber....same sheet mind you...4 yrs old sheet...still great spin....I love the snakes I manage with this spin of all rubbers.I use it on my BH on Sanwei Fextra....great for loops,serves.

4 May ,2019-Not good for blocking.
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Unbelievable fault tolerance! When you hit or brush the ball, the rubber seems to dwell very well and wrap the ball around. It makes a unique sound and crazy amount of spin.
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Among the best! Speed is just right. Control awesome. Spin brutal. A must try.
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The donic baracuda is a very good allround rubber with very good speed, enough speed and good control. I reccomend to play a off- blade minimum, because on all+ blades it gets (for me) tpp slow.
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Fantastic rubber, perfect spin and great control.
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I have been using this rubber for 2 months, there are few good things about this rubber, Because of the high throw angle some shots are landing well in the table. But my pushes are in trouble now because of the throw angle. Most of the time the loops are not consistent. Away from the table lobs are good.
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with a off carbon blade like persson carbon senso v1 or bfy sardius or bfy zlc it is excellent for FH.I coudnt use it on all said it has high spin even more than T05.speed is enough.dont forget more speed=lack of control.
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Disclaimer, I'm USATT 1530 so I'm not claiming that I know everything, and I'm not saying that I'm the perfect specimen for grading this rubber, I just wanted to share my experience with this rubber for those who are at or around my level of play.

After about 3, 4hr sessions. 2.0 thickness on FH and BH.

Close to the table loops were amazing. Super spinny of course. It was probably the best brush loop rubber I've tried. My opponents had a rough time with this.

Drives were average. Nothing too special.

Mid distance looping was not bad, didn't notice a whole lot of difference here.

Lifting backspin/underspin was quite easy. Came very natural.

Banana flicks were actually quite solid on this rubber as well.

My short game suffered quite a bit. I had a lot of trouble returning my opponents Heavy backspin or ghost serves. Pushing was a problem, I was hitting the net way more often than I ever did before. It just felt like I was affected by the backspin/underspin than I had experienced before.

I disliked it for blocks as well, spinny and non spinny. When I got a flat, or no spin ball on a block it almost had no force or speed coming back on the table and many times into the net. This is where the gears came in. I felt in order to block that kind of shot successfully I had to put more effort into the shot than I ever had before with other rubber.

While I loved how much spin it generated, I hated how easily affected by spin the rubber was. I had a much harder time playing someone who played a heavy topspin game. In order to block successfully you almost have to fold your wrist entirely over the table and close it so that it's almost face down.

It's heavy, rather, heavier than most other rubber than I've played with. On my JO Waldner Senso Carbon blade, it felt top heavy (because of the senso handle), almost like it was going to slip out of my hand sometimes. I really disliked that as well.

I'm not saying this was a bad rubber, but clearly it wasn't for me. I really wanted to like this rubber, and thought I would get used to it after a few sessions, but I guess not. I'll for sure go back to my old favorite, Desto F3 Big Slam.
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I've put Baracuda on Innerforce ALC in 2.0 version (FH) and it was very nice set up topspin to topspin play is just a pure plesure high arch is a looper dream came true from first hit.

Update: I practice with it for a week not and every shot is a pure pleasure my technique got better sthaight away i got more time to hit 2nd 3rd 4th ball and put it where you want it. spin is just out of this world when you hit correctly

Update: I bought first sheet end of September untill now 22/11 is nearly two month of hitting at lest 2- 3 times a week I notice in last two weeks that for some reason lifting underspin become an effort also decrease in power is noticable ( more balls find the net instead green from 2nd zone) Red surface looking better than on T64 after 2 months of hitting with T64 there was sweet spot on red surface.

Eventually every rubber got its playing time and FH rubbers are more abused due to obvious reasons. I think its a good value for money. Will get another sheet for sure and already thinking about replacing my T25 FX on BH with Donic rubber
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Fantastic rubber
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I have used this rubber on my FH ever since I was a beginner, and now, six years later, I am still using this rubber as a junior state representative.

As most reviewers have pointed out, the Donic Baracuda has incredible spin. I've personally been through about 4 sheets of Tenergy, all varying in sponge thicknesses, but the spin of the sheet always surprises myself and opponents.

This rubber has a very high throw, which makes looping spinny backspin balls a breeze. The arc is tremendous! Quite cheap for it's quality too. Speed is good too and control is good.

