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8 Reviews for Donic BlueStar A1

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Very fast , very good for block and smashing/hitting.
Strange thing is when you loop the ball , it is spinny but the curve is very straight .
As a mid age amateur this rubber is not for me . You must be At least school team level or higher to emancipation the true power of this rubber. Maybe I can use it , but my case is , I like to create curve to let the ball get in the table when looping ,like Xu Xin . But the curve is just too straight. Yes throw angle is high but the curve is straight.That is very hard to explain. It you try it you will know .Maybe this is the Modern rubber should be like , maybe you will like it , but not me. So I switch back to Z1 turbo.
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Very fast rubber, but the spin is not better than T05 (9.9 is not realistic !). Max red, weight is 50g. Spin and speed are excellent, it behaves as EU rubber. The control is quite special, because flat touch leads to slow block, but block with a slight angle leads to bouncy reaction. So it might take some time to adjust and benefit of such capability observed on Presson WC89 (SZLC) with spruce as top wood. It was too fast on this SZLC blade, too fast on TB ALC or Viscaria, so ... I am trying to find a OFF- blade to handle this super fast rubber. Maybe a blade having speed of 8.5~8.7 might be better than speed >9.0.
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Good rubber.
Like hurricane 3, cannot be lazy. It's very easy to shoot the ball out since it's quite fast and has a high throw angle, so you have to be careful when you block and counter. Very grippy, touch in short game is not as good as h3(national blue sponge, boosted) but still very good compared to extremely bouncy rubbers like tenergy 05. I would say this rubber is between t05 and h3, like a eurojap tensor thats made to be similar to chinese style of play but faster.
I think the tackiness rating of some of the reviews is a little overexaggerated, it's not medium tacky. it's tacky, but not enough to consistently lift the ball but you can feel it stick.

So good for all out forehands like ryu seung min style.
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Great rubber. Very fast with great speed and spin. Not for beginners and those with lazy strokes though! Since it's fast and Throw angle is pretty high so you have to close the bat more when driving, blocking and counterlooping topspin to avoid setting up an easy smash or missing the table, but it's easier to get it over the net when looping and flicking backspin and deadballs. I have it on the backhand and forehand and it's super deadly when proper technique is used.. it has all the speed and spin anybody could need. You need pretty solid technique to use this rubber otherwise it is gonna be tough to control.
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Paired them with a donic persson power carbon senso ST (90g), 6.00 mm, 7+2 carbon (limba outer ply). It actually feels like a BTY SZLC blade, and I can say that because I used to play with Mizutani Jun szlc… regarding the rubbers I just can say that they feel softer than 52.5 esn tensor degrees, more like 45 degrees or something like that, but maybe that’s the effect of the OPTE donic new sponge; feels superior than ie. a tenergy 05, it allows you to loop easy, counter top, and flat hitting still have a lot of feeling. On passive shots it doesn’t feel too much responsive and short game is spectacular. It’s really an hybrid, doesn’t feel grippy but doesn’t feel tacky at touch, it’s something between. Cleaning the rubber surface it’s very easy with rev. 3 rubber rejuvenator. Throw angle is very high and the ball lands at the end of the table as advertised. Must give them a try, best ESN tensor rubber out there at the moment.
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goma extremadamente rapida con harton spin, y buen control. ideal para quienes nos gusta ir al ataque, la mejor goma para juego en ataque que he probado hasta ahora.
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I love this rubber. I used it for my forehand to replace C1. I think it is a very successful upgrade of C1. I will explain why.
First of all, the hardness of A1, according to the DONIC website, is 52.5 degree, while C1 claims to have a 60 degree sponge, however, I feel that the actual hardness of A1 is between C1 (60 degree) and C2 (55 degree), slightly softer than C1 but a bit harder than C2, which makes it a very good substitute of C1 if you feel C1 is too hard for you. Of course you can use booster oil to soften the sponge of C1 but that won't solve the biggest problem of C1, the weight.
C1 is super heavy, according to DONIC website, the uncut C1 is 90 grams, my blade is STIGA CyberShape Carbon, the weight of blade itself is 86 grams, and I use C1 as forehand and STIGA Airoc Astro S as backhand, which is the lightest rubber I can find in my table tennis gears cabin, and the overall weight of blade reaches 195 grams!
On the other hand, A1's top sheet is also sticky, as same as C1/C2, like Chinese rubber like DHS Hurricane 3, so it has a very grippy feeling, and good at topspin attack, the speed of A1 is a bit faster than C1, when smashing you will feel a crispy feeling, which C1 doesn't have.
So, in short, A1 solves the biggest problem of C1, which is the weight, in the meanwhile, provides the same grippy top sheet and a bit faster than C1. I would definitely recommend this as your forehand rubber to replace Hurricane 3.
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Deep heavy angle on the backend of the table with good touch on the short game. Catapult effect is apparent on strong shots but touch game on closed short pushes is controllable. Linear doesnt shoot down off the paddle but leaves high on a topspin stroke giving you a safe feeling. I like this and will be sticking with this as my fh rubber. Recommended for all out fh top spin attacking. This rubber has really surprised me it is indeed in a category of its own and I've yet to ever try a rubber like it. I feel very confident all out attacking with this on my forehand. If you like Dignics 09c and boosted hurricane 3 give this a shot for the value and for the need to not boost. Fair warning its very heavy however. Update 1/31/2023 still going strong and hasnt lost its tackyness. This rubber definately can hold onto the ball. But has plenty of power. I have a feeling once this gains traction it will become very popular. I can say honestly its my favorite forehand rubber right now and all Im using and probably in my top 3 of all time. You gotta try this! *update* i like this rubber so much I got a sheet for my backhand too. **on the bh side my initial impression is its a lot like hurricane three on the back hand but faster. Very small margins for error on technique too just like hurricane probably due to the hardness of the sponge so this isnt forgiving at all but you will be rewarded with good technique with power and spin and kick . Shots flew long when contact wasnt correct . Punches seem to work well .
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