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Donic World Champion 89 - Waldner OFF

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Spruce Pressing Technology (SPT) "Made in Germany"
Our finest quality, produced by top craftsman in honour of the Swedish legends.

Top workmanship, made in Germany. The new World Champion 89 blade series is exceptional. It celebrates the 25th anniversary of Sweden winning the World Championships Team title in Dortmund in 1989 (in a historic 5-0 final win against China). DONIC is exclusively producing three new blades in Germany, in honour of the legends Jan-Ove Waldner, Jörgen Persson und Mikael Appelgren. Hand crafted and employing the most modern precision and technical know-how, in acknowledgement of the supreme mastery with which the Swedish Superstars played.

All three models have incorporated an Italian Spruce ply which is over 200 years old. This is combined with a 3mm strong centre veneer of Kiri and for the Appelgren All+ model, Ayous combined with a new Carbonfleece Zylong webbing (CF2), exclusive for DONIC.

Only the finest saw plies of our own production are being used. These are more stable than the usual knife plies and are a guarantee that the blade retains its playing characteristics without the normal deterioration.

A specially developed drying procedure reduces the moisture content of all three types of blade from 12 to 16% to only 4%, resulting in a stable and light blade (Waldner and Persson blades weighing approx. 85g and the Appelgren All+ blade only 80g approx.) Each individual blade is subjected to a special cold press for 24 hours.

The employment of our unique 3D-technology and the most recent bio technology ensures that the handle is in perfect shape.

This is a fast blade but with great feel and ease of control. Designed for players who require a balance between speed and control.

Category: Off-/Off,
Elasticity: semi-rigid
Thickness of ply: 6.9mm

Speed: 80
Control: 95
Plies: 7
Weight: 85g

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Reviews of Donic World Champion 89 - Waldner OFF (14)

I've used this blade with T05 on both sides for half a year now and I must agree with the others - its premium quality. I have used an old Alser blade before and wanted to switch to something faster. This one has less feeling of course, but still awesome compared to carbon blades. Counter-topsins, short push, even chopping is absolutely doable with the right technique. Blocking is supreme. The only thing that leaves some concernment is looping backspin balls, although it could be bc my rubbers need changing. Does anyone have suggestions for rubbers? I mainly am a blocker and also like to start attacking plays, so I'd prefer one that's good for looping backspin balls. I recommend it to any attacking playstyle over intermediate level.
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9.6/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Butterfly Dignics 80, 2.1mm, 47g (0.23g/cm^2), 40 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Donic Waldner OFF World Champion 89, 85g, 157mm x 150mm x 6.9mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Spruce - Spruce - ZLC - Kiri - ZLC - Spruce - Spruce.
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Very nice blade. Perfect sweet spot, very good control and feeling. No vibration at all but you can feel the touch softly. Works well paired with Andro Rasanter R37 or R47. Only negative side is the handle. Its a bit too thin.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very good racket in both game features and craftsmanship, I couldn't find a better made racket a real craftsmanship!Small hands can be thick I have carved and perfect for normal hands fancy too excellent!I tried a lot of rubber that was best for me Gewo nexxus el pro 50 forehand and Nittaku Fastarc G1 (black) backhand.Very good quality racket for this price!I have two rackets out of this, tried another way afterwards but couldn't find a better one.
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Ratings for 86g. Quick blade, similar to Timo Boll ZLC, but more stiff and not as hard. It's spruce, spruce, zlc, kiri, 6.9mm.
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This is an excellent blade - Originally owned a Butterfly Innerforce ALC and was looking for a similar blade but with a bit more control. The larger sweet spot due to the Zylon layer certainly does its job. Although the blade is quite fast (similar to the Innerforce) it has a lot more control and gears. I am playing with Xiom Omega VII 2.0mm on Forehand and Yinhe Moon 2.0mm on backhand. Although the blade is fairly stiff I am getting a reasonable amount of dwell time which greatly helps to generate a lot of spin. Very good in the short game displaying tons of control and good at open ups / 3rd ball attack. Deals with blocking very efficiently and good for looping away from the table. For smashing it is a real demon, but somehow still offers a lot of control. You will not be disappointed.
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I got penhold blade, I am surprised with quality of this product. Very good with control and good speed when you need to force your game.
Really good if you have long pimple for backhand.
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This is a blade of immense quality.
I have had top Butterfly blades etc but this is super.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I don't think it has been commented on, so I will give a different perspective...