Some negatives I've personally found is that it tends to bubble a bit, and the durability isn't incredibly high. Would need to replace this rubber once every six months I'm guessing.

Try this rubber, go!
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Best buy for the money, perfect spin,great durability, but i made same mistake like with rakza soft i buy this rubber in 1.8 i think this rubber will be best in max.
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This is one of the better rubbers out there for the price. I tried it in both 1.8mm and 2.0mm, but not max. It is definitely a looper's rubber, but is also pretty good in blocking, chopping and pushing.

However, I found the throw angle a little too high and the sponge a bit too hard for my all-round game. I think the ratings are a little off on this rubber. I would say speed is around 9.2 and spin 9.1.

If you are looking for a good all-round rubber that does everything fairly well at a reasonable price, give it a try. I have since moved on.
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Great rubber with amazing spin and good speed.
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Its perfect rubber for me. This rubber is so spiny, it makes many troubles for opponent,, I was surprised. I recently switched from Acuda S2 to Baracuda and I have absolutely no regrets at all. I think If you play more spin than speed ,better use this rubber... but the speed is lower than Tenergy 05..
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I already tried Tenergy 05, Xiom Omega 4 Pro , Acuda S2, Acuda S3. I think Baracuda has more spin than others, its very easy to have top spin
and below My ranking in spin, Speed & Control :
1 Baracuda
2 Omega 4 Pro
3 Acuda S2
4 Tenergy 05
5 Acuda S3
1 Tenergy 05
2 Acuda S2
3 Acuda S3
4 Baracuda
5 Omega 4 Pro
1 Acuda S3
2 Tenergy 05
3 Acuda S2
4 Baracuda
5 Omega 4 Pro
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Really good forehand rubber, Amaising spin high arc, good speed. Max thickness has more top gears and will generate astonishing spin with high arch, 2.0mm feals more controllable and a bit harder. Used it on Galaxy T-8 blade, very good match.
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Excellent rubber, one of the best of Donic's line-up. Fantastic spin from the grippy topsheet, not overly fast but still has a little bit of bounciness in the short game. Loops like a champ, and is a good rival to T05. Cheaper than T05, spins almost as well when looping, but durability isn't quite as good. Throw is HIGH, so be prepared for that.
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It's fast but noticeably slower than other high-end rubbers, and this is one of the reasons I love it so much. You can put a big stroke on the ball with *complete* confidence. With good contact the spin you'll generate is absurd. The topsheet is super taut and the sponge feels medium hardness to me. The ball likes to take a nice long snooze on the rubber, allowing you to really load up the pushes and service. The short game is magnificent. Blocks are solid and certain. Of course this rubber was really made with the looper in mind, and it shines in this respect. You can use the sponge for a harder power loop, or just the topsheet for fine brush loop, both are filthy with topspin. Higher throw angle than anything I've encountered and takes a little adjustment. Looping backspin is ridiculously easy. Overall I definitely recommend this to an!
y looper, especially if you've been missing too many shots long and want more control. I can't say enough how balanced this rubber is and will definitely buy it again. Only downside is the price. Currently using on BH on BTY Petr Korbel blade.
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Vicious spin generated with no effort, but it can be tricky in handling the short game for me. I like high spin rubbers though, and this is one for sure.
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FH: DONIC Baracuda (max)

The rubber produces a very solid and yet controllable speed. It may be not as fast as other rubbers, but it sure is fast enough to pass an attack. The feel of the rubber gives you somewhat a feeling of achievement every time you attack.

From the first few loops with this rubber, I was able to produce a plenty amount of spin. It has a very good feel which makes you play better. Especially playing loops.

This is the best rubber that I know that is very powerful, yet easy to control. When you use this rubber, you would be able to feel every shot you are trying to do.

Due to its outstanding countrol, I am able to easily manipulate my serves.
and not only that, it also helps the ball stay in the rubber for a longer period of time, which makes it even more spinny.

FH topspin stroke:
I liked the arc of the ball, especially playing counter topspin rallies. It just makes you feel like you couldn't believe that you've made that shot. Just simply beautiful.

Push and chops/ service receive:
I must admit that I have some difficulties in my short game with this rubber, but it could also be possible that I am not good at short games, but I am satisfied for at-least helping me to return most of my partner's serves.

I instantly fell in love with this rubber the first time I used it. The sound, the feel, the arc, and most of all, the spin is just so magnificent, it makes me want to play table tennis even more. Therefore, I conclude that this rubber is by far one of the most powerful rubbers, yet very easy to control.
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Takes a few practices to get used to the high throw, but my service improved instantly and my opponents have trouble blocking my loops on the table. I'm a huge fan of this rubber. I thought all this new technology might have been a gimmick, but boy was I wrong.
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This rubber has a very high throw angle. The spin is just amazing! The sponge looks very nice. I use it in my forehand.
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Perfect spin rubber in 1,8 mm on a fast blade with great control. I love it.
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I use a lot of rubber before,
from sriver fx, hurricane 3 neo prov, tinarc 3, ktl black power 3rd gen, and now baracuda..
and i can really say that hurricane 3 neo prov and baracuda is the best i've tried,

The Spin from baracuda is not as strong as hurricane 3 neo but the speed it produce is very nice,

i've a little problem here, i cannot lift heavy underspin well, maybe because of my technique is adjust to hurricane 3 neo..

but realy loop to loop game is awsome..

my blade is donic waldner senso carbon.. now with this rubber on forehand and acuda s2 at backhand i feel pretty nice and fit..
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Excellent rubber! I used this (Red max) for rpb on the back of an OC CR. Despite the high throw, my rpb loops were easy to land and had loads of top and side spin. I'll probably officially switch to this for rpb soon. You just have to make sure that you do a proper rpb stroke (following through, and going forward instead of upwards) otherwise the ball will fly off the table. There is plenty of speed even when I'm not looping aggressively. Pushing with rpb with Baracuda was a bit harder for me because I'm used to tacky rubbers for rpb. Blocks are good, nothing special to right about so far. Haven't tried chopping with it yet. I would recommend this for rpb only to those players who have developed their rpb stroke, it might be hard for beginning cpen players to use.
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Decent speed, excellent spin and surprisingly easy to control. Serves are spinny and looping with the rubber is a breeze.
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This rubber is just perfect.
I recommend this rubber for High-Spinners and loopers. It has a warm mute very enjoyable feeling when playing with it.

Throw: It has a VERY HIGH THROW... Its really too high, like Tenergies, maybe even more.

The sponge: felt very soft, but its not annoyingly soft that you can feel the blade, that dead feeling. No, its very nice...
It gives an amazing sound, its almost mute... Exactly like Tenergies.
It has a nice catapult if you hit hard enough to let the ball penetrate the sponge.
Dwelling time is long, really long... And for that its a very forgiving rubber.

The speed, I would say its fast, but not as fast as Tenergies, but bouncy enough. The trick here is: If you combine this with a hard-stiff blade, the speed is like Tenergy :). My teammates told me that its too fast (We are in League B) but I can control it easily.

The Spin: I swear there is non, and dont think there will be any other rubber that can compete with Baracuda's vicious spin. IMHO its much much much spinnier than Tenergies. My teammates couldnt get more than two out of ten of my loops and top side spins (My style).
The top sheeth is really elastic, and I could feel it the first time I tried Baracuda, which just adds to its magic. If you know how to use the sponge PLUS the top-sheet's spin feature for serves and serve returns you are unstopable trouble to your apponents.
But be aware, if you try to return a very spinny serve without using the sponge, the ball flies off the table. I am telling you, the surface is spin-elastic. Solution for this is to somehow push-slap the served ball, and witness the magic :)

Its has many gears, you can chop, block... Anything you want, and dont worry you have enough dwell time to correct any mistake you do.

Durability: I still dont know... But I red its durabil.

Consistancy: Its always the same, always awesome.

For my coach: He said the rubber is very good only it lacks a bit of speed.
For me: It has everything, its exactly like Tenergy (Even the colour of the sponge and its structure is suspiciously the same) only with alot alot alot of control. I kicked asses that I usually suffered with.

I recommend Baracuda with maximum thickness (And by the way maximum thickness of Baracuda is the same, exactly the same thickness as T05 :)) to give maximum effect and speed.

So if you want to replace Tenergy... Get a baracuda.
Its cheaper and actually the same (Made in the same factory... ESN)!