The handle (ST) is shaped quite oddly. It tapers down toward the head of the blade, so in essence you feel as if your hand is "falling" into the top end of the grip. Also, it seems pretty small in size. Not something I personally enjoy. If you're used to thicker handles, this one will certainly feel a bit flimsy.

Other than that, the blade is fairly stiff itself. Not a whole lot of feel. I've got about 10 other blades, and this new Waldner one sits at the very far back! Nice quality and all. It didn't fit my preferences or playstyle. If you enjoy fast, light, and hard blades with little feel -- you might give this one a go.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Perfect handle, perfect tempo, delicate and fine touch, awsome control, huge loops with epic sound. This blade definetly hits the standard of the most expensive butterfly blades. And the price is 23% of a Butterfly SZLC blade. Don't get fooled by the speed 9,2 atm, this blade is not that fast, it is nearly the same like waldner senso ultra carbon with wider range of speed from ALL+ to OFF. This is my all time best blade. An offensive blade with fine touch, works well with modern offensive and allround rubbers, has a solid feel when hitting. A vey decent attacking blade with outstanding control. Don't be scared of the head thickness, the handle is very comfortable and slim, you won't notice it. Before that I was found of blades under 6 mm head thickness. UPDATE 2017.MAY! I bought an another for my second blade. Tested rubbers: Baracuda, Baracuda BS, Bluefire M1, M2, M3, MX-P, EL-P, FX-P, MAXXX 500. Despite being stiff ,this blade has a very soft touch, which comes handy when spinning the ball. Nearly every time, I get some compliments, that the sound of my blade is music to the ears, when I am looping. Works really well with hard rubbers, gives them a fine touch, so it is easier to fine brush some opening loops or to recieve serves. MY setup is M1 (FH) and M2 (BH). The blade has an unique dinamic range, so it needs time to get used to. It is better then ALC blades, because it has better touch, more power when needed. It has less throw angle, which is unlucky in some situations, but comes in handy when facing a looper. This blade has far enogh power far from the table, yet it performs well close to the table, when hitting down the line shots. Serves are slow and spinny. J.O. Signed both of my blades! :)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Lately have used other brands and nice quality blades but keep coming back to this ONE with Donic Bluestorm Z3 (2.1) on both sides. One of the best original innerforce-like blades on the market (IMO). Best feel for me. 5 star blade (well balanced) and my favorite blade. Super nice blade with great characteristics and very enjoyable to play with. Gorgeous blade can be as powerful as you want it to be and matches up very well with different types of medium hard to medium soft rubbers. Provides excellent ball control if proper technique is used when delivering or receiving the ball. The touch and feel of this blade IS LIKE NO OTHER and the ease of blocking is what makes this blade stand out. The flared handle feels very comfortable in hand. Beautiful blade with immense quality and top-notch craftsmanship. For me the WALDNER WC89 blade performs better than any SZLC innerforce blade that I've used and the price is very reasonable and well worth it. I like the Spruce, Spruce, Carbon Fleece Zylon, and Kiri combinations. Give it a try if you like controlled speed. Also, if you're able to tame a wild horse try the Donic PERSSON World Champion '89 blade that has the same makeup as the Waldner WC89 but with the Carbon Fleece Zylon next to the outer spruce ply (super nice blade and much fun to play with). Both blades are of immense quality and craftsmanship. Two of the best original SZLC blades on the market. What more can I say......5 STARS and a 10. Waldner WC89 blade weight 92 grams.....with rubber 191 grams....perfect weight for me and most of all it is well balanced.
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Pros: Fast and very controlable, the handle is very comfortable for big hands, Cons: The head are heavy, the weight is aprox 90 grams
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nice blade.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very nice new Donic blade with two outer plies of spruce, one Zylon/Carbon and Kiri.

I fitted two MX-P in max. It's a very good looping blade. Compared with the Legend Carbon it has a nice softer touch, is a littlle bit slower and has a bit higher throw.
It has less vibrations than the Legend Carbon but you alway feel where and how you hit the ball.
I like it more than the Boll ALC because of it's softer touch. But I like more the ST handle of the ALC or the Legend Carbon which is the same.
If you like powerful topspins this is my recommendation.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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