Hope that is helpfull.
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Put this rubber on a Thibar H-1-9 - get uset to the setup - and after a while you are a winner ... wont take long.
I used 2,0 on both sides and it is amacing what you can do.....
great spin,speed (the blade will give an extra speedgear),
this rubber is the best if you want a lot of effekt in your services. It can make a spinny ball look as if theres no spin in it when you serve... your opponent willlll beeee full of respect.
place the ball where you pleace with wery little effort . it is just an amacing rubber.....
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I had a test bat (carbon OFF blade) with red Donic Baracuda and black Xiom Vega Europe. Baracuda is not very fast but it is still an attack rubber. It generates more spin than Xiom, controll is pretty nice in both cases.

EDIT: I'm using Baracuda on my BH side atm. I usually choose a chinese tacky rubber on my FH and this combination works well. Good spin, speed, controll = good rubber.

EDIT2 (Jan 2015): After more than 2 years with Baracuda I feel like I need to update my review. Baracuda is excellent. It's among the best rubbers from the performance/price point of view. Not very fast but still powerful enough to play far from the table. The comfortable zone is close to the table anyway. The topsheet is tacky (not very tacky like traditional chinese rubbers but it can lift up a ball) and due to this the rubber is spin sensitive, especially against incoming top spin (higher throw angle doesn't help much, it makes it actually even worse). You need some time to handle this. On the other hand it means really great spin potential, especially if you brush the ball. I just miss little bit more catapult effect to call it an ultimate loopers choice. If you prefer spin a precision, go for it.
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this is not short pips!
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It is a very good rubber. I use it for two years now. I like it on FH. Very good spin, good control and enough speed. The big problem that I found is the consistency. I had 5 pieces so far, but two of them was a low quality. At the begining had less spin than normal, and after 4-5 weeks, they get a big spot in the middle, and the spin is even lower.
Except this thing, is the best rubber for my FH
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top banget gitu loh/sesuatu banget
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Not amazingly fast, but bites the ball HARD. Very strong topspin produced from this rubber. Great control
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I like the sound.......speed more than tenergy 05 and spin equal tenergy 05
Value for money rubber
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I recently bought thz rubber.......n I was surprised by the spin it produced.....

I had coppa jo gold on forehand n sonex jp gold on bkhnd.....i shftd jo gold to bkhnd n bracuda on my forhnd......

Its speed is ok nt vry good .. Bt it certainly had that spin whch evry player needs. ..
In the matches we need to spin the ball for easy opening
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Excelent rubber! It's cheap, very spinny and very controllabe. It's not as fast as some others rubbers I already played with, like BTY Bryce, but still fast. I currently use it in backhand. You won't regret purchasing it!
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As others have stated, this rubber produces very heavy topspin comparable to Tenergy05. Somethings that separate Baracuda from Ten are control, weight and price. Baracuda is not as sensitive to incoming spin as Ten05 is. Knowing this, playing close to the net is much easier. Flips are a cinch and blocks are simple to control also. Baracuda is noticeably lighter and costs a mere $25 less per sheet than the Ten line of products. It seems that I have much more to gain than to lose by using Baracuda over Tenergy.
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Great forehand rubber. Spinny and easy to control. Enough speed. Throw angle is lower than Tenergy 05. If you are looking for a less expensive tensor, barracuda is worth checking out!
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gets a lot of loop spin. good rubber if tenergy doesnt have enough control for you or if it is priced too high. idk who would buy butterfly anymore. good for blocking also. however, what ever you do, do not get max thickness bc/ the throw angle on that is very low and it is not very lively. 2.0 is much better
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I love the control, the spin and the feel, problem, top sheet is a bit soft, I played with it for 2 months and the sides are already tearing apart and the same with the middle part. Other than that, I LOVE IT! the only rubber that I can change it in to is Tenergy 05.
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spin is great but driving is problem
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how do you think is good?
what do you think
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amazing rubber. high throw, great speed, great spin. less sound than other glue effect rubbers, but get used to it. those days are gone. u will never find a rubber that has the glue sound and lasts a long time. gives u more for ur money than tenergy. just dont get max thickness because thats kinda slow and has low throw. get 2mm. that still has really high throw. u may have to glue it once and then reglue for the rubber to work properly
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very good and easy to spin
but the rubber is so soft ,it need special care.
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Pros: loads of spin not as much as T05 but PLENTY. Speed is great and very good control. easy to lift underspin ball give confidence in all shots I have it on BH side of bty viscaria.
Cons: expensive but most new rubbers are cant complain great rubber.
has any one seen on youtube that the sponge is the same as andro hexer
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Rating approx. 2200 - Submitted a review back in Nov. the 1st time tried this rubber. Wasn't very satisfied because the spin/throw angle was not very good. Took it off and then tried it again a few wks later and played much better 2nd time around. Another friend of mine approx. 2150 - 2200 looper now plays with it on both sides and says it's the best he's found since the non-speed glue rubbers. He found 2.0 to play better than the max thickness. So give the 2.0 a try.
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The Barracuda is a Tensor from Donic that has a tackier surface than their older Tensors. It results in great spin when serving which is my only gripe against Tensor rubbers. This rubber is also not very fast for a Tensor and plays almost like the older generation rubbers. Except it has a soft sponge giving outstanding control. I think for an intermediate player who won't glue this is an excellent rubber to use as it provides plenty of control. I'd say speed is similar to Donic F3 but spin and control are better.

I'm a big believer in soft sponged rubbers and med speed blades with good feel. The sponge is fairly porous, entire sheet was 67.6g un-cut.

Speed is linear, in that controlling how hard the ball comes off the racket is very easy. Unlike say Tenergy 05 which if you hit just a bit harder it can go flying. With the friction of the top sheet you also don't get balls that slip off as you do with Tenergy. Of course the speed is much slower with this rubber.
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Really fast rubber when you smash!
When I first use it, it gives a funny feeling that I don't have to use my wrist much to topspin. Whenever
I try to use it, the ball gone out of sight! For a fast game, it's not an ideal choice.
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I have played with it a few times, In Max on a Korbel. It is like a rocket for me, too fast. I agree it has great spin for serves and good power, great for cracking loops away from the table without having to put in too much effort like I usually have to with the Cryzer and Mark V. I have Sriver EL Max on the BH on the Korbel and they could not be more different, like night and day! When I switched sides after hitting with EL on the FH (which was predictable, nice and linear), I must have hit 3 or 4 straight off the table, the ball just flew off the Baracuda even when I angled the face downwards and hardly play a stroke - Very unusual. I probably would have been better with 1.8 or 2mm but even then I think the controil would not be good - I dont complain about that as I know the ratings before I try the rubber. I prefer the classic rubber!
s (Mark V, EL)for now and Butterfly High Tension lineup. I have sold it to a mate who likes Donic Tensors. The sponge was very soft, probably around 30 degrees. I would say for anyone who likes Donic Tensors already and looking for a fast very spinny rubber and for power looping away from the table, you would like it.
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This is a great rubber. Amazing spin, perhaps more than tenergy 05, and the control is pretty good. The only complaint I have is that it is a bit slower than something like tenergy 05. Other than that the lack of speed is better for control, so it might be good for players that need more control than tenergy.
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I recently got this rubber and paired it with an OFF blade. I can honestly say that I was surprised by the throw angle and spin (both were very high), but I was slightly disappointed with the lack of speed. This is strange considering that even with a max thickness on my fh, I felt like I still had to swing hard. Other than the speed, everything else is great. The spin is great on serves and loops, the throw angle, while it does take some adjustment, helps to hit short loops. Now, I feel that I have to mention that I had since played nittaku hammond x rubber, which had incredible speed and little control, but I think that the baracuda's control would rival that of any offensive rubber. It also has noticably more spin than my hammond x, possibly comparable to the legendary tenergy 05. Overall, a great rubber: despite its overrated sp!
eed, it has incredible spin, good control, and I am satisfied with my buy.
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Nice, very nice rubber. It really fixed the problem with previous tensor rubbers: spin
the topsheet is a high-quality product, it has a lot of grip. it felt just as spinny as a tenergy, however it is much easier to play. it is not as bouncy as a platin soft, which i liked a lot, but it still has some catapult effect. my loops and serves gained much more spin than with any other rubber. ESN and Donic really made a nice rubber there. try it
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Awesome spin with a lot of control.
But the speed not as fast as Jo Platin
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This rubber is definitely lively. There is tremendous control along with the spin, and when paired with an OFF racket, barracuda is an excellent choice for tbe controlled looper.
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I just bought this rubber and It puts off vicious Spin right as you hit the ball! I would recommend this rubber to a player with a very loopy swing! Definitely love it!
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Have been using Desto F3 and Desto Big Slam on my BH for several years now, so wanted to try the new Donic Baracuda. Played with it last week and was very disappointed as far as spin and throw angle goes. It had a low throw angle, and I didn't seem to have very much spin either. It was good for blocking, and probably more for a power looper. Went back to Big Slam.
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